Long day Thursday…

Today has been my what I like to call my Long day Thursday.   My usual routine is thrown totally our of whack.  I get up early and head over to the Nurse’s house and then fall asleep on the couch waiting for Cam-Man to wake up and then go back to my house, and start my day.

Today was a little different, first of all, I don’t have the beloved Rav 4.   I have the Farmer’s “truck”.  Now folks, I am used to driving my Rav 4, or the Electricians’s  Chevy S10, but I am sporting the Farmers  Chevy Silverado with a king cab.

chevyThis is not the Farmer’s truck, but it looks kinda like this.  Okay, for the record,  I am 4’11”, and had to use the “crawl” bar that is on the Farmer’s truck to just get into the cab..  Why am I driving this?  you ask, well, let me tell you.  After the Nurse’s car “blew up” so to speak…I asked the Farmer to borrow his “Truck” (which I may add has been neglected because he is sporting a new Toyota“) Was simply because the Nurse had to have her car go to the Auto Dr. and have it fixed.

I volunteered my Rav 4 to the Nurse, and begged the Farmer for the Truck, (which has been neglected in the garage, but I will get to that).  When the whole thing went down, I asked the Farmer if I could borrow his truck for a few days, and  HE LET ME HAVE IT…..ok, forgive me for being silly, because I am not usually allowed to drive his vehicles, and I am truly honored, that I got to take his beloved truck for a day or so.

While I may seem like I am being nasty, I really am not.  I am just telling the Farmer in my own way, I  LOVE YOUR TRUCK.    Was I scared, YES, folks it’s a BIG truck.    I managed to drive it, AND park it back into the garage it is housed in.  Uh… I have NEVER parked a car, truck or even a lawn mower in a garage, because well…I haven’t.

I’m a little loopy, because this is my “long” day.  But what I do want to say, is, Thank you to the Farmer for entrusting me with his truck, conversations throughout this morning were tense. It’s been raining in my area today, and some serious rain at that, and the Farmer although I know he trusts me, was worried some about his truck.  I can say the truck and me came out fine, (although I did have him park in the garage for the last time, because I might have or  might not have cut it a little to close the last time I parked it in the garage.)

I lead an incredibly Blessed life, folks, I’m not kidding.  There are no words to describe, my life in the past 24 hours…..there is a bunch more to this story, but…I’m, pooped.

To My Momma, who thought today was her Birthday, there are no words to describe the Love I have for you.

To the Farmer, there are not enough words to even begin to describe how I feel about you.  Arguing, and giggling, and just the warm hugs,  our love for Momma, shining through, and I was paying attention to what you told me, and I hope you were paying attention to what I told you.

I am the daughter of a Parkinson’s Momma, with the love of her and my Father….tomorrow is another day….


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  1. You continue to awe-strike me!

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