Pirates, Sharks and Apple Juice parties, and good news….

Today was my long day, I have them once a week, and sometimes, I feel like I will never get through them.

It started with my happy butt (uhhm, ok maybe not so happy, but my butt did) roll out of bed, because I decided that instead of Cam-man getting up SUPER early, it would be easier for me to roll out of bed, at some unheard of hour…and go to his house and let him sleep in.  When the Electrician, (who gets up at this early hour of the morning, God Love him), woke me up, I stumbled to the coffee pot.  It was still dark outside.  I managed to change out of my p.j’s into some sweats, grabbed my cup of coffee and hit the road.

I arrived at the Nurse and Fisher dude’s house, and I guess I was sorta awake, because I parked my car on the right side of the garage and stumbled into the house.  The Fisher dude was laughing at me.  I guess I might have looked a bit scary that early in the morning….  He left, and Bella (the dog) and I curled up on the couch to watch the news.  Bella and I were just getting comfy, when Cam-man came down the hallway, dragging his blanket like Linus (from Charlie Brown).  When Cam saw me in his house he yelled “No, Memaw, YOUR house”.  I guess poor little dude thought that he had to get up early to go to my house and I had him totally confused by being in HIS house.

After we both kind of woke up and let Bella go outside a couple of times, I asked him if he wanted to go to my house, and I was yelled at with a big YES.  So, Cam got dressed for the day and we headed for my house.  We had breakfast at my house and did a couple of things (Curious George was on the menu for t.v.).  We then got ready to go to the Farmer’s.  (Yes,, I did change clothes).

We were on the road and ready to go, when something the Electrician had told me last night stuck in my head.  Cam and I stopped at a favorite store of ours, and we went “shopping”.  Cam ended up with a couple of outfits and so did Camsgranny.

We headed out to the Farmer’s and things were normal there.  We did our stuff, and took care of Momma, and then we got the phone call.   Momma DOES NOT have C-def. we then planned a party. In between all the stuff Cam and I do, we decided that since the weather was so good, we (Cam and I) were going outside to play for a bit.

Imagination is alive and well.  I am here to tell you.  Between the pirate ship that attacked us  (the shed) , the sharks as well (the garden), and the whale that saved us (the gas tank), Cam and I had a really good time playing outside.  The Rabbit who fled from the tall grass, played into our favor, by being the one who showed us the “whale’.

When it was time to go, we piled into the car, and Cam was asleep before we even left the driveway.  We had a hard day of saving us from pirates.  We got to my house, and I unloaded the car and Cam never even woke up when I unloaded him and brought him inside.    Cam’s Daddy (Fisher dude) came and got Cam, and he was not to happy to be woken up.

The Electrician arrived home and we had a fleeting moment before I went back over to the Farmers to sit with Momma (today is Caregiver Beth’s day off).  When I arrived, Momma asked me if the party was still on.    Well, heck yeah it was.

Momma and I spent our evening with her in bed, and we both toasted with some apple juice, while her’s was on a mouth swab and mine was a sip, we celebrated.  We watched Little House on the Prairie, and The Walton’s,   While I may have changed her bed stuff 4 times, it was ok, because Momma and I have a routine, and she was so giggly, it made me smile.

The Best part of my day, was Momma telling me I was the Best daughter in the world, and I told her she was the Best Momma in the world.  I could not do what I do, without the Love and support of the Electrician.  Thank you so much to him for supporting me, and letting me take care of her.   The pay isn’t anything, but the rewards to my heart are everything.

2 responses

  1. You are a hell of an amazing woman!

  2. very uplifting post. So glad the test was negative!

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