Well, here it is Thursday afternoon, and I have been a busy little bee.  Today is normally the day, I stay home and do all of those domestic diva things that I do. Then go over to the Farmer’s about 4:30-5 pm and cook the Farmer dinner, and put Momma to bed.

My list was long today, because well, let’s face it, the domestic diva thing has been in procrastination mode lately.  Last night, I diligently wrote out my list of stuff I wanted to get done today.  If I don’t write a list, I end up forgetting one thing or another, or lately just kind of go pfft, and blow all of it off.

So, after being “yelled” at to wake up this morning, (Ms. Baby’s food bowl was empty), I got up and got busy.  First thing, a cup of coffee.  Quick look at the list, and BAZINGA, I got busy.

It really is amazing how much you can get done before 9 am, IF, you don’t log onto your e-mail, stop and play about 10 games of Words with Friends, check on your “Chefville” game, and read through all of your friend’s post’s on Facebook.

I had the laundry all done, sheets washed and bed re-made, and the dusting of the down stairs all done.  Whew, time for a break.    I made time for a couple of the things like e-mail, and Words with Friends.

I got back at it and completely finished the downstairs, cleaning the bathroom, and vacuuming.  Onto the Upstairs.  Now, so many people have decorated for Christmas, but not me.  I decided today, I would rearrange the living room and get the tree out and put together and let it hang out for a few days before the Electrician and I decorate it.

In the process of moving furniture and dusting and more vacuuming, I located several items that have been missing for sometime.  Apparently Cam-man’s secret stash of stuff was under the couch and a few other choice places.   After completing the living room and entryway, I just kept going until EVERYTHING on my list was done, right down to taking ALL of the trash out and the trash cans are at the curb, waiting for the trash dudes tomorrow.  My living room and entryway are now semi-decorated for Christmas, the tree is up and waiting for the Electrician and I to get to it, and I feel good.

With everything done, I got a call from the Farmer’s and found out, I get to stay home tonite as Caregiver Beth wanted to come back and put Momma to bed.  So, I finally called my cousin, and spent a good 30-45 minutes on the phone with her, (her Dad is the one who just passed).  We have set up to get together soon, and have an afternoon of giggles, and fun.

All in all, while I have pushed that procrastination thing to the curb for today, I am actually pretty happy with everything I have accomplished today.

Now, I get to play the rest of the day and figure out what’s for dinner!!!




5 responses

  1. good job!!!! Now u can come clean my top shelf in the kitchen!!! LOL

    1. I probably can’t even reach your kitchen top shelf! Got a ladder?

  2. Can you bazinga your way over here and help me out?

    1. be there as soon as I’m done at Terry’s..:)

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