Happy Birthday to My Momma….

This would be all of the other women in my family, they were named the “crazy” bunch, but they sure did like to laugh…..

annie5This would be me in my former life, with my boys and husband at the time…..Momma and the Farmer used to come and visit me twice a year, because they still lived in England, and they tried to see me as much as they could.  I always cherished these visits, because it was so nice to have “normal” in a chaotic situation.

anniegirlWhen Momma and the Farmer moved back to the USA, I followed hotly on their trail and moved home.  This was Momma for Christmas, when she opened up her home to me and said “Come home”, and I did.


Momma and the Farmer used to like making puzzles and put stuff together, and one of the loves of their lives was “Toots“. The beloved cat, that met them while Momma and the Farmer stayed at the Glo Motel waiting for the house.  Toot’s is a different blog post all together.


This is the Farmer, Momma and I the day I got married to my beloved Electrician.  Momma was so into the wedding and getting the house ready, I got married in the living room with all of our children around us, and Momma and the Farmer too.

annie9Smiles were had all around….

annie7My how times have changed, the 2 in this picture…..One is a Nurse, and the other is about to graduate from College…Goodness where has the time gone?

mom dad

This is the Farmer and Momma not to long ago, okay…maybe 2 years.  Momma was still herself, sort of.

fishinIn my mind this is how I picture us….The Farmer fishing, me sitting on the dock and Momma giving us instructions…..

DSCN3634This is Momma last year on St. Patty’s day, and by the way, Momma is part Irish…..just sayin…..

I have a million pictures, and I could share them with all of you, but this is where I will end my memory lane for Momma’s birthday.  I will say this, Parkinson’s is a horrible disease, it leaves you not knowing what is going to happen around the corner, cherishing every day you have, and Thanking God, that the person has been in my life and knowing HER.

I love my Momma, and I truly wish her a Happy Birthday, to cherishing the memory of her savoring the orange sherbet, I gave her on a spoon, to celebrate her birthday with.   While I wish we could have had a party and truly celebrated in the style we are so used to, I will settle with Orange sherbet and her smile, which lights up my heart.

dad mom & meSomehow the first part of my post got completely deleted, I’m not sur ehow or where or when…..But there was a bunch more to this….Maybe I can fix it tomorrow…Thank you WordPress…..


2 responses

  1. Such wonderful memories and pictures, but so painful too.

  2. great memories and Happy Birthday Mama

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