Sassy….her story, I want to S.H.A.R.E….

Ok, I am a lover of cats, it’s a known fact.  I have one (she actually owns us), and I have had cat’s my whole life.  But there was a time, back when I was little, that we had German Shepherd’s.  The Farmer was in love with the breed, and we actually owned a few before we took our trip across the pond.

We had one Mr. Odin Von Burwash, that was the light of our lives.  He was a show dog, and the Farmer actually showed him a couple of times.  Mr. Odin, actually saved my life when I was little.  I won’t go into the details, other than this dog, would not let anyone near me, until I gave the okie dokie.  It is a memory buried deep.

I don’t know if any of you have heard the story about Sassy.  But I have, and I have followed it closely.  There was a German Shepherd, that was abandend, and she was 33 pounds, and VERY underweight with a BUNCH of problems.   Sassy was rescued, and has touched the world.  I will try to figure out how to bring her story to my page….

sassy1 sassy2 sassy3











How anyone could abandoned a puppy like this, floors me.  A German Shepherd will love you and protect you against anything, they will give their life for you.  For anyone to abuse this trust from them, floors me.

I learned about this poor puppy from Facebook.  I happen to follow a page called SHARE: Shepherd Help and Rescue Effort.  I am truly astounded by the amount of people who think getting a puppy and then abusing them is ok.    It truly hurts my heart.


I have watched this puppy get rescued, and go through surgery and numerous other procedures, and the team that has taken care of her.  I so want to adopt her, but I know I can’t.

I just want people to know, that when you get a puppy, they are a member of your family, call it the child  you did not have to go through labor for.  Sassy has been recognized, and her eyes, just kill me.  I so want to just hug her and hold her close and let her know the love, and not the bad.

Please peeps, there are so many animals that are just wasting away, waiting for love, If you have the chance to be loved by one of these animals, don’t abuse it.




2 responses

  1. People who abuse and neglect animals are criminals – so disturbing.

  2. that’s a sad story. dogs are human too !!!!

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