Giggles, My Style…

After surviving a rough week, I had decided I needed some giggles.  I’ve taken a short “vacation” so to speak.  I have not left my house since last night when I got home.

Usually, Friday nights are spent doing something silly with the Electrician.  Last night while flipping through the t.v. listings, he found out that one of my favorite movies was on.  He did not say a word to me, but at the appropriate time, he flipped the channel, and watched my face as I realized what was on.  I lite up like a Christmas tree.  “The Bucket List” was on, and I watched the whole thing, and even though I knew what would happen I still shed tears.  We played some music and then fell into to bed.

This morning, since the Electrician and I had run all of our errands yesterday, he granted my wish of a p.j. day.  When I woke up this morning and got some coffee, and then had a little computer time, the Electrician again flipped through the t.v. listings, and found one of my “childhood” favorite movies.  Sorry to sound like a “repeat” but he changed the t.v. from my beloved Food Network, and onto my screen “Mary Poppins” was on.

I seriously felt like a kid again, I watched the whole thing, and even sat through the commercials.  The Electrician admitted that he liked the movie when he was a kid, but now that he is grown up, he said it seemed…well.. boring.  Not me, I watched and sang along to all the songs.

The Electrician gave up and went to take a nap, and I played on the computer after the movie was over.  We got a call from the Nurse, who stated she was going to spend some time with her sister and did we want to see the Fisher dude?

The funniest thing, since they have moved closer, we have seen so much more of them, and that makes me happy.    We made arrangements for the Fisher dude and the 2 grand baby boys to come over after supper.  The Electrician and I did something we have never done before in all of our 18 years together.  Tonite for supper (which was after our showers and change of clothes into a different set of p.j’s) we had, bacon, hash browns and the Electrician made green chili cheese omelets.  YUM!!!!

The “boys” came over, and the giggles started in earnest…. the rest is pictures, simply because words cannot describe it…..


First order was, “Papa, put in a movie….”  So after searching through the movie selection, it was settled on Ratatouille.  Next in order was “Meemaw….popcorn?  AND chocolate milk?  pwease…  Notice, yes there is a towel lining the chair, and the chair is a new addition to my house, which will be addressed in a different post.  (It’s my Momma’s  chair and Ottoman, that she had especially made for her).


They did not sit in the chair for very long, and the next thing you knew, popcorn on the floor and toys coming out of their room.  Hey at the age of 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 I don’t think I could sit through a whole movie without being side tracked…..So, with the movie still playing, there were toys and some coloring going on.  But then….



It happened….Meemaw and Brayden boy got to being Rock stars, and singing  “We will…we will ROCK YOU!!!  right down to clapping the hands and everything.  Papa wanted to take a picture of us rocking out, and well…rock stars stick their tongues out, so we did too….

Well…next thing you know I had both boys in my lap singing at the top of their little lungs….and then the kissing fest started, I started kissing one and then the other….




And all’s they could do was giggle…. in between singing “We Will We Will Rock you”  funny thing is, we were in the rocking chair…..





I may have to go to giggles anonymous after this evening, because all’s I know, I sure did giggle a bunch.

After the week I’ve had, the Electrician sure does know how to take care of me.  I am truly Blessed by all aspects of my life.  From helping sister’s who are having a hard time, to feeling overwhelmed in my own situation, to finding the strength to carry on status quo.  To laughing myself silly with Grandkids, to being frustrated with other kids, to just finding balance, and being okay with me.

So far, this is a weekend, that I filed in my memory banks as being pretty relaxing, fun and filled with giggles, and I’m only half way through it!

Cherish what you have, never take it for granted, find the rainbow even if it feels there isn’t one, and ALWAYS try to find a giggle.  Because seriously, laughter can take some pain away and replace it with good times….With that being said, try not to pee your pants….




3 responses

  1. Anna Margaret Grayson | Reply

    Your grandsons are super cute!

  2. I was so thrilled to read this – THRILLED – you are back from what I imagine has been a very tough time and your giggle, that fantastic Electrician of your, and those gorgeous kids, have made my day!

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