Adventures..Part 4 & 5……

I didn’t want to leave y’all hanging on the rest of my vacation, so I figured, I would lump them both together, and give you a long post to read, or at least look at pictures.  I’m “special” that way.  Your welcome too.

After our first stop at the Isle of Roatan, we headed out for Belize.  I’ve never been to any of these places before, and I was pretty excited.  While I enjoyed our first stop, I wasn’t really impressed, other than by the beauty of the tropics and the birds.

Upon our arrival in Belize, we were cautioned by our Captain, that we should not travel outside of the compound, or vary from any of the excursions, because they could not guarantee our safety.  Also to be back to the ship on time. (Remember that last statement).

We had to be “tendered” into the port, because there were no docks for Cruise ships, due to the barrier reefs.  There were about 30 of these little boats that came and got us and it was about a 15 minute ride into the harbor.


We all had to wait and get a number to be called down to get on the “tender” boat, and it went rather quickly.


We were ready, but it became quite clear, that while yesterday was kind of chilly and rainy, today was going to be a “scorcher”.  The sun was shining and it was starting to get a little bit warm.  I can’t say I could complain though, when the Electrician and I had scoped out the news at home, they were in the middle of a blizzard.  Poor things……


This is the first sight we saw when we docked.  It was a pretty lively place, and things were jumping.  There were a bunch of shops to look at and things to go “ahh, and ooh” over.

DSCN4275I loved the dresses, and actually broke down and bought one.  Then I found a neat little shop that had earrings in it, so of course I had to go in, My Mother outlaw went with me and we had fun picking out some earrings.

We walked the entire dock area and went as far as we could and Papa was getting tired, plus the heat was getting to both my Father and Mother outlaw, so we decided to go back on the ship.

DSCN4283This was our last look at Belize, and we rode the “tender” back to the ship.  I was a little bit intimidated by the number of people leaning over the wall of the compound, begging us to let them give us a ride into town.

When we got back to the ship, after eating lunch, my outlaws went and rested and the Electrician and I laid out by the pool for a bit.  (YES, I used the sunscreen).  I even went for a swim in the pool until my teeth started chattering because the water was a little on the chilly side.  As our ship was getting ready to leave, apparently there was a “pilot” boat, that pulled along side of our ship with 6 passengers trying to board.  Apparently they had been on one of those “downtown” runs and not made it back in time, and were denied access onto the ship.  They got sent back to Belize, only to arrive at the American Embassy, I’m sure.  I told you the Captain said to be back on time…..

DSCN4306Our day in Belize done, it was on the way to Cozumel.  Now for those of you who follow me, y’all know our last stop last year was also in Cozumel, so I knew what to look for and what we had planned out already.  Last year, I fell in love with Cozumel.

Excitement was building the morning we were to arrive, and the Electrician was feeling…..crazy, he grabbed my hat, remember I told y’all I was going to buy one?  Well I did.


Sorry to say, I think he looks better in it than I did…..

After breakfast, we docked and were ready to go.


We were taking pictures of the water shooting out from underneath the ship when we docked.  It is just so clear and blue.

This is us, getting off the ship to be greeted by the Mexican Dancer….

mexico You can just make out my Mother outlaw standing in the background….  HI MOM!!!!

Since we have already been here, we decided the first thing on the agenda was to get a taxi and head for downtown.  We wanted to go back to the Mexican equivalent of “Wal-Mart“, which is called the Mega-Mart.

Y’all know I am not allowed in a grocery store, but to be allowed into the Grocery store was a plus, but one in a foreign country is heaven!

We shared the taxi with another couple from one of the other ships that had docked, and it was nice talking to them while we zoomed (and I do mean ZOOMED)  down the roads.  I guess it’s ok to drive on the sidewalks and honk at everyone in Mexico.  The other couple was from Canada and they were having a blast on their cruise too.

After safely arriving at our destination (is it  bad if you climb out of the taxi and kiss the ground?) We proceeded to go into the Mega mart.  We all made pit stops at the facilities, and I have to tell you, they were very clean.  Plus, I liked the fact that you flushed the toilet with your foot on a foot pedal.  (I am amazed at funny things).

