He winked at me….

Today was my regular Monday morning of getting up, finding the coffee pot and trying to surface.  I knew I only had about an hour, before my ray of sunshine would descend upon my house.  I did some domestic goddess things, and then sat….waiting….and waiting….

Finally…little dude arrived at my house and we goofed around for a bit, and little dude, and I got back to our “normal” thing.  We were busy making our plans for the day, and came up with the following plan…

1. get gas for the Rav4.

2. Go to Granpa‘s.

3.  Go shopping…

4. Go to McDonalds‘ for a cheeseburger and fries and choc…(aka chocolate milk).

So, we headed on down the road, and stopped at the local Casey’s and got some gas.  Cam was hilarious while I was pumping gas.   He made faces at me and threw his stuffed giraffe at me.    He waved to everyone in Casey’s and was yelling out the window…”HI!”.

We arrived at the Farmer’s and Cam gave a half-hearted…”We’re here” when we arrived.  We got inside and he let G’pa B. (aka The Farmer) help him off with his coat and promptly climbed up on the couch with his blanket, said “I’ tired” and covered himself with his blanket and laid there for a bit.

When I started cooking in the kitchen though, he came flying into the kitchen and wanted to wash any dishes that were there.  Little dude loves him some bacon and fried eggs.

We had a busy morning, and got some stuff done. Cam and momma had a “cute” little chat.  Momma perked up a bit and gave me one long hug when I got her up.  We  shared some “moments” together that I have filed into my memory banks.

It was time to leave, and Cam got his shoes and coat on and while we were walking down the steps to the Rav4, he looked at me and said “shopping?”.    “Yes, Cam, we are now going shopping ok?”  “Ok.”.

We headed on down the road to the new Kohl’s store that has opened up in  town.  I was happy, as I have a gift card and a 10% off coupon in my purse, and I was going to try to find a blouse or outfit or something.

Isn’t it the truth, when you are on a mission to find an outfit, or ANYTHING, and you have a gift card, and coupon, you are doomed.  Cam rode in the cart and we looked through all kinds of stuff.  I even tried on a shirt, and Cam gave me the thumbs down.  (The Electrician asked me later, uhm, hon he is almost 3, did you trust his opinion?”…Well yes, if he doesn’t like it, who else will?).  Needless to say we left the store with no purchase.

So….onto our next plan of the day.  Cam man loaded up into the Rav4 with one thought on his mind.  He even looked at me and said “Cheeseburger and fries k?”.  So, we went to McDonald’s, and got little dude a Happy Meal.  Do you know how many years it’s been since I did that?  I didn’t even know they gave you milk or chocolate milk with it these days.

We headed on back to Cam’s home and when we arrived, he looked at me like I had lost my mind.  Cam said “My house?..no, you’re house Meema Jo”.  Now first, he has never called me Meema Jo, and second, is this the same kid who arrived at my house this morning?   With all of his “stuff” loaded up we went into his house.  His Momma asked me if he had a nap, as I hung my head down low, I mumbled “no”.  It showed.

The day ended up with Cam telling me, he would see me tomorrow, and giving me a wink.  He WINKED at me.  I had to laugh at the way he did it.  I so wish I could have taken a picture of it.

Maybe tomorrow……


3 responses

  1. that was a cute and loving story

    1. me too, he keeps me grounded….

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