Twofer Monday….

Today dawned, and I am feeling better.  I had promised the Farmer I would come over and do my thing.    I arrived a little later than usual, and he looked at me with a bit of a WOOHOO in his eyes.    I think he has missed me.

I got busy with breakfast, and also a little scavenger hunt.  Caregiver Beth has been attending to the Farmer and Momma since Friday.  While her help is greatly appreciated, she does not necessarily know where everything goes.  Don’t get me wrong, she did a wonderful job.   I just had a hard time finding where she had put some of the cooking stuff.  I found everything and put it back where it belonged.

The Farmer went to the store, and I tended Momma.  She was happy to see me and we giggled for a bit.  I got her up and picked out some clothes for her, gave her a bath, and then with the Farmer’s help, we entered the front room.  She was a champ, smiling and walking almost normal.  Her left foot wants to walk on tippy toes, and this is not good.

With her all settled into the chair, and all of my stuff done, I headed on down the road.   I got home and did some stuff, when I got 2 phone calls.  The first one, was that Caregiver Beth could not come back and put momma back to bed, so arrangements were made for me to come back and put Momma to bed.  The second, was from the Nursing student , she has clinicals tomorrow and Wednesday and they need me to watch Cam-man for about an hour.  No problem.

After the Electrician and I had dinner, I headed back down the road, and it was not actually snowing, more like sleeting, and I arrived at the Farmers.  Momma was like a breath of fresh air.  Apparently they were watching the Simpson’s and Momma was giggling.  I warmed up the Farmer’s dinner and gave it to him, it was left over turkey and noodles over mashed potato’s from my house, and he scarfed it down.    I do have to insert here, when I originally made the Turkey and noodles, it was yesterday, and I am in favor of spices.

While the Electrician and I had the same dinner at my house, even the Electrician stated, “Uhm..babe, it is definitely a little spicier than last night..”  With that being said, you could say,  I “lit” the Farmer up with my comfort food.

Momma got all tucked into her bed and was comfy and warm, I was worried about her though, simply because her cheeks were so rosy, we took her temp, and she’s ok.  I’ve been breathing on her all day, and I have to pause here, simply because while I have been on antibiotics now for 4 days, it makes me nervous.    What I have could kill her, and I don’t want to do that.  I do know that the Doctor told me, if I am antibiotics for a 24 hour period, I technically am not contagious.    But I still get worried.

After getting Momma all tucked up, I came home.  The sleet/snow has stopped, and I arrived safely.  I took my shower, later than usual, and my mane of hair has dried. (I HATE blow-dryers).  I have watched the season finale of “The Revolution” and am in a quandary.  I truly love the show and the way it makes me think.

While I have missed “chatting” with certain peeps, I hope they understand.  Today was my “twofer” day.  While I have enjoyed it, I am truly tired now.   Tomorrow is a big day, because Momma is going to see her Doctor.  I’ll let y’all know how that goes.


2 responses

  1. what a busy day you have had my dear friend. You are so good to your parents, and I know they appreciate your loyalty and love……….get some good rest and be ready for a new exciting day tomorrow!!!!!

  2. You are a champion Jo!

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