Reflection…What a good day….

This morning was a “double day” for me.    What that truly means, is I go over in the morning, and take care of the Farmer, and get Momma up, then come back in the evening and put Momma to bed.

I don’t have these days to often, because we have Caregiver Beth, who usually puts Momma to bed every night, except on the weekends, and then Caregiver Beth gets Momma up and then puts her to bed.

Today, Caregiver Beth had to go to the Doctor with  her daughter, so I said I would take care of Momma for her today and not to worry about it.

So, I toodled on over this morning, and chatted with the Farmer, and made his breakfast, and then he went off to run some errands.  I did all those domestic diva things, that I normally do at my house,  but I did them at the Farmer’s today.  I put away all of the Christmas decorations, and packed up both trees that the Farmer and I had set up.    I carefully wrapped up the handmade Christmas ornaments that my Grandmother had made, I carefully packed up both the trees.    It was truly nice to have Momma home this year for Christmas, especially after the scare of last year.

When I went in to get Momma up, she was all smiles, and we chatted for a bit.  She made me giggle over some of the things she was telling me.  When I had her all settled into the front room, I ran to Wal-Mart, to pick up a gift for Cam-man that the Electrician and the Nurse had ordered for him.   When I got back, I gave Mom her meds, and then toodled off down the road.

I dropped off the gift for Cam-man, and then came back to my house.  I did some stuff around here, and then put the Electrician’s dinner in the oven and back down the road I went.

When I arrived at the Farmer’s they were both happy to see me.  Although, both for different reasons.    The Farmer got a home cooked meal for supper, Momma got some quality time with me, and we both giggled and had some “girl talk”.  I put Momma to bed, a little later than normal, and she and I whispered things  as I put her to bed.  When I had tucked her up and given her the last meds of the night, I gave hugs and kisses to her and the Farmer and down the road I went.

But this time when I went down the road, I did something a little different….


I reflected on my day.  I looked at this ornament hanging from my rear-view mirror, and I truly reflected on my day.  I thought about wrongs that were done,  I thought about relationships that are, and I also thought about what a bond a family is.

I thought about the things me and Momma whispered, the things we did that we giggled about, the memories we shared, and just to each of us telling each other how much we loved each other.  We were watching the Walton’s at the time, and Momma cracked me up when I told her I wanted to take the trash out.   When she asked me “Didn’t your Dad do that?”   when I replied “Yes, Momma he took the trash out but this trash is different”.    I got the look.    Somethings, Momma does not understand, and I realize this, and it’s ok.

When I came back inside, and made her giggle about how cold my hands were, that’s when it happened, that’s the moment I have reflected on.  When I brushed Momma’s hair back away from her eyes, she grabbed my hand and pulled me close.  She kissed my hand that was pulled to her lips, and looked at me and told me “I Love you Joanne, Thank you for EVERYTHING you have done to make me happy and comfortable”.

I will reflect on THAT moment probably the rest of my life.  If no one else understands, what I am doing, Momma does.  To be truthful, that is all that matters to me……

2 responses

  1. I am so glad that you had this experience even though you had to pull the double. this is the way I look at Al also. The little smiles, watching him work so hard at walking, fighting the wheel chair. seeing the internal strength that he carries while struggling with his pain. it is the little things that are the biggest. the little things are what we will carry with us long after it is gone

  2. Hi! I’ve nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogger Award! Just follow the link –

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