Goodbye 2012…..

As I sit here and look at my year in review, I am  filled with a bunch of laughter, some gut wrenching heartache, and some over all goodness.

The year started a little rocky, Momma was in the Nursing home doing Rehabilitation after being in ICU for about 12 days.    Momma, participated with vigor, and determination.  Momma got to come home about the first part of March.  The Farmer and I entered a  new chapter in our lives.  Stage 5 Parkinson’s was here and we have dealt with the changes, and just the over all nastiness of the disease.  Momma, she just keeps plugging along.

The Electrician, who had been working on the road away from home, after about a year and a half, came home and started working at home.   He’s been laid off and then back to work.  We had trials and tribulations with the Wind Farms that he worked on all summer long.  I don’t think, I have ever not liked a job as much as this one.  He risked his life daily in unbearing heat to complete a job, that was to me, scary from the beginning.  I waited every day for a phone call to tell me he was down from the tower.  Many people suffered Heat stroke. (The Electrician did twice).  I was very scared.  I did not understand the love for his family, I do now.   I have never had a man who would put himself at risk for me.    I have been to the towers and seen them close up.  Between my claustrophobia, and fear of heights, forgettaboutit….

I have accomplished 2 things on my bucket list this year.  I have always wanted to go on a cruise.  In fact, when I met the Electrician, I already had paid for a cruise to take with my cousins.  But due to being “in love” and wanting to take my first cruise with him, I waited.  May I now say I was right?

At the beginning of the year, the Electrician and I, along with his sister and parents, went on a 7 day cruise, that totally rocked my socks.  We were both a little nervous, and the fact we went with his family, was in hindsight, totally awesome.    The ship (or boat, as I called it), was like a travelling city.  The food, out of this world, the company, was so much fun, and the sights?  Even better.

One of the other things on my bucket list, was to eventually Zip Line.  Yea, sounds crazy, considering all of my “phobia’s”.  Guess what?  My Sister in law was game, and was looking forward to it, as her and me time.  Boy, did we have it.  This is something I will never forget.  From screaming my head off, simply because she made me go first, (something about age before beauty),  to the Jamaican guides, and our whole crew that went.    Part of the fun was, the rest of the “crew” saying that her and I made the whole day fun.   (Uhm.. me and her together mean trouble….just sayin…)

Fun times with my family throughout the year, to celebrating Birthdays to just having conversations with my sons. To welcoming a new Daughter – in-law to the Family… It’s been a pretty good year. Our family is growing and they are all welcome to join our crazy bunch!

I’ve lost a bunch of loved one’s this year, and that touches my heart.  It just seems the older I get, the more of the “older” one’s are going to rest at home.  One that really reaches me.  My Cousin Dick passed away this year.  One of my memories that stands out to me, is 3 generations of Veterans, standing at Attention, when my cousin Burt passed away.   I stood proudly with My Father, Cousin Dick and myself all at Attention and gave the final salute.  I was unable to do that at Cousin Dick’s funeral.  I was unfortunately sicker than a dog for that one.

I also have one bright spark in my day, no matter what I am dealing with, no matter how I feel, there is one little person on this earth, who gives me more joy than I could ever explain.    I am simply…Camsgranny.    I am one of many who loves this little dude, more than any of us could explain.    I have seen him grow all through out his 2 1/2 years.  I’ve helped, and have been his BFF on occasions.  But this little dude is all boy….He loves all of us but I think between his Momma and his Papa, well…. ya know….

This year, I have found a bunch of joy, I’ve found a bunch of new friends, that truly do not even being to imagine how much they mean to me.  I’ve found a bunch of heartache.  I’ve found that doing what I do, has some good times and bad times.  But I think I have found out, that’s what life is all about…….

I have also found my faith, Thanks to all who have brought me back to it, because I sure needed it.  The rest of year in review……  I hope you enjoy my pictures…..


























2 responses

  1. I am so grateful to have met your beautiful, funny, poignant, clever, compassionate heart.

  2. Great post!!! lOved the photos. Have a Wonderful New Year’s Eve my friend!!

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