Shopping for Groceries, Cam-man style…

Today, dawned bright.  The Electrician and I had some things to accomplish today.  We got up and surfaced with some coffee, and then I took my happy self into the kitchen and I cooked breakfast for the Electrician.  I made him hash browns, and bacon, and scrambled eggs with green chili and cheese. While the green chili definitely gave us a “wake-up”, it was good.  Showers taken and the Electrician called his own cell-phone.  We left the Nursing Student with his cell-phone, because they don’t have a landline yet.

I think I am going to like them living in town close to us.  The Electrician called to ask if it was ok if we picked Cam-man up, to go on a road trip with us.    “Come get him” was the reply.

We rolled up to their house and I put Cam-Man’s car seat into the Rav 4, and then the search was on for Cam-Man’s shoes.  Apparently the Fisher dude had told Cam-man to put his shoes into his closet.  Well, after searching for 10 minutes we found them, in the dresser drawers (which was in the closet last night).  We got ready to go when the Nursing student asked me if we needed Cam’s blankey, yup, another 10 minute search for that and we found it.  I truly think the kids are not used to having so much space, and Cam Man is spreading all of his stuff out all over the place.

Cam-man was totally happy to be on the road with us, even though we were going grocery shopping.  We went to Aldi‘s and Cam did not want to ride in the cart, he wanted to be on the Electrician’s shoulder’s.  He got a bird’s-eye view of shopping, but I had to laugh, the two of them together totally crack me up.  Cam was sticking his fingers in Papa’s ears, and nose and just generally giggling all over the place.  People were telling us how cute he was.

We bagged up all of our stuff and then proceeded to County market, for the remainder of the grocery shopping.  After much deliberation and Cam’s opinion, we decided on buying a turkey and then a turkey breast.   We had to make a pit stop at the Egg Nog, the Electrician loves the stuff, and what we bought today will probably last 3 days, and I guess Cam-man loves the stuff too.  Cam was happy to be consulted with some of the purchases that we made, as he had to squeeze the bread, and sniff the oranges. Since Cam-man has learned to wink, he’s been using “that wink” let me tell you.  He winked at me in the store when I had a bag of marshmallows in my hand, he winked at me when I had chips, and a bunch of other stuff.     We finally checked out and loaded up the stuff in the Rav 4.

On the way home, Cam-man tried so hard to stay awake, wasn’t going to happen.  He was asleep before we had even left town.  When we got home, the Electrician and I unloaded the car, and Cam-man slept.    After everything was unloaded,  the Electrician got Cam out of the car and he was pretty funny.   He came into the house with his blankey dragging behind him, and rubbing his eyes, and then roared at me.

We had a great afternoon playing hard, and being goofy.  I’m sorry but when a 2-year-old comes up to you and growls, you growl back and the chase is on.  We all sat down and had lunch and then the Nursing Student and the Fisher dude showed up, to pick up Cam-man.

The Nursing student made an observation, I had thought about earlier, Cam-man has been kind of “whiney” at the new house.  But while the Electrician and I had him, he was fine.  But like her and I discussed today, with him being sick, and then in a different house, he felt “nervous”.  While little dude is comfortable here in my house, it hasn’t changed.  His new house makes him a little scared.  Like I told her, it will pass.

We spent a good afternoon, and when they left, the Electrician laid down on the couch, watching football.  Me?  I laid on the couch next to the Electrician and went to sleep.  Apparently I snored.    Lil’ dude gave me whatever he has, and I am trying to nip it in the bud with some medicine, although I swear I DID NOT SNORE.

Today has been a good day.  Tomorrow, I am getting up early and heading to the Farmer’s so he can sleep in.




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  1. sounds like a wonderful day!!!!

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