Ooops.. I got in trouble….

Where I live in Central Illinois, we got a heck of a snow storm yesterday and last night, it is probably the most snow we have had all of this winter season.  It would have been nice if it happened in December, but not especially in March.  Last night, the Electrician and I watched it, had our power flicker about 3 times, and at one point, the Electrician went out and shovelled off our deck.  Simply for the fact, it was a very heavy and wet snow, and I did not want the deck to collapse.  While areas around us, got up to 18.5 inches of snow, we thought we were lucky with the 11′ we got.









DSCN4376This morning dawned and the Electrician went out and shovelled the sidewalk, and also cleared off both of our cars, but it was still snowing.  He went to work and gave me strict instructions, I was not to go anywhere.  He called several times on his normal 25 minute ride to work, which took him almost an hour, and told me it was bad.


The Farmer called me several times this morning, and while I guess His area did not get what I had, and he informed the roads were clear, I told him, at this point, I could not get out of my driveway.  The Electrician had dug out my driveway so to speak, but my neighbor came along and used his snow blower to make my driveway more accessible.  I had yet to see a snowplow.



Around noon, I got brave.  That was my first mistake.  I decided I could drive it, heck the Farmer said the roads were clear, and apparently in the next town over, the roads were clear, so what the heck?

Well, let me inform you and everyone else, my brave a$$ was very stupid.  Making it out of my driveway, piece of cake, driving through town, easy, getting out onto one of the most treacherous roads in the county, STUPID.

Driving 20 mph, I must have hit a patch of snow/ice and my Rav4 and I did a 360′ across a lane and straight into a ditch.  God was watching out after me though.  First off, there was no oncoming traffic, second off I screamed the whole time like a sissy, and third off I did not hurt the Rav4.

After catching my breath and prying my hands off the steering wheel, I took a second to get my bearings and realized I was in trouble.  It was STILL frigging snowing, and I was scared.  There was no way I could get the Rav4 out, when I opened the door to  get out and assess the damage, I stepped out into waist-high snow.  I realize I am short, but DAMN….  I called the Farmer and let vent with a stream of cuss words, (Sorry Dad).

Luckily for me, I grabbed my cell phone and called one of my BFF’s and asked her where her hubby was, she gave me his number and I called him.   He said oops, Jo, I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.  Meanwhile, a County Sheriff, (whom I also know) pulled up and was going to try to push me out, until his butt was up to it in Snow.  “Jo, uhm, I’m not sure how you did this”.  “Well duh…neither do I…”   “The only thing I am allowed to do, since I am on duty is call a towing Co. for you”…forget about that, I got a friend who is coming to help me.  He went on his merry way, and I was sitting there and the only thing I could think about, is my husband is going to kill me.

A red truck pulled over and a guy got out, and I almost got scared, until I realized it was one of the Electrician’s and my friends.  “Jo..uhm…you want me to pull you out?”  (By now I AM FACE PALMING MYSELF…duh)  “Yes, please, and what ever you do, PLEASE do not tell the Electrician that you did this ok?”  Our friend pulled the Rav4 out with no problem, and come to find out, they had passed me right after my very unhappy butt got stuck and turned around just to help me.

My friend drove my car back into town, and then let me drive my VERY unhappy butt home.  I was trying to figure out how to tell the Electrician that I had tried to venture out on my own.

I learned a very hard lesson today, folks.  By my own hard headiness (is that even a word?)  I risked my life when I should have just listened to the Electrician .  If there had been oncoming traffic when I hit that icy/snowy patch, I could be in the hospital right now. I was VERY lucky, that I live in a small town, where people “rescue”other idiot drivers, who should just stay home.

I did tell the Electrician about it, when he arrived home, he was not very happy with me at all.  Heck at this point, I am just thankful that the ending was happy.

So, I guess the moral of my story is, when it snows that much, keep your happy butt at home.  Because in all honesty, MY roads were not clear, and obviously, I cannot drive on that stuff.



5 responses

  1. I “Liked” like this story because you learned an important lesson and no one had to die in the process. I’m glad that you made it home safely!

    1. Thanks Russ, your right, no one did die in the process, and I’ve learned that my hard headiness, or stubborness, should sometimes go away, I got scared today, I learned my lesson.

  2. OMG!!!! Thank God you’re okay!

    1. I’m okay…just head hung down and feeling silly….stupid comes to mind also….

  3. You already know how I feel about this story!!!!!

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