The hardest thing for me and anyone who knows me, knows I am not mathematically inclined in any way shape or form.  So trying to convert the peso to $$ was impossible for me, luckily the Electrician is a whiz, so it was a breeze.


We walked down every aisle and looked at everything.  The Electrician was over it in a matter of minutes, but the Outlaws and I were having too much fun to let him bother us.  (Sorry honey).  We found some chili seeds, which we may or may not have bought (that is for any of you customs dudes that could be reading).  We found some pure vanilla, and yes, I bought a couple of jars.  We bought some hot sauce, and some jello and a variety of other things, that are not available in the States.

DSCN4325We looked at everything, and were amazed that anyone working with the meat, fish or deli, wore masks.  Everything was out on display and had been iced down, but was very fresh.  The produce department was awesome.

My outlaws decided we would sit in the little deli area and have what is known as Mexican Starbucks coffee.  It was pretty good and considerably cheaper than Starbucks.  We paid a whopping 48 cents for a “grande”.

After our break and shopping were done, we headed out to the “downtown” open area shopping.

DSCN4327We cruised the streets, and found a little open area market.  I had in my mind to get another bowl to go with the one I found last year that proudly sits on my dining room table.

After looking at several different stalls, and having people bug me, because I did not want to spend $1000 of dollars on the stuff they had, I went back to the first stall I had found.  I think the reason I went back to her, was because with my “little” spanish and her “little” english, I enjoyed talking to her, and also she gave me no pressure.  My Mother outlaw decided on a thin carafe, that was the prettiest blue with designs on it, because she said, she had enough bowls.  I fell in love with these….

DSCN4360They sorta match my other one, but they also match a plate I was given at Christmas by a friend.  The Electrician picked out this ashtray, because “he liked it”.

After all of our purchases were made, we took another taxi ride, I may or may not have closed my eyes on the way back to the “compound area”.


After arriving back to the compound, my outlaws went back to the ship, and the Electrician and I toddled around for a bit.

DSCN4322This is the Three Amigos, and that place was jumping!!!!


I remarked to the Electrician, that times must be tough, because last year, this fountain was filled with coins.

DSCN4330This was new, and the Electrician and I kind of liked it.

After walking around for a bit, and finding some t-shirts for souvenirs for the kids and Grandkids, we stepped into a Tax-Free liquor store.   We sampled a few different things, but ultimately decided on a bottle of Armula (not sold in the United States), and also a bottle of Honey Tequilla (also not sold in the United States)..

With all of our purchases made, we headed back to the ship.  A little sad, that we knew we were only days away from being back home.


As we boarded the ship, we still knew we had at least 2 days before we arrived back home, and we were going to make the best of them!!!!


BYE Cozumel………..

Our next day, was our last at sea, so the Electrician and I decided to play the trivia game on music.  While I came in fourth, the Electrician came in second!!!!  Then we played another trivia game of Movie Music theme songs.  Pfft….I don’t know what I was doing in the 80’s and 90’s but it wasn’t watching t.v. that’s for sure.

Our last night at sea, was a fun one, the Electrician and I did some dancing, and goofing off.  We watched movies on the t.v. and just had an over all good time.

On that Sunday morning, and it was early, this is what we saw.

DSCN4346Hello, New Orleans!!!!  Good morning!!!  we pulled into home port, early.  Last year, getting off the ship was a night mare.  This year, we were off the ship and waiting for our ride by 9 am.

It was a truly amazing week, filled with memories and time spent with my Outlaws, and laughter, giggles and then some.  Relaxed, carefree, sunny hot days, while the rest of my family was at home dealing with blizzards and other non-fun stuff.

Our trip was not over though.  We still had our Sunday arrival “ritual’ of Popeye’s, fried chicken with all the fixing’s for dinner, and then Monday lunch buffet at Boomtown Casino in Biloxi, Ms.   In fact, after our luncheon buffet, the Electrician and played in a slot tournament.  Where I was first for almost the whole tournament until the very last……oh well, it was fun, and free.

It was a fantastic Christmas present, and I cherish all of the memories.  Many, many Thanks to my “Outlaws”.   Now, I’m home, and it’s back to reality….


2 responses

  1. good to hear u had a great time. sorry you had to come back to reality. that is the sucky thing about vacations!

  2. What a fantastic post – I now feel I had that holiday too!

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