Happy 2013!!!!

While, I realize that some of you have already posted this, uhm… I’m a little late.  BUT, better late than never.

It could be the fact, that my happy butt did not go to bed until about 2 am, and I had to pop, said happy butt outta bed WAY to early this morning to head over to the Farmer’s and take care of Momma.

We kind of started a new “tradition” last night.  In a way though it’s an old tradition for the Electrician and I.  We NEVER go out for New Year‘s.  Don’t get me wrong, we used to, until the one year, I had cooked some appetizer and we headed over to a friend’s house.  As we knocked on the door, I dropped off the appetizer, looked at the Electrician and said barely “home” before it hit both of us.  That year, we both spent time bowing to the porcelain goddess, without the benefit of drinking anything other than water.    It’s a really good thing we have 2 bathrooms.  Since that year, we have always spent New Year’s eve at home.

Last night, we had company, and shared our New Year’s eve with the Nurse, and Fisher dude and Cam-man.  The adults played cards, while Cam-man learned, and also over indulged with several things.  Chocolate Milk was Cam’s drink of choice, and chips and dip, with some chex mix thrown in for good measure.

Fun was had by all, and I believe Cam-Man liked the fact that Papa and Meemaw’s couch is a “transformer” and opens up into a bed, with cushion steps onto it. When the ball dropped, we all hugged and said  “Happy New Year“.  The kids packed up and did the 5 minute drive home, and then the Electrician and I played some music and danced all over the place.

My phone did ring this morning at o’ dark thirty, with Happy New Year tidings from the Electrician’s parents.  I barely remember the phone call.   When the alarm did go off, I got up and went to the Farmer’s.

The day has passed quickly, and I have figured out, I am not as young as I used to be, simply because my happy butt is tired.

So, with all that being said, I am taking myself to bed, EARLY.  Night y’all….Hope all your New Year, holds Blessings, laughter, family and love.  Do something fun, and smile at a stranger.  You might make the day of someone else, just by smiling.



2 responses

  1. Good to hear your shining voice!

  2. glad you had a good time!

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