12/12/12 what a day…

Today is 12/12/12, a day that will not hit again for quite a few hundred years.  For me?  My day was pretty good.   I’ve had some rough one’s lately and today, made me smile.

I got up with the Electrician this morning, because I was going over to the Farmer’s early, so he could sleep in.   I did some domestic diva stuff before I left, and then headed down the road, freezing my pututies off, cuz folks, it’s frickin cold out there.

I arrived and snuck in the house as quiet as I could, but the minute I opened the door the “girls” started meowing at me rather loudly.  I gave them 5 treats each and they finally shut up.  I got Momma‘s med’s ready (Thanks to Caregiver Beth, who gave me a head start).  I started a cup of coffee, and got everything together and went into Momma’s room, and I’ll admit, I was a little nervous.  Momma wasn’t so good yesterday, and I got scared.  I wasn’t sure what I would find, but was pleasantly surprised.

Momma was looking at me and smiling.  I gave her the meds and she talked to me while I was doing it, when I took her temperature, she smiled.  I’m not sure what has happened, but Momma was Momma.  When I told her she could go back to sleep for a bit, she dragged me close for a kiss and said, “Ok, I Love you”.

I spent my morning doing some stuff around the Farmer’s, he had to run to Sam’s for some much-needed supplies.    I threw some beef tips in gravy in the crock pot for his dinner, and then got side tracked with another project I was doing and completely forgot about making the rice.  I remembered it when I got home.  oops…

When it was time for Momma to get up, I went into her room and told her it was her and I today because the Farmer had gone shopping.  I gave her a bath and then between her and I, she got up.  Momma gave it her all, I’m here to tell you, simply because I cannot  lift Momma by myself.    When it was time for her to walk into the living room, I asked her, “Mom, it’s you and me, do you want me to get the wheel chair and wheel you in there or do you want to walk?”  She looked at me and smiled and said “I’ll walk, thank you”.  Uhm… ok, I was a little nervous, but felt kind of silly when we got there.  I did put the gait belt on her, and I was ready for anything, but Momma surprised me once again.

Momma and I were both sitting in the front room when the Farmer breezed in and said, “I got a truck load out there, you better get busy”.  I told Momma “Come on we have to unload the truck”.  Folks, Momma tried to get out of her chair, and then I told her I was just kidding.  She was ready to move.   I unloaded the truck with the Farmer’s help, and then got everything done.

I told the Farmer by, and then hugs and kisses, and then I went to Momma and told her I loved her and bye, but she grabbed my hand and wanted me to tell the Farmer what she was worried about.  I talked to the Farmer and he re-assured her that all was well.  With things squared at the house, I headed on down the road.

I came back home and did some more domestic diva things and then flew down the road to meet the Electrician.  We did some things and then I flew home.  Guess what?  I was out of cookies,  So I did that thing us women are known for (tongue in cheek) multi tasking.  I made a batch of cookies, cooked supper, made the Electrician’s lunch for tomorrow, and set the coffee pot.

Now?  I am kicking back and just relaxing.   Actually, I have to be truthful and admit I am watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.”

The Electrician and I have been watching a bunch of Christmas movies lately.  I’m not sure if it is to promote the Christmas  mood, or simply because we like to get sappy every now and then…or maybe we just like to giggle in my house…


2 responses

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love N.L Christmas Vacation also!

  2. Your Momma’s love for you shines through this post. Ants has become very loving lately too which is beautiful. Thanks for always cheering me up.

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