Memories of a Legacy….

While I’ve had a really good day, I’ve been given some stuff to think about.    I had a conversation today with someone who has known me since I was about little to nothing.  This person is a year older than me, and I have always looked up to her.

Our lives took different paths, but we were truly like sisters.  We are related, just from different ends of the gene pool.   We both have a similar upbringing, from the same family values.  Both of us both have the same feeling, that we are all that’s left of a legacy.

How do you deal with that?  While we talked on the phone, and both giggled over silly stuff, both of us were brought back to a happier time in our lives.   We talked about, summer’s spent together, different cousin’s and things we did.

We talked about jumping off the docks into the lake, and learning to swim.  We talked about having both of our Dad’s who were best friends and cousins too, give us hugs and laughing at both of our antics.

Time passes and we both became adults.  She became someone who has a career and is everything I am not.  I became a mother and a housewife, and Caregiver, every thing she isn’t.  But, at the same token, we are both kind of the same.

We both decided that we have come from a very prominent family, and they did a lot of good for the town that they lived in.  It’s kind of hard sometimes to live up to the Legacy.  But between her and I we decided we would do the best we could.

We have tall shoes to fill, and we both kind of decided that we cannot fill those shoes, but what we could do, was to remember every bit of our growing up years and rejoice in them.

I guess times are a bit different from when I was a kid.  A bunch of stuff that meant something when I was growing up, does not mean that much now.   I spent time with my cousins, and my Grandparents, and I did not keep myself entertained by the internet, or technology.  We chased firefly’s with a mason jar,  jumped off the docks into a pond, and just giggled over silly stuff.  We did not rely on the t.v, or the internet, or any of that other stuff to keep us busy.  We would go out into the corn field, and just act crazy, or go to a cousin’s ball game and rejoice that they won, and commiserate when they lost, I seem to remember pizza was always involved..

I guess I am getting off track here, because while I understand my heritage, I’m not quite sure how to keep it going.    I can tell my kids about it, but they really don’t care.  That truly saddens me.  I guess they got more of their Dad’s gene pool than mine.

I guess, in my conversation today, both her and I want to leave OUR mark, just not our parents mark.  Don’t get me wrong in any way shape or form, because both her and my parents and our Grandparents have truly left something of a Legacy, I think we both want to as well…

Sometimes,  I wish “Back to the Future” was an event I could attend.   I would make some changes, and then there are some things I would not change.

I guess part of getting older and dealing with these changes is a part of life.  I’m sure at one point or another, our parents have said it too.     Life goes on and so do we, I guess I just don’t want to lose The Legacy of what I’ve been given.

The memories, I cherish, the Love, I feel, the family, I’m loosing, the Angels, I have.

Someday, there is going to be a major reunion up in heaven, and while I still have my time left here,  I seriously am ready for that party, cuz it’s gonna be a big one.



2 responses

  1. so full of emotions. I am sure as our parents and so on, often pondered on these same thoughts. We realize today that we have lived over half of our lives. What have we done with it? Are we finished, do we want more? Realizing we are growing older is only understood by the one whom is older. our children can not understand, as they are living the life we once did. I guess I really would not change too much, or else I would not have learned, but like you, I hope to be a big part of that party!

  2. This is really wonderful Jo and I completely understand. The legacy of any family is hard to preserve and live up to and I think you are doing it so well!

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