Christmas Journey..Day 2…

Today, was the second day of my Christmas Journey.  I posted last night, that our family was into making some new traditions.   Today, dawned bright and sunny.  The Electrician and I got up and prepared to go somewhere  we don’t usually go.    Don’t get me wrong, the Electrician and I have religious beliefs, we just choose to exercise them in a different manner.

Today, we went to Church.  the Grand baby boys were in there first ever Christmas program.  Let me back up a few here though, because there were a couple of giggle moments, before we ever arrived.

This morning, we got a call from the College student asking where the Church was. After giving her directions, she needed more info, to enter them into her GPS.  Then I got a call asking me if I was wearing jeans to the Service.  I guess I am “old School”, because in my day, you NEVER wore jeans to Church.  Going to Church meant you got your “Sunday Best” out and got dressed and then went to Church.  I remember (okay, so it might have been a LONG time ago,) getting a special outfit to wear for Christmas Service and an Easter outfit too.

But I digress.  The Electrician and I hit the road and went to Church.  There were quite a few people there that we know, and it was nice to see them.    The Service today was different from anything that the Electrician and I remember. Instead of pews, there were tables set up and it was more of, a “dinner party atmosphere” for lack of better words.

I thought it was AWESOME!!!  Our whole family had a table, and it was kind of personal during the Service.  The Electrician and I have been to this Church a few times, and each time we’ve gone, we’ve enjoyed it.  Today was no exception.

The Service started out with the Children’s program.  Both Grand boys were in it and it seemed to be going pretty good.

bray christmas


Brayden boy was up front (so were we), and he stared at the Nursing Student and his Daddy and all of us, as he performed his songs.  He knew he was doing okay, because we all gave him the thumbs up sign, which he gave back to us, several times throughout the songs.




cam christmas

Cam-Man was doing good for the first few minutes, he was doing what he was supposed to, and singing with the best of them until……

camchristmas 1


He saw all of us sitting at the table right next to the stage.  He saw his Momma and cried the rest of the way through the song.  When the song was over, he ran to his Momma, screaming at the top of his lungs, “MOMMA”.  You have to remember he’s had a rough couple of days.

The Aide grabbed him and took him in the back, where the kids normally have Sunday School.    Uncle Nate, didn’t handle that well, and he went and scooped up Cam-Man and brought him to sit with the rest of us, while the kids finished the program.  Cam-Man looked at his papa and said “Papa, Church with me?” We both looked at him and nodded our heads and said ‘sshh”.  He was a happy camper who went back to the kid’s Church room when the program was over.

The Service was a good one, and it felt right.  When it was over, the Electrician and I came home to change clothes and go back to the Nursing Student’s house for another “family get together to eat more food”.

I do have something serious to say here though, I found out Caregiver Beth’s Father passed away late last night.  My heart is with you Beth, and I called her and we had what I hope was a good conversation.    The fact that you donated his body for the lives of other’s is amazing. While I know it hurts, I hope you believe, that donating his organs is helping other people have a life they might not have, YOU are a hero in my eyes.  Your Father is giving life to many other’s because of organ donation.  Your gift, has given many others a Christmas, they might not have had otherwise, and while I know it hurts you, I am so proud of you, I can’t explain.  Just know, we are here for you too.

I have learned a bunch on this Christmas Journey I am on.    I just hope, that everyone, no matter where you are, no matter what your circumstances, can find a little joy, peace and love in your heart.



3 responses

  1. I am sorry for Beth, and excited for you and Eric that you both had a wonderful lday

  2. thanks joanne and everyone else it wasnt suprizingly hard to my the decision its seems hards as we watch him lay there watiting i dont understand why it takes so long for them to go thur this process as means as this sounds im ready for it to be over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love my dad and ready for some peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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