My personal Thank You!

On the urging of my family, I entered a contest.  The contest was sponsored by “The Michael J. Foundation” on Facebook,  and its main goal was to raise awareness of Parkinson’s Disease.

When I first entered it, I was hoping to get at least 100 votes.   I truly want to spread the word of this Disease to people.  Some of you have read my post “Something hit me hard”, because I was dealt a hand by Facebook, who rectified the situation.

Can I say, that after getting 627 votes (ok, some of those were from my family), I was totally blown away.  By the support, and the people (and a bunch of friends, that let me in on some secrets).  It seems to me, that there are a number of people, that I know, who are affected with this Disease in one way or another, that I never knew about.

So, I guess I may have raised some awareness, at least I hope I have helped to let people know, there are many that suffer from this Disease.

Let me also say, that ending the contest as number 10, isn’t shabby either.   But the only reason I was able to end up in that spot, was because of all those that voted, sometimes as many times as 6 times in one day.




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  1. Wow – that’s fantastic, Jo!

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