Day 7 & 8…


Ok, I have fallen behind in my Daily Thanks for the Month of November.  Sometimes the best of intentions get way laid by life.  I’m a little behind on a few of my blog posts as well.

Day 7…  I am thankful for my Freedom of Choice.  I am lucky to live  in a country, that  has that privilege.  I can choose who I want to be my Political leader, and I have the right to choose.The freedom to choose is one of the only real freedoms you have, and the most important freedom you have; you should not let other people, or the government, or the collective, choose for you, you should choose for yourself, you have the Right and Free-Will .


Day 8….I am thankful that I am a Veteran.  I choose to sign a blank check for my country, I was very lucky, that the check never got cashed in.  But I learned a bunch from being in the Military, and I am a much better person from my experience.  I learned discipline, teamwork, and to many other things to mention, other than if I could do it over, it is one experience I would do again.




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