It’s been a Cam-man Week….

Today, the Nursing Student and Fisher Dude moved into their first ever home.  As in, one that they have purchased, and it is not a rental.    Yes, we are proud parents.

This week has been full of different  things.  It has also been filled with Cam-man.  The Fisher Dude has been on first shift all week, and the Nursing Student still has school, and the Electrician and I have filled in with watching Cam-Man.  My Goodness has that little dude changed so much.

Today dawned a little early after a semi-late night last night.  Cam-man arrived at about 7:30 am.  He looked so much better today, from when the Electrician and I took him to the Doctor yesterday.  He was a little full of himself though.   Breakfast was over and the hard-core playing began.  The Electrician had some stuff to do, so it was kinda like the old days, with just me and Cam.

First, let me say, I survived, barely.  If I could figure out a way to bottle that kids energy, I would be rich, seriously.  We played hard, and Papa taught Cam-Man how to wink, and let me just say, he knows how to use that wink.

Papa had to leave so he could go help the Nursing Student and Fisher dude load up the moving truck from their old house to the new one.   Cam and me, we hung out at our house.  I do have to say though, Cam liked being in the jungle.

I have a bay window in my house, it is a seated window that is carpeted.  The kids have always loved climbing onto it and playing or just looking outside.   This year, the Electrician hung a spider plant in the middle of the window, and it gets sunlight and all that stuff.  He takes care of the watering, because anyone who follows my posts, know, uhm…I can kill a cactus at 30 paces and not on purpose.  I have stressed to Cam not to pull on it or anything else, but this kid likes to just sit in the window with the plant all around him…

We piled up all his Lego’s on the window ledge and made a train, he’s fascinated by choo-choo’s.   But I do have to laugh, he tickled me with the spider plant.  I asked him how he liked being in the jungle, and he giggled.

When it was time to take a nap, this kid grabbed me around my neck and settled into the pillows I had set on the floor.  In a few minutes he was sleeping and I scooted out from his arms and covered him with a blanket.    I then answered 2 phone calls, go figure I won a cruise from one of them.

When lil dude woke up we got a call from Papa, and we got his stuff together and loaded up the Rav4, and off we went to the new house, which is about 5 minutes away from ours.  Cam-Man is a little nervous, he has never had this much space, and if you can think of the fact, his whole life has basically been at one house.  Cam-man and I spent a lot of time tonite in his closet.  Laugh if you will, (Auntie Boo…uhm…Cam likes to hang from his closet…)  Cam has a turtle that glows and shows stars and the moon.  Unfortunately it had a dead battery.  Cam-Man  brought it to Papa, who was moving in part of the sectional couch at the time, “Papa….fix it”.  Earlier today, Papa had shown Cam-Man how to change a battery, and Cam remembered this.   The turtle got fixed, and we all showed Cam the appropriate fascination.

The whole group was a little tired, But all the furniture is in the new house, and Cam-Man was happy with all the space there is to move around.  The kid’s even had a neighbor come over with a fresh loaf of Banana Bread and a “Welcome to the neighborhood” Card.

Today (this  is a 2 day post), we hit it again early.  The Electrician and I headed over early, I grabbed Cam-Man and came back to my house, while they finished moving the final load from the old house to the new house.  I guess the Nursing Student was a little tired this morning, simply because when I got Cam-Man out of the Rav4, to walk up to the house, I noticed his Momma had put his shoes on the wrong feet.

Cam-Man and I played again this morning, and then we went back to his house, to help finish moving everything in.   There were 5 very tired adults and one kid with TONS of energy.    All of the stuff is now at the new house, the old one has been cleaned, and things are done.  We all sat down and had lunch together. Cam-Man has decided he likes the new house though, because he kept yelling at the top of his little lungs “MY HOUSE”.

The Electrician and I took a nap, and I am now getting ready to go to the Farmer’s and put Momma to bed.  It’s been a wild week, but we made it.



5 responses

  1. treasure all those memories

  2. I feel exhausted just reading this hahaha!

      1. He is a little pistol!

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