Day’s….13, 14….15…


Day 13,  I am thankful…for my Husband….While I have already been thankful for him, Today, I am Thankful FOR him.  After a very long day, he is my Sun shining on me when I get home.   I cannot say how much he means to me, and what he does for me.

Day 14….  I am Thankful for God‘s creatures that bring me peace.  After having a rough day, emotional wise, I watched 3 deer in a field, playing, and swishing their tails, and just enjoying  everything.   It truly brought me a calm and peace, I never thought possible.

I am Thankful for a bunch of different things, these are the one’s that I thought about when I was thinking what I would post.    There are not enough words to explain, what each of them mean to me.

Let me just say, On day 14 of the month of Thankful , there are so many things I would like to say, but sometimes, I just can’t find the words.

I may have repeated some of my Thankful things, but they are truly something I am REALLY thankful for.

Day 15… I am thankful for Doctors….after taking Cam-man to the Doctor today, and getting medicine that will make him feel better, I am Thankful, he will be back to his normal self soon.



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  1. all of us should find at least one thing each day to be thankful for, because we are truly blessed to be living here in the USA

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