A little bit snarky….

I’ve been a little bit snarky all day.  I can’t say exactly why, but I have been.  I truly do not like being this way, because usually, it means, I’m about to say something, I don’t really mean, at the expense of someone else’s feelings…

I’ve realized over the years, that sometimes you fall into moods, and while you are in them, sometimes it is best to remain silent.  So, today, I have exercised an extreme amount of will power to just shut my mouth and go with the flow.

It’s not just one thing that has set off this round of snarkiness, but a bunch of events.  No one in particular, but everything in general.  I guess we all have them. I think the better thing to say, is how we deal with them.

A friend of mine stated recently, that she loved the way I was always positive, and seemed to stay strong throughout any situation.    This is not always the case.  There are days I am NOT positive, and I get a little bit, okay, a LOT snarky.  Today would be one of those days.

I have learned in general though, on the days I am snarky?  I need to keep to my own counsel, try to figure out exactly why I am feeling this way, and then approach the situation with a clear head and not full of emotions.

Emotions are tricky things.  The thing we THINK is right, might not necessarily be the reason we are snarky, and maybe we need to look at the whole thing in a deeper meaning.

I think, after a bunch of thinking and a BUNCH of soul-searching, I’m frustrated.    I am frustrated by my own lack of ability to do certain things I wish I was capable of doing.

I might sound like I am talking in circles, and maybe I am.  But I am working through something I have to learn.  The learning is the hardest for me.

Sometimes, when we think we have a thing whipped, it turns around and whips us in return.  Sometimes, we have to accept, that we are not in control of a situation and that the situation is controlling us.  I for one, HATE being controlled by anything, nor anyone.

I’m working through this bout of snarkiness, thank’s for listening, I will find answers, but I’m still feeling snarky, and am praying my tongue hold’s itself shut until I figure it out…..


2 responses

  1. Sometimes I have days where I don’t want to be around humans. Other days I find myself sad for no reason. Other days I am just plain frustrated with life, but the next day I wake up alright. I can’t even blame it on menopause! LOL. Great blog and open and honest. Your friend that said you were a positive person and always strong, must really think a lot of you!

  2. Even when you are snarky, you are an inspiration! Ha – let’s have a snarky party. Hope you get over it and glad to know you are human!

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