Chaos, tickles and giggles….

Things have been a little crazy in my world lately.  Between extra meds and Momma‘s behavior over the meds, it’s been a little chaotic.

For a couple of days, Momma had some serious hallucinations, and it was really hard to get her to calm down.  The poor Farmer was at his wit’s end at one point.  It took me 3 hours to get her to calm down and to realize that the things she was thinking or seeing, were really and truly not there, nor were they true.

It was like a little light bulb went off in her head, when she finally calmed down and realized I was speaking the truth.   I do have to admit, I did have some help.  Little Cam-man was very concerned about Momma and actually climbed up into her bed yesterday, grabbed her face with his little hands and looked her in the eyes, and said “Wub You Geema”.  While she may not have remembered somethings, she knew who he was, and promptly said “I Love you to Cam”.  There was a couple of kisses then, and then the Farmer spent some one on one time with her, and she came back to normal.  In fact, the Farmer said she spent all afternoon yesterday, chatting up a storm, and not wanting to go to bed when it was time.

I did get a call from Caregiver Beth last night, and she was concerned about an issue with Momma.  After a quick frantic phone call to the Nurse, who asked some pointed questions, it was decided what the plan of action would be.

When I arrived this morning (with Cam-man in tow), we had a hushed conversation, the Farmer and I.  We were both in agreement, and then decided how to put the plan into action.    The Farmer had to make another trip to the “Big City” again today, so he took off, and left Cam-Man in charge.

Cam-Man is a hard worker and prompted me, to sweep, and empty all the trash cans, he refilled the coffee dispenser and we did a few other “tasks”.  It was time to check on Momma, and get her cleaned up a bit.  While I was getting Momma cleaned up and into dry things, Cam kept Momma busy.   They were playing a game of “tickle and giggle”.  I actually had to step back and just watch.  I can’t exactly say how it all happened, but they were both tickling each other and giggling when the other one tickled.  Cam was giggling and looked at me and said ‘Geema tickling me, I get her”. And then Momma saying “He’s tickling me, I’ll get him”.  This went on for about a half an hour.

With Momma all cleaned up and meds given, I told Cam, we had to let Geema have a nap.  Cam looked at me with a puzzled look on his face, and then pointed to Momma and asked, “Who?”, So, I told him, “Geema is MY Momma.”  He nodded very solemn, then said “Your Momma?” and I said “Yes“.  then he smiled and said “MY Geema?”.  “Yes, Cam-man”.  He was happy with the answer and we went into the other room for a bit.

When it was time to get Momma up, we both went back into the bedroom, and Cam-Man flipped up the shades and giggled when Momma said, “No, I don’t want to get up.”.  A discussion happened and it was all very silly and full of giggles.  It was decided that I would wash Momma’s hair, so Cam helped me get all the stuff ready, and when everything was in place and I was ready to start, Cam decided he had to be on the bed with Momma to hold the towel over her eyes, in case any water or soap slipped onto her face. I proceeded to wash her hair, the whole time Momma and Cam had a “discussion” of their own. Cam decided I should wash his hair, after Momma’s until she told him he didn’t have any hair, since his last haircut.

With that done, and her bath done, we were kind of at a stand still, because the Farmer had not arrived back and I cannot stand Momma up on my own. So, as if on cue, the driveway bell went off, so I went out to help the Farmer with Groceries  he had purchased, and Cam-Man came flying out the back door and ran into the Farmer’s arms.    We all came back inside and proceeded to get Momma taken care of.

With the last of the meds given that I give for the day, I told Cam to pick up all his toys and have “Pawpaw” help him put his toys up and get his shoes on, and his jacket too.  About that time, I received a phone call, that was part of our “action plan”.  I told Cam man to give Pawpaw and Geema some loving and we would go.  After giving hugs and kisses all round and telling them both ‘See ya in the morning awigators”.  I bundled up Cam in the car, and we took off, carrying a “specimen” to be dropped off at the Clinic.

We arrived at the Clinic, and arrived at the Lab, and were instructed to come in.  Cam strutted in like he owned the joint and promptly climbed up into the seat they use to give blood.  There was a Nurse there who was setting things up, because she was about to go draw blood on someone.  The Nurse was so thoughtful and answered all of Cam’s questions.  I had to transfer the “specimen” from the bag I had it in into a cup.  With everything done, Cam-man and I both washed our hands and told the ladies Thank you.  I do have to back track for a second and I will advise what we were doing.

We think Momma may have C-def, which I googled for the definition:

C Def stands for clostridium difficile, and this problem is particularly difficult for someone to cope with. The infection causes incredibly violent diarrhoea, and requires treatment through oral tablets. These are either vancomvcin or metronidazole.

The problem occurs when people take antibiotics which actually kill the healthy flora found within the colon, and the C Def takes over.

I actually know about this, as the Nurse and the Fisherdude and also Cam-Man and I have all had it, Me, not so much, but while the Nurse was working at the Nursing home she was exposed to it, and somehow it arrived at her house.  Cam-Man was not even a year old when it happened, so I do have a little experience with it.

unfortunately, for a person in Momma’s condition, it can cause death.  We have to let the Lab work on the specimen for about 72 hours before we know.  I do feel like a bit of an idiot though.  When I took the “specimen” into the lab, I took care of it, like a pro, and I wore gloves, which I always do when I work with Momma anyway.  I looked a little surprised when the Technician started spraying all kinds of air fresheners in the air.  I looked at them, and asked “This may seem like a stupid question”, the Tech looked at me and smiled and said “No question is stupid, please ask”.  “Does it uhm…smell bad? I’m sorry but it does not smell any different to me, I guess I am just used to it.”    The tech asked me “Have you done this for a while?”  “I have looked after My Momma who is on the downhill slide of Stage 5 Parkinson’s for almost 3 years now”.  She looked at me and then walked up to me and gave me a hug, and then said “Bless you for looking after your Momma, and no, I guess when you get used to a smell, it doesn’t bother you like it would someone else”.

After bundling Cam back into the car (where he promptly fell asleep), I reflected on this.  Has, what has become normal to me, not necessarily the normal for others?  I’m not sure.

But what I do know, is that Cam-man has brought some much-needed giggles, and tickles into the Farmer’s house, and it was greatly needed.  If these are her last days, and no one knows for sure they are, at least they are days in our memory banks filled with laughter.  And THAT is truly a Blessing……

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  1. As I was reading through your post I was actually following you in my mind. You have been a real trooper

  2. I agree with Terry.

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