Today, arrived….

I had a good weekend, and the Electrician and I did our thing.  We did have a bunch of giggles on Friday night though.  The Nurse and the Fisher dude, along with Cam-Man came over, and we spent our evening playing Euchre, and having a few adult beverages.

Now, mind you, we did have to look up the rules AGAIN, for playing Euchre.  We were paired the same as the last time we played (over the Christmas holidays), gals versus guys.  While the last time us gals kicked some serious guys butt, the same could not be said about Friday.

I think all of us, were celebrating (or commiserating) over one thing or another.  Little Cam-man was happy to be sitting on one or another person’s lap, telling us which card to throw out, and then running back and forth from the movie he was watching (Ice Age), and the couch that had been opened up into a BIG bed for him.  It was a fun night with a BUNCH of laughter and story telling going on.

Saturday dawned, and I did all of those domestic diva things that I have previously ignored  haven’t had time to do. With my house back to spit shiny condition, I promptly took a 2 hour nap.  The Electrician had done the grocery shopping, and I happily woke up in time to put all the groceries away.    We went to bed relatively early, because we were going to Church the next morning.

Sunday arrived and the Electrician and I were up, showered and dressed when the phone rang, early.  The Nurse, was calling, she thought Cam-man may have pink eye, and needed my expert opinion on the subject.  (Yes, I am an expert, having had pink eye in BOTH eyes, not to long ago.)  We flew over there and while I did not think it was pink eye, it was suggested he should stay home “just in case”.  Little Dude was torn up.  He brought his clothes to his Momma and said “Church, pwease???”  His Momma bribed him, telling him, it would not be a good idea for him to go to Church and she would bring him home a Happy Meal.

I usually don’t talk about Church, and my belief’s with ANYONE, but I am breaking this rule, just this once, because I found this to be extremely filled with giggles.   And I needed them at that time.  I will paste the link, feel free to go to it if you want, and if you don’t, that’s ok to.  But here it is.. .

Sunday evening, the Electrician and I had a ‘moment”  simply because this time last year, he and I embarked on an adventure.   We went on our first ever Cruise, that was a present from his parents.  It was a “family” thing.  We went with his parents, and my sister-in-law.  The memories are embedded into my mind, simply because My sister-in-law and I did something on both off our bucket list’s.  We ziplined, in Jamaica. Not to mention, Momma was in the Nursing Home recovering, and I was stressed beyond all recognition at the time, and this was relaxation to the point of being comatose.  I had never been on a “cruise” before.  I think I could get used to it.


My beloved, and me with his parents…..






DCIM101MEDIAThe Electrician, his Daddy, and my co-hort in crime, My Sister in law.



Mind you, we were on the balcony and just goofing off at the time….ah..why am I the only one with a drink in my hand????  Guess they all put there’s down….figures, I’m the one to get busted….



DCIM101MEDIAYea, We were a motley crue, so to speak, but what a memory I have to fall back on in times of trouble, or just hard times.    I remember all of those good times, and I giggle.

Today arrived, and I did what I do.  I got up early, and let the Farmer sleep in.  I’ am getting pretty good at sneaking in his back door.    The Surprize was on me though this morning.  Momma had heard the door open and was waiting to greet me.

When I went in to give her the first meds of the day, she greeted me with a smile.  This is the Momma I know.  After doing our “roll all over the bed, so you can be dry” thing. Momma grabbed my hand and then my face and planted a big kiss on me, and said “Where ya been kiddo?”  THIS is my Momma.  She’s been gone for a bit and she stayed around today for a while.  I was so happy to see her.    We chatted for a bit and then I went and finished up all my stuff.

By the time I came back to get her up she was there for a bit, but was gone in a second.  It was hard to get her to back up into the chair, and after sitting in the chair, the “lady who stares at the ceiling” came back.  It’s okay though, because when I was ready to leave, “the lady who stares at the ceiling ” and “Momma” were one, who wanted my touch and kiss goodbye.

Sometimes, when I am sitting at my computer trying to figure out what I am going to share with ya’ll, it just comes to me as I let my fingers fly over the keyboard.  I’m not upset, as I used to be, I have learned,  a few things from that angry girl who used to be so hurt by all of this.

Yes, while I still may hurt, the gift of life, is for all of us.  Some would not be able to handle all of this, and truly, I haven’t handled it all that well, up until now.  Now, each day Momma gives us is a gift.  My goal, to make her happy and giggle, and know, she is never alone.


3 responses

  1. You are an absolute champion, Jo – an inspiration. Now, what the hell is Euchre and ziplining?

    1. hehe…I sent you an e-mail…:)

  2. this was uplifting for me

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