In my month of Thankfulness….

This has been a month of Thankfulness for me.  While I am thankful for everyday, truly I am.  There are things that make this month stand out the most.  Just for me, and maybe for someone else, something I may say, might  mean something.

I am always Thankful for my family.  They truly are my back bone and give me the strength to go deal with what I do.

I am thankful for everything I have, from my house, to my clothes, to my car, to well, just everything.

I am thankful for my friends….y’all know who you are…you guys hold me close, let me say whatever I need to, just to blow off steam, to just saying you love me, and somehow my world turns to right.

I am Thankful for my Cat, ok, y’all can laugh if you want to, but this cat has given me more love, affection and attitude than any of my kids (ok that might be a tie), but she loves me, and loves to curl into my lap, or sleep at my feet and take care of me when no one else is around.  (It’s a cat thing…sorry if you don’t understand it).

I’m thankful for my husband, who truly I never thought I would ever find a soul who matches mine as much as he does, we are on the same wave..dream the same dreams and love the same things. Not to mention we love each other to the moon and then beyond……

I love my birth kids, more than words can ever say, I am thankful for both of you, you each have given me joy, and a bunch of pain, but I guess that is part of being a Mother.  Never doubt my love for you, even though it may be tough right now.

I am thankful for my “other” children, I refuse to call you “step’ because truly in my eyes, if I could have given birth to you I would have, the fact that I love each and every one of you, is to me a Blessing, because God gave you to me, I truly tried to step to the challenge., If I have let you down, sorry, but I truly love y’all like my own and hope you know it.  Each of you is a Blessing to me in one way or another.

I’m Thankful for one little dude, that probably no one can understand….That would be Cam-man…I cannot even begin to describe what this little dude means to me.    I never wanted to over-step any bonds. But from about day 2, because day 1 I was too afraid to hold him, This dude is my Buddy.  I may have been replaced because his papa is his best friend and that’s ok.  This little dude, gave me strength to survive his papa being away from me, and giving me joy in his little face.  To this day, this little dude and I share a bond that was re-inforced to me today, and I am oh so thankful of this little guy.    He still loves me, and plays hide n seek with me and all of those other games him and I share.

But to be truthful, I am thankful for the Farmer and Momma, simply because…they are my parents.  For Momma maybe by default, but it is what it is, and SHE is MY Momma.

I am Thankful for living the life I do, with all I have, and all I am thankful for.  I am truly one Blessed woman.

My life may be complicated, but truly, I’m not used to any other.  I’ve lived all these years and I’ve learned a bunch of lessons.  I am still learning.  But I do know I am Thankful, and I give all of my Blessings thankful to God, AND my angels, I truly have a bunch of them.    This month, My Angels added another.  While I am sad, I am thankful for the party going on up in heaven.

I just hope that when it’s all said and done, eventually, it’s gonna be one heck of a party when we all get together…..


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  2. what a wonderful story, so full of life and love

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