A Message from Santa….

This is just a FYI for all of you, that may not know.  You can send your child an e-mail from Santa advising if they are on the naughty or nice list.

Last year, I happened to find this website, and sent my  (2 1/2 yr old) Grandson a message from Santa.  When his Momma opened up the video e-mail, his little face lit up and he was so amazed he called me on the phone to tell me, Santa had sent him a message, that Santa knew who he was, and what he had been up to over the past year.

I’ve done the same thing this year for both of the Grandboys, and it’s been a hit.   I will admit, I did one for the Electrician and some other people I know.  It’s a lot of fun, and you can play around with it.  There is a free app, or you can pay for an upgrade.

The address is  www.portablenorthpole.com.

Have fun with it, after all, truly are us grown-ups really just big kids?  Besides seeing little dude’s face light up was truly priceless……


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