Memories of yesterday…..

Yesterday, the Farmer and I got busy with Christmas.  While I have already put up a fiber optics tree, with no ornaments.  I found a 3 feet tree in the basement, that I tried to negotiate with him, to bring it to my house to put up in my basement.   Well…that was a no go, and it is now put up in his living room where Momma can see it.

We put it on the coffee table, and then went downstairs to try to find some ornaments to go on it.  After searching through a bunch of boxes, and a bunch of memories, we found some ornaments.

My Grandma B. used to make Christmas ornaments.  I was looking for a specific memory.  My Grandma had made some Christmas ornaments that I truly cherished.  It was a robin made out of red ribbon.  After searching through some boxes of  ornaments, and finding 3 of my own Christmas stockings from different times of my life, we found some ornaments that I had made when I was a kid.

I was a little surprised, I remembered making them.  The fact that I had signed my name on the bottom of the ornament really shocked me.    When I asked the Farmer, “You kept these?” with disbelief on my face, he laughed.

We continued with our search, it was truly a trip down memory lane for me. We slowly decorated the tree, and both of us, kind of smiled different smiles at different things.  The Farmer has some Christmas decorations from when he was a kid, and they mean something to him, I can kind of relate after seeing somethings I haven’t seen in years.

While we were searching, the flock of robins emerged, but unfortunately, there is only one red ribbon robin left.    The Farmer told me to take it and put it on my tree, but something in me told  him, “nah Dad, it’s yours this year, but I’m taking it after Christmas.”.

While we were decorating the tree, we talked about some past memories, I told him the first memory I had, was when we lived in Rancho Bernardo, California, and we lived in a house, the first Christmas we were there, I had gotten up and opened up everyone’s presents.  I remember this, and the fact that the next Christmas we had, there was a gate to go into the living room, and I could not reach the hook to go into the living room.    He laughed and said “well..after the past year what did you expect?”  Folks, this is a memory when I was 5 years old.  That is exactly 46 years ago….

I can so remember decorating the Christmas Tree with the Farmer so many years of my life.  There were a bunch that we did not do together, because I had started my own family, and did some things different, but then I came home, and we did things together again.

Christmas was never truly a “BIG” holiday in our house.  But I seem to have a bunch of memories of some really good times.  Since I have been with the Electrician, I have seen some miracles at Christmas, last year being one of them.

Last Christmas, all’s I wanted was for Momma to make it through it and be ok.  Christmas Eve of last year, Momma was discharged from the hospital into the Nursing home, for recovery to be released home when she was ready.

Momma came home, and has been with us all year.  Forgive me for a second because Momma told me she would not be with me for this Christmas, but guess what?  She’s still here and plugging along, so maybe, just maybe, it’s gonna be ok.



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  1. that was beautiful. i don’t have a fiber optic tree. I have a big white one. it is filled with replicas of old ornaments, and mom’s ornaments she made. she crochet a lot of angels and i hang them on the tree each year so she and dad can be here with me. I love going down memory lane with you

  2. I’ve never even heard of a fibreoptic tree! And Jo I just love the anecdote about you opening everyone’s presents when you were 5 – only you Jo!!!

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