I’m still alive……

Well hello to y’all.  While it may have seemed like I have fallen off the face of the earth and left y’all hanging on my Vacation journey, I’m still here.  Just going through some changes in my life, and also busier than a fart in a whirlwind.

After starting my blog and doing the “post a day” for 2 years,  I think my writing “mojo” went somewhere for a while.  I’m still trying to find it.

Let me catch you up on some “stuff” since I’ve been back.  Apparently, while I was gone on my trip, Momma had some “not so good days”.  Since I have been back, she has still had some, not so good days.  She has cheered up a bit, and become ‘chatty” again, to an extent.

When I first started my blog, I also watched my Grandson, Cam-Man,  somewhere along the way, I stopped watching him on a daily basis, due to his parents having different schedules, and they didn’t need me.  The weekend after I arrived home from my vacation, I got a note  stating the following:  Going to need some Grandma watching action this week. Mon-Thur. Let me know if you are up for it.  Hehehe, does a duck like water?

So, things kind of are like they used to be, with the exception of the fact, Cam-man is no longer a baby, or just barely walking.  He is now a full-blown 2, almost 3-year-old, who walks, talks and is a little person. The funny thing to me, is Monday morning  when Cam-man arrived and after feeding him breakfast, we left for the Farmer’s, Cam-Man remembered the routine.

We arrived at the Farmer’s and Cam-Man swaggered into the place, and gave his “Farmer-Papa” a big hug, remembered where his toys were and then “helped” me make breakfast.  Cam-man remembered about the laundry, and the routine we shared.  The only difference now, is he walks downstairs and counts them as he goes, and then puts the laundry soap in the washer and turns it on.  It’s been about 8-12 months since this kid has followed this routine, and he fell right into it, like he had not missed a day.

When it was time to get Momma up, Cam-man helped pick out her clothes and talked to Momma the whole time, and the smile on her face, lit me up.  He sat on the bed, while she was on the potty, and had to inspect it after she was done,then holding his nose, he stated “pewee”,  and then told her “good job”, when she was finished.

I have realised something through the experience of watching the Grandson, and Momma together, that they both “connect” with each other.  The make each other smile, and it’s fun to watch.

On Monday, Momma had an appointment with the Doctor, and due to circumstances, it was just the Farmer and I and Cam-man, to get Momma to the Doctor.  I was a little nervous, but I got Momma in and out of the car by myself, and was pretty proud of that fact.   The Farmer probably felt like a chauffeur, because Cam-man’s car seat, with Cam in it, me in the middle and Momma on the other side rode in the back seat, and the Farmer drove.  Cam and Momma kept the conversation going, and Cam and Momma held hands.

While at the Doctor’s I was pretty proud of both of them.  Cam-man for behaving so well, and Momma for not being scared, especially of a new Doctor.    Momma has been scheduled for surgery to have her g-tube replaced, due to the old one being in some pretty nasty shape.  Cam-man grabbed a couple of suckers from the Doctor’s office and wanted to give Momma one, because she was good. Unfortunately, Momma could not have it.

Thursday was a pretty fun day too, simply because it had snowed the day before and the snow at the Farmer’s was “untouched” so to speak.  When we pulled up to the Farmer’s, Cam-man had to walk up the wheelchair ramp, because it was crisp clean snow.  Those little footprints totally cracked me up.  We went inside and did the stuff we do.  Then, just before we went into get Momma up, I gave in, and Cam-Man and I went outside all bundled up and made a snowman in the Farmer’s back yard.  Cam was so pleased, he went in and got Farmer Papa to come look.

Friday, Momma was in a rare mood and full of giggles and sunshine, but was a little sad, her Cam-Man wasn’t there.  She told me “I miss that little guy”.  Momma has perked up this week.  I think that he may be a “particular type of therapy”, she may need.

Hope y’all are doing well.  I’ve missed writing, and while I can honestly say, I won’t be doing it as much as I used to, I will keep y’all updated.  Life is semi good in my hood.

4 responses

  1. glad to hear you are doing better

  2. I was just about to email you to say where the hell are you? Such a relief to see and read this post!

    1. still here, just busy, and battling gastro yuckiness….

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