Morning Coffee….Lesson learned….

Sometimes even the smallest things, can make you feel like a million dollars.  Be it smiling at a stranger, to opening the door for an elderly person.   To just taking time out of your busy day to show someone else a little kindness.

I will admit, lately, I’ve been feeling….I’m not quite sure.    I’ve been snarky, and then been ok, and then been snarky again.    I feel like I’m on a roller coaster.  While I do know that some of this is, because of taking care of Momma, I think some of it is the stress over the Holidays.

Maybe, I am just missing something.  I know the Electrician is frustrated with me. My philosophy of “the world is round and I’ll get there” has never really set well with him.

While I do not have a “paying” job, I still have a job.  I am a Caretaker.  I take care of my Momma, and the Farmer too, for that fact, I take care of home life for my beloved Electrician.

Someone left a “remark” about a week ago and it truly made me stop and think.  While at first, I did not give it any attention, it did kinda stop me in my tracks.    Someone stated that my “guilt” for not taking care of everyone in a true equal fashion , came through in my posts.

Now, while I admit, sometimes I spread myself thin, and I do try to take on my “world” so to speak, I give it my all.  I don’t usually take time out for myself.  I am to busy taking care of everyone else.

With all of that being said, I want to share something with y’all.  This morning I got up early, so I could take care of some things around the homestead.  When I was about ready to leave, I got a phone call.

The Nursing student called me and asked if I wanted to stop by her house and have a cup of coffee with her.  Since I was all ready to go to the Farmer’s, I said yes, and I think I shocked her.

I grabbed a pint of pumpkin spice coffee creamer and headed over.  I would just like to state for the record, I spent about 45 minutes at her house and I truly had such a fantastic time, that I hope I am invited back again.

We chatted and finalized our menu for the Christmas “get together”, that are planned.  But I got, to just relax, and chat and be myself without having to take care of anyone, and just have a fun morning.

Mind you, I kind of paid for it in several different ways.  But, I learned something this morning.  It’s ok, to squeeze in sometime for myself, doing whatever it is I want to do.

My day kind of went to hell in a hand basket after this morning, but ya know what?  It’s ok.  Because sometimes to have the cream, you have to wade through all the $hit to get to it.

But I also figured out, sometimes, when people blow off steam, it is because they are troubled and while you might not understand it at first, say nothing, walk away and think about what is truly the underlying emotions.  Because sometimes what you think is on the surface, isn’t what is truly going on.

Sometimes, the worlds problems and yours can be solved with a good cup of coffee, and good conversation.

**While I realize this post may be all over the map, at the moment I am truly all over the map..****


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