First official sleep over….

Yesterday, was a snowy cold day.  I was kind of glad that I did not have to get up early and head over to the Farmer’s.  Caregiver Beth went and got Momma up, and I goofed off did stuff around the house  most of day.

We were forecasted to get anywhere between 2-6 inches, of the white stuff.  While the morning looked like a winter wonderland, it tapered off in the afternoon.  All in all it was about an inch and a half.

While the blizzard was going on, the Electrician called the Nursing student, to ask if she wanted him to drive her in the morning to take her LPN License test.    We both had forgotten that the Fisher Dude is off work right now for the Holiday.   While she said no, she didn’t need a ride, we could watch Cam-man if we wanted to.

After talking with her for a bit more, the Electrician and I had our own little chit-chat, and we called the Nursing student back.  It was decided that on my way home from putting Momma to bed, I would swing by and pick up Cam-man for an over night stay at Papa & Memaw’s house.

Now while Cam-man has stayed the night with just me, and actually it was for 3 days, he was only about 5 months old.  (The Fisher dude’s Father had passed away, and I kept Cam, so they could go to the funeral.)   It’s been awhile.

After taking care of things at the Farmer’s, I called the Nursing student to let her know I was on the way, and she said, she would have lil man ready.  I pulled up in the driveway, and the garage door opened, and the Fisher dude was there smiling at me.  I went ahead and put the car seat in my car, and the Fisher dude went and got Cam-Man’s mattress and pillow and put it into the Rav4.

Cam man came out with his Momma, and gave her love, then the Fisher dude put Cam into my car.  The Nursing student was giving me last-minute instructions, and I’m kinda glad she did.  “Don’t forget his night-time prayer, he usually holds either Buzz’s hand or his Teddy bears okay?”  So I asked her which night-time prayer she uses.  Phew, I’m glad I asked  The one I remembered would have sent him screaming into the night thinking his Memaw was trying to kill him.

As we were leaving her house, I called the Electrician and told him we would be there in a few minutes.  On the ride over, Cam-man was full of information and talked my ear off.   As we were approaching my street, I heard from the back seat, “We’re here! Memaw, 2”.

Papa came out of the house and helped me unload, and Cam-man told us where he wanted his bed to go.  At first, it was in our bedroom at the end of the bed.  That would change a little later on during the evening.

Papa had recorded Curious George’s Christmas, and we watched that together on the couch.   The we watched  Monsters vs. Aliens.  I have to say, Cam, Papa and I were totally enjoying it.









Cam-man had his last little mug of Chocolate milk, and then he started getting a little droopy eyed.  He told his Papa, he wanted his mattress in the front room, and for Papa to sleep next to him on the couch.  We all said prayers (Buzz AND Teddy were included).

I have to backtrack a little bit here.  Cam-Man loves to tell us he loves us, but he has his own special way of doing it.  Now mind you, he can say, I Love You.  Most times though if you ever notice, when you tell someone you love them, they respond with “I Love You too”.    Well, Cam can be a lil dude of few words so, he cuts straight to the chase and just says 2.

After hugs and kisses, and a bunch of 2’s.  Little dude fell asleep.


He slept throughout the night, with only one crazy incident.  Apparently Papa woke up one time and didn’t see Cam-man, so he started looking around.  Lil dude had rolled off the mattress, so Papa, rolled him back onto the mattress and went back to sleep.  I hogged the bed slept in the bedroom, by myself, because I had to get up early to head over to the Farmer’s.

The alarm went off, and I crept around trying not to wake up my 2 sleeping dudes.  But they both were oh so cute.  I arrived at the Farmer’s, and the Electrician called me to ask where the Oatmeal was for lil dude’s breakfast.

Apparently the whole thing was a success, and Cam-man only got upset once for his Momma, but hugged his papa and said 2.

First ever official sleep over was a success.  I can see a few more of these in the future.



2 responses

  1. so glad you had a good time with the lil man………..

  2. Oh this is so delightful!

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