High Noon/Christmas Journey finale…

Daily Prompt…

At noon today, take a pause in what you’re doing or thinking about. Make a note of it, and write a post about it later.

Today, at high noon, I was giving Momma her medicine.   The Electrician and I had come over to the Farmer’s house about an hour ago.   We were spending the day with my Mom and Dad, because it is Christmas.

When I read the Daily Prompt this morning, I kind of took it into my head.  But today is a little special in my book.

I thought about what I normally do everyday at high noon, and the funny thing about it, is I do the same thing every day at high noon.  I give Momma her meds.  Because, My Momma is a stage 5 Parkinson’s person.  She gets medicine 7 times a day.  She gets feedings 5 times a day through her g-tube.  When I started thinking about it, I’ve done pretty much the same thing at high noon now, for about 9 months.

Today was a little special though, today is Christmas.  A year ago this day, I never thought we would make it.  We have and Momma is still smiling and giggling.

When I got Momma up after giving her a bath, I asked her, “What is your Christmas wish Mom?”  to which she replied in all seriousness, “To not $hit on the floor”.   The Farmer and I exploded into giggles, and assured her, we would not let that happen.

We exchanged gifts, and Momma , tore hers open with a zest.  She received a new sparkly sweater and was truly happy.   Unfortunately about 10 minutes after opening gifts, Momma went straight up Parks, on us.

Some days now, the medicine works, some days it does not.  But to be able to see Momma in that time span, be happy and giggly, and winking at the Electrician whom she has not seen in a while, well, it was my Christmas present.

The Electrician stepped into my world today, and I truly thank him for this.  He was a trooper, because the Farmer, Electrician and I had a really good dinner of Prime rib, sweet potatoe casserole and asparagus.   This  was before we got Momma up, because it’s rude to eat in front of her, and to be truthful, we have not eaten nor drank in front of her since she came home.  While I was getting Momma up, the Electrician was in the kitchen, doing dishes and cleaning.

We all settled down after exchanging gifts, we had all gotten into the “Cowboy movie marathon” on the t.v.  I don’t know what it is about John Wayne, but I can remember when I was a kid, the Farmer and I would watch his movies for hours.

Momma was agitated though, so I felt it was time for her and the Farmer to have some quiet time, so the Electrician and I packed up and came home.  While we were supposed to stop at the Nursing Student and Fisher dude’s house, I was too full, and just wanted to come home, and basically, I’ll be truthful here, put on my jammies, and take a nap.

I will admit though, that my Christmas present from the Nursing student was installed  in my car today, and I looked at it on the way home, and reflected.

Sometimes, when things seem bad, there is a way to make them better.  With Momma, I am thankful and truly Blessed everyday, I get to see her and spend time with her.  Today, the Electrician saw what I deal with daily.  Today was a good day.

While my Christmas Journey is over, I’ve learned a bunch, I have also made new traditions, made a ton of memories, and have cherished every minute.  With that being said, that doesn’t mean that the lessons, and journey are over.  Because life is a lesson, and the journey continues.  Maybe the past few days have shown me, how truly Blessed I feel, and am.

But just to keep it real, I think I may need to go on a diet, simply because I have eaten so much in the last few days, jeans are a little tight, and whew, I’m glad I survived the food coma.


5 responses

  1. You are a true gem and an inspiration to all of us!

  2. I m glad you saw giggles. What a good gift to have forever. glad you enjoyed your whole holiday

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  4. I agree with you that life is a journey and we carry. Thanks for sharing your daily high noon. Blessings to you on this Christmas Day.

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