Through his eyes…..

I’ve spent a bunch of time lately with my little dude.  His name is Cam-man.

DSCN4470This little dude is about to turn 3.  He is full of questions, LOVES all things boyish, John Deere tractors, bugs, OUTSIDE, nature, and just plain everything.


He shows so much compassion at the age of “almost 3′, that truly triggers my heart.

He loves the Farmer, and the Farmer thinks it’s because of the “Big toys” he has.  Cam-Man has fallen in love DEEPLY with tractors.    Not sure why, but so it goes.

I can’t tell you, over the past couple of days, Cam-man has been at the Farmer’s and all’s he truly wanted was to be outside.  So, with the  weather cooperating, we’ve been outside.  Cam has learned how to plant a plant, tomatoes, and green peppers, and played with the dirt, and ran from one end of the Farmer’s property to the other.  He did have to stop halfway and say, “WOW“.  He got truly excited when we passed by the fields that all of the Farmers are out planting right now.  He counted the amount of tractors we have seen, and was trying to count the fingers.   On the way home today, he gave up and fell asleep at 15.

When people ask me, how I deal with everything I deal with, I simply say look at this picture,


Because truly a picture is worth 1000 words.



Whenever I see Cam and Momma together, it makes my heart burst.  This little dude has had a hard time recognizing who I am, much less the people I bring him to.  I have since been renamed, to “Jo” simply because that is what his Momma calls me and he feels comfortable with this.  He knows my Dad is his “Papa Dan” and my Mom is ‘Grandma Jo’s Momma”.

When I truly sit down and think about it, he is teaching me things.  It must be confusing for a kid, to have THAT many Grandparents’s, but Cam’s dealing with it in his own way. He tell’s me every morning, ‘We going to Papa Dan’s?”  “Yes, Cam we are, and we have to take care of Grandma Annie ok?”  “She’s your Mom right?”  “Yes, Cam that’s my Momma ok?”  “Yup”.

Cam is the light of  Momma, from him telling her to “poo on the potty and NOT in her pants” cracks me up.  Dude listen to your own advice ok?  Cam-Man stands at the front of Momma’s bed everyday when I give her a bath, and her and Cam carry on like nothing, talking back and forth, it makes me giggle.

But what I have truly realized, between the banter they carry on, they are both helping each other in a way.  Whenever it is time for Momma to take those steps into the other room, Cam sits on her walker, and gives her encouragement the whole way. he tells her “put your foot down” to “breathe, we are almost there”.

Who knew an almost 3-year-old had that kind of power, especially when his main love is “Buzz light year, and John Deere tractors?”

I’ve said this from the beginning and I will say it forever, the “new” and the “old” have so much in commen, now if they could both just poo on the potty I would be so much happier…..


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