Today was a giggle day….

Today was a definite giggle day.  Sometimes we just need to have those.  This morning, I woke up before my alarm clock went off, looked at it and tried to go back to sleep.  Didn’t happen, so I got up earlier than I had originally planned.   I drank some coffee and then headed down the road to the Farmer’s, I was letting him sleep in this morning.

I snuck in, I am perfecting this tactic, let me tell you.  I gave Momma her first meds of the day, and she was a little bit grumpy.  She had been snoring, when I woke her up to play roll around the bed, and get into dry things.   After the bed sheets were dry and so was she, she went back to sleeping.

After making a cup of coffee and turning on the t.v. I decided to ride the stationary bike in the dining room and burn some calories.  I guess I wore myself out, because I rode that thing for about 10 minutes and then went and sat on the couch.  The next thing I knew it was 9:30, and the Farmer surfaced.  Of course I played the part, of NOT being fast asleep on the couch.

I got up and started breakfast, and asked the Farmer what he wanted for dinner. With all of the details hashed out for his weekend meals, I got busy.  In between doing some time in the kitchen and then hogging the Farmer’s computer for a good hour, uhm, sorry Dad.  You see, since he has had high-speed internet installed, I enjoy playing on his computer now that it is not dial-up and I don’t have to wait for 30 minutes for a page to load. I digress again.

In between doing laundry and sweeping and moping floors, and playing in the kitchen, I went in to give Momma her meds.  She slept through them every time I went in there.  I kept myself busy, and then it was time to get Momma up.

I always do the same thing when I wake Momma up to get her up for the day.  I pull the blinds up on the window and I softly tell her “Good Morning Sunshine“. Today, she responded with “Hello Dandelion”.  Momma was in rare form today, I will admit, by the time we had done our usual routine, both her and I had giggled so much my sides hurt.

After finishing up at the Farmer’s,.  I headed home, and quietly entered my house.  The Electrician was taking a nap and I did not want to wake him, especially after rudely waking him up this morning when I could not sleep.    About 1/2 an hour after I got home, we had a visitor.  He’s been at my house the past couple of days.  His Momma, the Nurse and his Dad, The Fisher dude have worked different schedules, so the Electrician and I have filled in.

Today was special though.  Yesterday when I got here, Cam-Man was already here, and I joined the party he was having with his Papa. Today when he arrived, I was here and his Daddy handed him over to me, and the first thing I heard was “Where’s Papa?”.  sigh….

Little Dude was happy his Papa was here too, and we all three started a party again, complete with cereal, chips and dip, and chocolate milk.  Oh yea, don’t let me forget about the “smartie candies” that Cam-Man knows exactly where they are.  In fact, this kid knows where his Papa stashes all of the “good stuff”.

When his Momma arrived a few hours earlier than all of us thought, his first reaction was to look at me, then his Papa, and then said very loudly, “Don’t wanna go home yet”. Luckily for him, we conned the Nurse into staying for dinner.

The late afternoon was spent, talking to the new LPN in the family, and sharing a bunch of laughter.  I swear, Lil dude can bring the darkest of hours into the best just by a belly chuckle he gives.    We had started watching “Ice Age” (which we watched last night), but then changed to “Monsters Inc” because he wanted to change the movie.  I don’t know about y’all, but I love kids movies, and it makes me just giggle watching them.

We had dinner of ravioli, the Nurse wanted marinara sauce and the Electrician and I had Alfredo.  Dinner done, dishes washed, and Cam-man just running crazy throughout all of it.  The Nurse was beat on her feet and ready to roll, and Cam-Man had to do a little negotiating before he left. (Mind you this is the same kid that gave his eyes to Papa and now owns our “Cars” DVD).  He “asked” Papa if he could “borrow” the Ice Age DVD.  We came up with a plan, that he will now “check” out the DVD’s like he is at the library and we will make him his very own “DVD check out card”.  After they had headed out down the road, the Electrician and I did our normal routine.

When I look back at my week in “review”, it’s been a rough one, I have reflected to myself on some really “photo” memory shots  Yesterday, and today, I have had so many giggles, it is unreal.  I have found that sometimes, my answer is to grab the lil dude and just hug the stuffings out of him.

When life is ending it is sad, and you have to remember all the good stuff.  When life is beginning, you have to teach the best that you can, but a hug from both Momma and Cam-Man can do me the world of good.  To have both in the same day 2 days in a row, it’s mind-blowing.



3 responses

  1. that is so precious. glad you really had a good day today

  2. When I think of the word ‘giggle’I think of you – beautiful post!

  3. So profound…capturing the merging of alpha and omega. Thank you.

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