Christmas Traditions……

When the kids were small, the Christmas traditions were easy.  But somewhere along the line, the kids grew up, got married and started to have their own families.    I think I am turning into the Farmer.  At least I think I am starting to feel like he did when I moved away from home, and started my own family.

We all have those memories of when we were kids, and the Christmas traditions we went through.  From getting the tree, and decorating it, from marking down the days on the Calender when Santa would come visit our house,  Making the cookies and setting them out with a glass of milk, and then trying to sleep Christmas eve.

To growing up, and having Christmas with our own little kids and full filling their dreams of Santa.  To trying to spend time with all of our families.  Sometimes, our families were miles apart and we had to make due with phone calls, and making new Christmas traditions.

This year, we’ve started new traditions, and are doing new things.  With our blended family spread out all over, it makes the time we have together even more special.

This year, we have a new daughter in the family, our family is growing in leaps and bounds.  But, our “family” Christmas was tonite, because we had to get together when we all could.    This year, the oldest daughter, The Nursing student “hosted” the festivities at her house, the one she moved into about a month ago.

It was a celebration with both the Fisher Dude’s family and ours,  and it was loud, full of giggles, and just a great time, with plenty of food, and just an over all good time.  I think even the puppies had a good time.  Especially when I went into the kitchen and Bella was nosing on the counter.  Grandma Sue gave both puppies a bite of ham.

This is the first of the next few nights to come.  Tomorrow, we are attending Church and seeing both Grandbabies participating in the Church program.  Dinner is leftovers at the Nursing Student‘s house.  Christmas Eve is at my house with the Nursing Student and Grand baby boys,  the menu is appetizers delite.  Christmas day will be spent at the Farmer’s house with him and Momma.

I think I am kind of liking spreading it out over a few days.   Instead of just one day to celebrate, we are making it a couple.  With new families, and growing families, this is kind of fun.









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  3. easier on the mind and body, spreading it out like butter on toast. glad you had a good time!

  4. Loved reading about your holiday traditions! Mine included Skyping our son over in England, getting the rest of our grown kids under one roof on Christmas Eve for steak and crab cakes, then visiting with my sister four hours away last weekend for a get-together with my siblings, their families and my mom. I chuckled when I read about your pups and the ham…a few of us were slipping our new dog Gus some pulled pork, and he was immediately smitten!

    1. Sounds like Good Times, I didn’t blog about it, but Bella ended up swiping the ham bone off the counter and was under the table chewing happily before she was found….oops….

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