The Fortune Cookie and Another Doctor appointment…..

Before I start my original post, I want to share with you something that happened to me yesterday.    In a short follow-up of my post “In her eyes”, where I stated that I felt I was “unique”.    The Electrician and I decided to splurge yesterday after church and we went out to “lunch”.  We went to my favorite place called “The Habachi Grill”, we were celebrating the Chinese New Year, as yesterday was it.   After stuffing myself silly (I burped a bunch).  The time came for the check and the fortune cookies.  When I broke mine open and read it, I sat for a few minutes kind of dumbfounded.    The Electrician looked at me and asked me what was wrong.  I showed him my “fortune” from my cookie, and he smiled at me and said “Yep, that’s you”.  This is what the cookie said  “Your uniqueness is more than an outward experience”.   I took it to mean, that I am learning more from journey than I ever thought.

Ok, with all of that being said, I have to arrive at today.  It arrived with me getting up and trying to wake up.  I had planned to go over to the Farmer’s early to let him sleep in, and I have got that sneaking into the house thing down pat now.  (Too bad it didn’t work when I was a teenager.)

I gave Momma her first meds of the day, when she saw it was me with my cold hands on her warm body, she kind of giggled, but then promptly fell back asleep.    I got busy doing the things I do.  The Farmer surfaced, and truly enjoyed sleeping in.

Momma had a Doctor’s appointment today, and while I know she gets nervous, things seemed to go smoothly, with the exception of the Farmer.    I got Momma up and dressed and shiny and clean.  She was all for her adventure (simply because she knew we were not leaving town today).  The Nurse was coming to help get Momma into the car and go visit the Doctor with us.  We needed her “Nursing skills” to help us ask the Doctor questions.

The Farmer was getting ancy because he thinks he needs at least an hour to get to a place 15 minutes away.  (No offense Dad, but we still made it at the appropriate time of 15 minutes early, just sayin..)  Momma was buttoned up buttercup in the Farmer’s jacket, because it has a hood on it, and we were giggling about how the hood went over her entire face. My thought was something from Star Wars….where the hoods covered all of their faces.  Momma was ready to roll out to the car that the Farmer had warming up in the driveway, and he was getting a little snippy with me.    The Nurse pulled into the driveway, just as we were rolling Momma out on the ramp.  She jumped right in, and got Momma all seated in the back seat, and rode in the back with her.

I felt a little ousted of my “spot” in the backseat with Momma, as I had to ride in the front with the Farmer.  But when I heard the giggles and love from the backseat with the Nurse and momma, I was okay.    You see, it’s been a while since the Nurse has had time to spend with her Grandma, and while she’s my Momma, she is also the Nurse’s Grandma.  They have a special bond, and I can see it.  After we had checked in with the Receptionist, and Momma and I and the Nurse were sitting together, the Farmer was across from us, Momma actually said, looking at me and the Nurse “I love you guys so much”.  I thought my heart would burst from the love between all of us today.

We arrived at the Doctor’s and the Nurse was examining Momma’s feet when the Doctor arrived in the room.  Giggles were spent when the Doctor asked if he needed to look at Momma’s feet, and it was a decisive NO from the Farmer, Momma, Me and the Nurse.    The exam went well, and everything is normal.  Well…as normal as it can be with Parkinson’s.   We were advised to try some therapy on Momma and a heating pad too, because of Parkinson’s her muscles tend to spasm, and we need to massage them more to give her some comfort.

We set up another appointment to have her (as the Farmer stated) tummy tube replaced.  (It is actually a feed tube, and that is not the correct term).  Momma has another appointment to change her feeding tube, she will have to go through another surgery, and we made the appointment for a time we will all be available.

We loaded back into the car and arrived home, and then gave Momma a break, she was much more relaxed when she was at home, because Home is her safe place.  I know this.    I cannot even begin to explain what it meant to Momma and I and the Farmer to have the Nurse go on this trip with us.  Momma sure enjoyed it, and even made some giggles with the Nurse.  The Nurse even mentioned to me a couple of times how much she has missed Momma.  The funny thing to me, and ok, this next part might be graphic, but when we got Momma home the first thing we did was to put her on her toilet.  I believe she was happy about it because she did her business.  But when it came time for the cleaning up part, I was the one that put on the gloves, and cleaned Momma up.  I looked at the Nurse, and told her, “Uhm, I realize you are an LPN now and you don’t do this anymore huh?”.  Momma and the Nurse both laughed, because Yep, it’s true.

Today, was a day that is filed in my memory banks, it was truly a GOOD day.  Thank you to my daughter the Nurse, and thank you to the Farmer who did not have a heart attack because he thought we would be late.

But most of all, Thank you to Momma, who is truly a trooper, and has the strength of someone I can only wish to be.  I Love My Momma.


2 responses

  1. I think you are the most unique person on the planet, Jo – you really inspire me to do better!

  2. I am so relieved the doctor’s visit was a good one!!!!! Great job Mama!!!

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