Past couple of days….


See this little dude?  He gave us the scare of our lives last night.  I can write about it tonite, because he is okay.  The Electrician and I were relaxing and in our p.j.s when we got a hysterical phone call from the Nursing Student, she was pretty hysterical at the time, and it was a little hard to decipher .  When the Electrician hung up the phone and moved into action, I was right behind him.  We threw on boots, and hoodies, and down the road we went.

Apparently our little Cam-man thinks he truly is a Monkey and can climb onto anything.  He had climbed onto his dresser to get to his t.v. that was on top of it, and all came crashing down on him.  The Electrician and I went flying down the road, and scooped up the Nursing Student and Cam Man.  He clung to both his Momma and I, and was rattled.  When I asked him if he was ok, he said yes, when I asked him if it scared him he said yes.

The Electrician drove all of us in a car familiar to us.  (It’s my old car I gave to the nursing student).  The weather last night?  It sucked major twinkies…Snow, ice and just otherwise nasty conditions.    We pulled up to the ER and the Nursing student and Cam Man got out of the car, and the Electrician and I went to park it, when we ran into the Fisher dude.  He had left work to come see what had happened to his son.

I have never felt as helpless as I did last night.  Well actually  I  have, but I am learning something.  It’s one of those “lessons”, I keep talking about.   The Electrician and I hung around  until it was time to take Cam-Man back for some tests.  The Electrician still had to go to work today, and well it was kinda late.    We said our good-byes, and headed down the road.

This is where it gets funny…so I may have a warped sense of humor, but, the Electrician and I are at the stop light and he asked me, “What are all these lights on the dashboard mean?”  I lean over and look, and it hits me…”Uhm, honey, she needs some anti-freeze, but that one light?  You had better hit a gas station soon, because we have about 1 mile to go and we are gonna be in trouble.  ”  So, we pull into the gas station pronto, and then it hits both of us, we flew out of the house, I had nothing on me, the Electrician’s wallet was in the Truck, but it ended up being in his hoodie pocket.  It had exactly $7.00 in it, and that’s what  we put into the Nursing Student’s car for gas.  We got to her house and parked her car, and grabbed out truck and flew home.

The Electrician went to bed, but did not sleep very well, me?  I stayed up just praying and hoping everything was okay.   We all got very lucky with lil dude, he was ok.  WHEW… this lil dude is all boy and will give us a few more heart shakers I believe this.

Today,  I was supposed to stay home all day, but Caregiver Beth has had a hard time lately.  Her Dad has had a couple of strokes and things are not looking good.   While I went over and got Momma up, I was a little frustrated.  I have a bunch of things that I felt I needed to get done.

But to tell you the truth, when I got home tonite, and the Electrician has been with me on this journey….We had already had plans for tonite…we did our thing….We shut off all the lights and watched The Polar Express, and cuddled on the couch.  We both cried at certain parts of the movie….

I’m at peace with everything.  I can’t explain it..  I don’t want to even try.  I know in my heart I Believe…Period….

3 responses

  1. And here I was thinking I had a few mishaps! So glad kiddo is okay.

  2. sorry for ur plans promise i will make up to u but in return im always there i try real hard to never miss work but i owe u big and u will never now how much i apperciate it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am so glad you have little Cam in your life to brighten up your day

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