Day 5….


Day 5,  I am thankful for my Parents.  I am 51 and still have both parents.  A lot of people my age have lost one or both.  I am Thankful that I still have the Farmer and Momma.

From all the memories I have growing up as a child, Thank you Dad!  From all the memories I have after Momma came into the Family, thank you Momma!

To both of them, thank you for everything you have taught me, and continue to teach me.

To the Farmer, Thank you for being the BEST Dad, a girl could ever have, and thank you so much for the deep friendship that we share now.  Although at times, it seems like role reversal, and me yelling at you for sneaking candy bars, and also for tracking on the floor, I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

To Momma, while I wish you were your former self, without PD, I do see signs of you in there, particularly, your sense of humor, and the twinkling of your eyes.



2 responses

  1. Such a beautiful post – you have such a fantastic heart.

  2. that touched my heart………

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