Christmas Journey Day 3, A gift from the heart…

Today is Day 3 of new traditions for my house over  Christmas time.   Today was semi-normal, and I got up ( I may or may not  have over slept).  I did some things around my house, (I may or may not have played on Facebook, seriously 19 games of Words with Friends, really does take a little time).

I arrived at the Farmer’s and he was getting worried about me, because I was a BUNCH later than usual.   I scooted him out the door to run and go do his errands.  I checked on Momma who was sleeping peacefully.  I did a few things around the house, and there was not much to do.  Caregiver Beth, takes good care of the Farmer and Momma.

When the Farmer returned, I made him lunch and then got Momma up.  I didn’t hang out as long as I normally do, because today I had other plans.  The Farmer was a little surprised, but went with my plans.

I drove home and then got busy.  I made some hot chicken wings, and some shrimp wrapped in bacon with some jalapeno’s (they were seriously good), then put together a smoked sausage and cheese tray.

The Nursing Student, and Fisher Dude with both Grand boys were spending this evening with us.    They arrived, all in their p.j.’s, which was cool, because the Electrician and I were both in our p.j.’s.

The Nursing Student brought some of the food from her house, and we all chowed down first.  Then?  We got busy  While the other night at the Nursing Student’s House, we exchanged gifts with everyone else, we had held back our gifts for the Grand baby boys, and the Nursing Student and Fisher Dude.  You see, the Nursing Student wanted to start a New tradition for her boys.

The Nursing Student, and Fisher Dude  (and the Electrician and I) wanted it to be a new tradition for the boys to have Christmas Eve with us, and then Christmas Day with the boys other Grandma.    Kind of like spreading the wealth so to speak.

We opened gifts, and played, and just hung out together.  We had so many giggles, and belly laughs that it was truly a wonderful evening.  New traditions were born tonite, and I am sure there will be many more.

I do have to say something though.  I received a gift this evening that meant the world to me.  While I have loved everything I have received, this was a gift from the heart.

DSCN4153 DSCN4155

I have to back track for a minute, A couple of weeks ago the Nursing Student called and asked me when the Farmer’s birthday was.  She already knew when Momma and my birthday was.

The pictures do not do this justice.  I have to explain something else.  When I leave the Farmer’s house everyday after taking care of my Momma, I reflect on things that have happened, giggles that were shared, and other stuff.

This beautiful thing, is to hang from my rear view mirror, It has Momma’s, the Farmer’s and my birthstones on it.  And it says the following


“She is clothed in strength and dignity. and she laughs without fear of the future ~ Proverbs 31.25”

I guess I am amazed, that the Nursing Student and Fisher Dude…they truly get me, and offer me strength without even knowing it.  This is going into my car first thing in the morning.  I will look at this and reflect, and know, I have the love and strength of my family behind me on my journey.

I hope that all of you have the Blessings of love, because tonite, I am realizing, I sure do.



4 responses

  1. I found you and was touched, as I am going through Dementia with dad.

    1. It’s a journey….may you be blessed while you go through it, it isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. Thank you!

  2. What a fantastic gift! It is the end of Christmas day here – phew!

  3. what a beautiful gift………..

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