Christmas….It’s coming….

I have always  loved Christmas time.  Getting the tree, decorating it, and then decorating the house.  Hanging the stockings, I have so many in the family now, that I have to hang them in different places.    Doing all of the Holiday baking, and making cookies, candies, and then the Christmas meal.  Wrapping presents and putting them underneath the tree.  Christmas was full of secrets, trying to keep my mouth shut, when I wanted to blurt out what the presents were.

Over the years, I have found different web sites that help to promote Christmas, there is the web site where you can send a message to a child, or Grandchild, from Santa  Then there is the web site where you can “elf yourself”, you just add your faces and then pick the song.

Last year at this time, I was paralyzed with fear.  I really didn’t have the Christmas spirit, until probably December 24th, when I got my Christmas Miracle, and Momma was released from the hospital into the Nursing home for months of recovery and rehabilitation.  Momma got really ill on December 12th and was in ICU for over 2 weeks.  She actually died, at one point and was brought back.

I will never forget those weeks.  How scared I was, on an emotional roller coaster, and sometimes could not breathe for the fear. My days and nights were turned upside down.  I was truly afraid of the phone ringing and it would bring bad news.   To this day, when the phone rings, I still get nervous.

This year, we have kind of gone all out, While I decorated my house, and it looks good, I decided that the Farmer’s house needed to get a little decorated too.  The Farmer has 2 trees, and then the Christmas cards.  I don’t send out card’s anymore.  Maybe I should.

I worked on the Farmer’s Christmas letter and then addressed all the envelopes.  He took them on Friday to mail them all. The Farmer and Momma have received a bunch of cards that I have hung up each of the Christmas cards, after Momma has looked at each and every one.

I’ll be straight with y’all.  Momma told me she would not be here for Christmas, and I am doing everything in my  power to make sure she is.  But ya know that post, I posted about not being in control?  Well, I’m not.  I truly believe she will be here.  I can only hope she will like what I got her.

It seems to me though, this Christmas is marked by a bunch of sadness.  Events that have happened recently have taken their toll on everyone.    Me?  I will do my best to make sure that this is the best Christmas ever for Momma and my family.

We will have 5 days of Christmas this year.  The first being the Electrician and  I shutting off all the lights and cuddling on the couch and watching “The Polar Express” together the second will be  at the Nursing Student‘s, she will host the “major” family gathering.  I have my list of stuff to make and bring.  The third, will be the Grand boy’s Christmas program, which the Electrician and I will attend.  Then the Christmas Eve bash at my house with junk food and appetizers all the way, and then finally, Christmas Day at the Farmer’s.  The Electrician and I will go to the Farmer’s and share a Prime Rib dinner, and gifts with him and Momma.

We are starting new traditions this year, and while sometimes, it seems a bit over whelming, we will manage all of it.  I can only hope, that Momma is on board with our program.




3 responses

  1. may all your wishes come true my friend

  2. i hope u guys have a very merry christmas and u and ur family will never know how much u have touch my heart …….. Im lucky to work for u and u dad and i just love my annie

  3. You have so much energy – you are fantastic!

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