A Heavy Heart….

As we approach this Veteran’s Day, I find my heart heavy.  I received news tonite, that one of my favorite cousin‘s had passed away this morning.

Richard Burwash, or as we all knew him by Dick.  My earliest memories were of spending time at his house with his daughter Carol.    Carol and I are almost exactly 1 year apart.  Cousin’s always seem to be your best friends while growing up.

When the Farmer called to tell me, he was in tears, and I immediately teared up.  The poor Electrician thought something had happened to Momma, and he was a little teary too.   While the Electrician is asking me desperately “IS IT YOUR MOMMA?”, I shook my head no, and he  blew out a big puff of air.

If you follow my blog, you will remember I posted about 2 weeks ago, about my cousin who had went on the Central Illinois Honor Flight to our nations Capital with his daughter.  This would be Dick.

Dick was a mainstay in the Community he lived in.  He donated, corn on the cob, that he grew every year to the Lions Club.  He loved to meet his Farming buddies for coffee first thing in the morning.  And there are to many other events and donations attributed to him.

The Farmer, just saw him about 2 weeks ago, as a matter of fact, it was the day after he had returned from The Honor Flight.   While I say that cousins are your best friends, Dad and Dick were best friends.

While I understand at the age of 94, it is time for you to go, my family has longevity on its side.  It never the less hurts those that are left behind.

A comment has stuck in my mind that the Farmer told me “There are not many of us older one’s left”.  I look around and realize that he is right.  I’ve seen a bunch go as I get older.  It saddens me.  But each and every one of those that have left, have made some type of mark on the community, and in my heart.

The corn-on-the-cob in my freezer is thanks to Dick.    The funny thing, that hit me earlier, was I had a memory that surfaced.  It was from my Uncle Art, (Dick’s Dad) he only had a thumb on one hand because the rest of his fingers had been taken off from a corn picker.  I don’t remember how old I was, but I was sitting on his lap in my Grandma’s house and I had cookies and he was tickling me.  When I think about it, Dick looked just like his Dad and even spoke like his Dad when he was older.

I’m not to sure I like getting older, and I’m sure my parents have felt this way too.  I guess as one generation grows up, we have to let another generation go. But,   I have memories, and I will pass them on to all of my children and Grandchildren.

This Veteran’s day, I will say a prayer as I normally do, I will also thank past Veteran’s, and also my fellow Veteran’s.  But my heart is truly hurt over loosing one Veteran of WWII, who did his part and then some.

To My Veteran Father, I love you, and I thank you for your Service to our country.

To My cousin Dick aka Richard Burwash, I Love you too, and I thank you for your Service to our country.  May you be up in heaven having a party with your wife, your Dad and my Grandma, and if she bakes you cookies, save me one.


4 responses

  1. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sure he would appreciate this post you made for him.

  2. it is so hard losing loved ones. I find myself recognizing more people in the obits, as I get older, forcing me to remember that i too, am getting up there too. so sorry for your loss in your family

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