Hmmm how did this happen?uestion is to all

I was all ready to post a blog when I noticed, my cat Ms. baby had taken over.  Hmm…how does this happen?  It happens because she lives in my house and knows my  passwords….hmm…

She’s right in certain aspects.  My life right now is confusing and sad, and, just over all-consuming.

I really did not want to post tonite, I even made a post last night on Facebook, about feeling a bad feeling that I did not want to accept.  I spent my evening last night forgetting about my own things and trying to help someone else with their things.

Sometimes we do that, we try to help someone else rather than help ourselves.  Actually, it really means, helping other people and trying to forget about our own problems….Sometimes, we feel the need to help other people, simply because we do not want to feel our own pain.

This is not a pity post by any way shape or form, this is a post to let y’all know I am ok, and things are not getting any better, but simply to say, yea, it’s getting  worse in its own little way.   It’s just not me that see’s it.

My next question to y’all would be I’m okay with letting go (yea, I may be lieing here), but how do you prepare yourself for the inevitable?  I personally believe, Momma will be “free” of Parkinson’s‘s  and will be able to see and be with all of her loved one’s from long ago.  There’s gonna be a party that will be purely Irish and crazy…..

I’m trying to not be selfish in keeping her here, simply because I know she wants to go, it’s all up to God….  to bring my Momma home.




5 responses

  1. I am so sorry. I just read your post……………………….I am here

  2. You are certainly going through a lot right now.. sending you blessings xxx

  3. I sensed this and feel your pain.

  4. I think you prepare just the way you are – knowing that she will be free of the bad stuff…and she will live on and on in you and her grandchildren.

  5. It’s hard to let go but you certainly seem to sense that your Mom is preparing. My mom has told me that she is ready, how she wants to be with her husband again, her parents and siblings, too. It’s not easy to accept and I’m sorry this is closing in on you. Prayers and e-hugs as you go through this difficult time.

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