If all else fails…..

I am typing this post today, although it is technically about yesterday.  Bear with me here ok?

Yesterday, I got up early and headed over to the Farmer’s house and snuck in so he could sleep in.   I must have been pretty quiet, because he slept on.  I busied myself with making a cup of coffee, and lo and behold, I had run out of creamer at my house, so I was looking forward to a cup of coffee with my beloved hazelnut creamer in it.    I got momma’s med’s ready and then went into give them to her.

Momma was awake and had a smile on her face when she saw me.  She was quite chatty for it being 8 am in the morning.    I gave her the meds and she promptly went back to sleep.  I grabbed the coffee and was just sitting down to enjoy it, when the 2 “girls”  stopped me in my tracks.  Oops, I forgot to give them a treat.

The rest of the day kind of flew by, after I made the Farmer breakfast, he hit the road to run some errands, and I finished up his laundry, and also made some spaghetti sauce with meatballs, for his dinner over the weekend, and I put together my pork loin creation, that he loves.

I take a pork loin and butterfly it, then stuff it with stuffing and wrap the whole thing back together with bacon.    I threw some potato’s underneath the roast, so the potato’s would roast in the bacon drippings.

I got Momma up, and while she was not as cheerful as she was at 8 am, it was ok.    I finished up my stuff and then I hit the road.  I was on a mission.

The Electrician, and the Fisher Dude have a liking for auctions.  I have a bunch of stuff in my house, we have gotten from auctions.  There is an online auction going on right now, and you can view the stuff in the auction, but only during certain times.    I left the Farmer’s and drove 3 towns over to see a couple of items in the auction, to decide if we wanted to bid or not.  It took me about a half hour to get there and then I went inside.

Talk about feeling like a kid in a candy store.  This auction has about 1000 pieces in it.  I looked over the stuff we were interested in, and then got side tracked by a few other things.    Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I love the old-fashioned furniture, and antique stuff.   Plus, I like to try to figure out what kind of history an item has (yes, I’m a little wacko).  After looking everything over, I headed home.

I decided on the way home, I was going to make taco’s for dinner, because they are easy and for once, I had everything I needed to make them.    The Electrician arrived home, and logged onto my desktop computer and THAT’s when it happened.

My keyboard stopped working.   I have an HP desktop with a dell monitor, but my keyboard and mouse are wireless.  We figured out after a frantic call to the Farmer, that it was the batteries.  So…I ran to the store, bought more batteries, came home installed them and……nothing.

I could not get the keyboard to work for nothing.  I was devastated last night.  While we still have the laptop, I am unable to blog on it, because the program that runs it is so old, it’s not up to date with WordPress.  I swear, I tried everything I knew, but it would not work.

This morning I woke up and decided I would figure it out.  I found the diagnostic program, and ran that, nothing.  I am not a techy type of person, but I do have some working knowledge of computers, and I was flummoxed.

So, I dug into my closet and found some paperwork I brought home with me when I brought home the desk tower from the Farmer’s.  When all else fails, try to read the directions.   I found paperwork on what to do when the mouse and/or keyboard quit working.    Guess what?  It worked!!!

You would have thought, I was the one who won the Lottery, yelling and high fiving the Electrician once the keyboard started working again.

So, I guess the moral to this one is, if it doesn’t work, read the instructions, and then instead of 9 hours without a keyboard, it could have been 5 minutes.    Oh well……chalk that one up to I learned something new today….


4 responses

  1. My Daddy’s favorite saying is, “When all else fails, read the directions.”

  2. Aha! You are so hilarious. I hate instructions and always avoid them which is stupid.
    Hey, Jo, I have to go into the hospital because Ants had a bad fall this morning and has been ambulanced in from nursing lodge – nothing broken but awful cut to head and seems a bit concussed. He is having all the tests, cat scans and all – so he won’t be visitable for an hour or so but have spoken to him twice on phone so all okay. Argh – what next?

    1. Don’t ask, because when you do, the heavens open up and give you more. Sorry Jules! Hope he is ok. Big hug to ya!

  3. so glad it is working. I am finding out we have even more in common. I love antiques, and auctions. what kind of online auctions do u visit

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