The Chair…..

The past week has been a little rough for me, and Momma too.  I’ve had some heart to heart’s with the Farmer.   I approached him this week, with some things I wanted.  Excuse me, I may be a little insensitive but I wants what I want.

I won this little argument, score one for me.    I wanted a particular item from Momma, and I have it. Someone else has it too.  I will not complain, I will be lucky for what I have received.  I guess the Farmer does not realize that his daughter wants to remember her Momma.

There were a couple of chairs with an ottoman that Momma wanted, the Farmer never really liked the chairs, and that’s how they ended up next door.    The funny thing about these chairs, was I only ever remembered them being in the house for a short time.

Another funny thing about these chairs?  Momma wanted them and had them specially made.    Another funny thing about the chairs?  They match my sofa perfectly.  Since giving our living room furniture away to the oldest son when he finally moved out, we had taken our time with replacing the furniture upstairs.  We don’t really spend a bunch of time up there, as we tend to gravitate to the downstairs “living room”  aka the “sports room”.

We finally found a sofa that I liked at an auction, the fact that it opened up into a double bed was a plus.   So for about 2 years, my living room has sported a couch, and a coffee table that was the Electrician’s Grandma’s, with an end table that was also his Grandma’s, plus a t.v. stand and a t.v.

Yes, it was a bit barren in there.  I guess when you look at the whole picture, I want something to remember my folks by.  (I’m still working on the wolf picture in the Farmer’s bedroom that has laid against the wall for 3 years and has 3 inches of dust on it, but hey the world is round and I’ll get there).



To make a LONG story short, I was given permission to take the chair and the ottoman to my house.    I was so proud of the fact, that I loaded both up into the Rav4 BY MYSELF….and IT FIT….  I drove home and got a little uncomfortable…  The chair and ottoman, well….they smelled.

Please believe me when I say I am not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings here, because I am not.  I am just tickled pink that I have Momma’s chair and Ottoman in my house.    Mind you, the Electrician was not sharing my enthusiasm.  The chair and ottoman spent a couple of days outside on my deck to “air out” so to speak, until I researched on-line how to take the “musty” smell out of them.

With a 47 cent box of baking soda that was spread ALL OVER both, I can honestly say, the chair and ottoman is smelling a bunch better.  And to be truthful, It has already made some memories.  Old and new blending together…..that’s what it’s truly about isn’t it?



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  1. so glad you got the chair and i hope you obtain the wolf picture……….

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