Today, was MY day….

I very rarely get to sleep in.  Today was MY day to do that.    I was in some serious slumber and there may or may not have been some drool involved, when the shrill ring of the telephone interrupted my slumber.    I thought the Electrician would pick up the phone, but no, it was the Farmer and he let it ring until I grabbed it from beside the bed.

“uhm..h’lo?”  I answered, to be replied with ‘Happy Birthday to you” from the Farmer,   who then followed that up with “Are you sick AGAIN?’.  “Uhm, no Dad I was still sleeping.”  Geesh, it was only 8:30 am for crying out loud.    I wasn’t complaining though, because after the Farmer told me Happy Birthday, Momma got on the phone.  Now, to be truthful,  Momma probably has not spoken on the phone for about 2 years.  When I heard her sweet voice, telling me ‘Happy Birthday honey”, it felt so good.  Very rarely does she surface before 11 am, and to be told Happy Birthday from Momma at 8:34 am was marvelous in my opinion.

That was the first of many calls today, and I have enjoyed each of them.  For those of you that know me, today is not just my birthday, it is my anniversary.  Yes, the Electrician married me on my birthday.  He probably figured it would be easier to keep track of both dates that way.  However, with that being said, I did make him sign a contract, that he could not get away with just one gift for  both events.

We had already decided that we were going out to eat at my favorite place called “The Habachi Grill”, (it’s the Electrician’s also), for some sushi and good old buffet food.

We had originally planned to go ahead and go grocery shopping and do some Christmas shopping too.   We both got ready and hit the door, with the first stop being the bank so we could cash some checks we had received.    The next stop was at “Big Lot’s”.  I truly like that store, and while we did not have that much we were looking for, other than an extension cord, so I can finish decorating my tree, we found all kinds of neat stuff.  It must be my Birthday though, because the Electrician allowed me some unauthorized purchases, and both of us were happy.

Next stop was the mall.  That place has truly gone down hill for my small town.  There are very few stores, and it’s like a “ghost mall”.   We did stop at one outlet though, the Vermilion County Animal Shelter Society had some pets in the mall, hoping for adoption.  The Electrician and I walked through, petted some cats and laughed at the puppies, but both of us know in our heart, Ms. Baby is “Queen” of our house, and I don’t think she will allow us to have another animal unless it is a kitten, and even then I would fear for its safety.

We then headed down the road to a place called the Dollar Tree.  I had never been in this store until my outlaws were here for a visit.   The Electrician and I looked at a bunch of things, and I found a few “stocking stuffers” for the Grand babies, and also a few things for me.

Next stop on the agenda was Wal-mart.  Now before y’all think we were just shopping we weren’t, some of it was wasting time until we could go eat, and when my tummy grumbled, it was time.  I did find my Birthday present in Wal-Mart though.  Forgive me for being silly, but I truly fell in love with a Christmas bear, who sings “the Night before Christmas”.  I gave the puppy dog eyes to the Electrician and we bought it.


I seriously have listened to this thing about 50 times, I truly love it.

We finally arrived at our dining destination, and I do have to say, the Electrician and I truly hurt ourselves.  We do not go out to eat very often, and today I made sure I was giving the buffet the justice it deserved.   I ate sushi, and a bunch of it.  I then went back for some different fare, spring rolls, shrimp, chicken 4 million different ways, egg drop soup, lo mein, and then some more sushi, then it was time for dessert.  For some unknown reason though, the restaurant frowns and has strict rules about shoving your head underneath the fountain of chocolate.  Go figure.

After waddling out of the restaurant, I was miserable but full and happy, in a kind of “OH MY GOODNESS< I SHOULD NOT HAVE EATEN THAT MUCH” kind of way.  We did stop at County Market to pick up a few things, but by then my jeans were busting and all I could think of was getting home, taking off my jeans, putting on my pajama’s and hoping to burp or fart or something.

Upon returning home, and yes, I have to go grocery shopping in the morning, it’s been about 4-5 hours, and I am still full.  Thank goodness though some of the above requested things have happened and at least now, I am comfortable.

My Birthday has been fantastic….thank you to the Electrician and everybody else for making it so.  The 100+ Birthday wishes on Facebook, have me truly humbled.

So, now that my birthday, while it is not over, it’s time for the Anniversary celebrations.    My day has been fantastic.  Thank you!!!  Everybody!!!!



2 responses

  1. I got such a kick out of reading this – so wonderful – you are so funny and I love the pic of you and your present – only you Jo – only you hahahaha!

  2. i love the way you write! laughter added into a bowl of love for life and a great husband. so glad you enjoyed yourself!

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