And the Beat goes on….

Well, today was a really good day.  I went over to the Farmer’s, after doing my domestic diva stuff here at home.   I made us a bacon, egg and toast breakfast, and then whipped myself into gear and put on a beef stew in the crock pot for the Farmer’s dinner.

I was a little behind, when Caregiver Beth arrived.  I had been in to check on Momma, but I had not changed her bed stuff at that point.  Momma had a Doctor’s appointment today, and we asked Caregiver Beth to go with us.  The reason’s were probably a bit selfish, but she can maneuver Momma into the car a BUNCH better than I can.   I’ll admit, she makes it look so easy, but for me…pfft…ain’t gonna happen without my back going out.

Caregiver Beth got Momma up and dressed into the clothes I had picked out, and I got laundry started.   We all rendezvoused into the front room and Caregiver Beth loaded Momma up into the backseat of the car, and I locked up the house, and the Farmer hit the road with his 3 lady passengers.    I think he was feeling a little special with us 3 ladies in the car.    Momma and I sat in the back, and she gripped my hand for about the first 3/4 of the journey.

Momma was quite with it today.  Mind you, the time frame for this trip was not normally her “best” time of day.    Momma stayed awake for the entire trip, and that in itself is amazing.  Momma chatted while she was in the back seat with me, and we kind of giggled at different things.  The size of her eyes when a big truck went by next to us, carrying some sort of farm equipment, was hilarious.

We arrived at the Doctor’s office, and Caregiver Beth, swiveled Momma into the wheelchair I had went and got with ease.  Momma was comfortable, and we went into the building.   A topic of conversation was, when Momma was going to get her flu shot.  While we were headed to the elevators to go the 6th floor, for Neurology, lo and behold, they were having a “flu shot clinic” on the first floor.  I stopped and asked some questions, and it was decided after Momma had seen her Doctor, she would come back down and get her shot before we went home.

We arrived for Momma’s appointment, and we actually only waited for about 5 minutes.  The Farmer and I took Momma in for her appointment, and Caregiver Beth sat watching t.v. in the waiting room.  (Thank you Beth!)    Today was our last appointment with the Doctor that has cared for Momma the past 5 1/2 years as he is retiring this month.

Momma was happy to see him, and actually, after he had talked to the Farmer and I, he talked with Momma.    Our biggest thing right now, is Dementia, along with some other normal Parkinson’s stuff.    The Doctor asked Momma if she knew who he was, and she said his name.  Then he asked her if she knew where she was, and while her answer was not necessarily on the nose right, it was right.   He then asked her what time of year it was, and she replied with Autumn, well technically she is correct, because winter does not officially start until next month.

We were told by the Doctor, whatever we are doing, keep doing it.  Momma is no worse nor any better, so as I seem to have said on the last Doctor appointment, it is Status Quo.    However, with that being said, there are differences.  The dementia is getting worse, but she is not hallucinating.  We’ve reached a plateau.  If you increase some meds you  run the risk of having hallucinations, and change of behaviour.    If we continue on, “as the beat goes on” and continue with what we are doing, it’s ok.

We have a routine, wherein, we tell Momma every day what day it is, the day, date, and year.   On the way to the Doctor’s office she had asked me,”Isn’t it St. Paddy’s day Saturday?”  “Uhm no, Momma it is December 1st, and nowhere near St. Paddy’s day”.  She looked at me and then looked down and said ‘Hm, I must be confused”.

It’s sometimes hard to deal with the confusion and Dementia, and we were told today, it was going to increase.  I already knew that, and reading this I hope the Farmer does too.    But to be truthful with all of you, I’ll take “as the beat goes on” because I really do not want to increase any meds at this time.  It could lead to a whole bunch of things, none of us want to deal with.  As long as Momma is happy, and she is, then it’s ok.

I will admit one thing here, (ok my head is hung), I bribed Momma today.  I told her this morning, if she was good, and behaved, I would let her have 3 spoonfuls of Orange sherbet when she got home.    If I could explain how her eyes lit up at the mention of being allowed to have such a treat, when she has not been allowed to eat anything in almost a year.

Momma was good, and she did get her 3 spoon fulls of Orange sherbert, and she swallowed every last drop.  She was a trooper while she got her flu shot, and that made at least 3 of us smile.    You see, we had to take her arm out of her shirt to get her shot, and Caregiver Beth held Momma’s jacket up in front of her so no one would see her exposed “cleavage”, and the Farmer held the wheelchair, and I held Momma’s hand.  it was over before we knew it.

I will admit though, I almost cried and so did Momma when we left the Doctor’s office.  This Doctor has been through all of this with us, and it was hard to tell him thank you and goodbye.  He’s referred us to one of his associates, and I can only hope they are compassionate as him.

Today….it was a good day.


2 responses

  1. I read your posts and feel as if I am right there with you – you draw me in and of course I can relate because of our own circumstances. You are a brave and positive inspiration to all of us, Jo.

  2. I am so glad to hear such good news!!!!!

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