Just another day…..

These past few days have been full, and I really haven’t had the chance to miss Cam-Man, because somehow, we have ended up with him.  Don’t take that the wrong way either, we have enjoyed every minute of it.  I’ve learned to adapt and change-up my schedule as needed.  I’m kind of liking this “new” not known schedule.

Monday afternoon, we got a call from the kids, they wanted to borrow the truck to go pick something up, but they could not fit Cam-man into the truck with them.  We told them to take the truck and leave little dude with us.  Mind you, this was after I had a really bad day with Momma.

DSCN4490DSCN4492Cam man is learning to ride his Batmobile around the yard  He has improved so much with his steering and his ability to stop and go.    He was trying to run over Papa, and he was just so cute to watch, and made me giggle a bunch.

DSCN4494Now if you look, he had a very important item to him, in the back and that was the big ball he found, and it was riding shotgun.  But, he could not figure out how to keep his “cup” on the  back, so Papa helped him out and put it in his shirt.  On the backside.  Oh the giggles that happened….

DSCN4493This is one very proud little boy, who learned how to steer, stop and go, and just drive around the yard with “freedom”.  He’s been working on this for a bit, and psst…it’s a good thing, because his Birthday is coming up and he is going to FLIP out when he sees what he’s getting.


Spending the evening with him was a blast.  From writing on the sidewalk and showing Papa the game he and I made.  He was so proud, it made me just smile.  He finally got Papa to take his drink out of his shirt.  And then headed for a bath, and some ice cream.


Fast forward to the next day, and after taking care of Momma, I went and scooped him up (I would have taken pictures, but, uhm…Camsgranny is a little NOT techno savvy and she killed the batteries on the camera the night before).

I took Cam-man to the Park and seriously giggled a bunch.  Cam loves the park, and his Momma passed by us and she honked 3 times while going by, and Cam stopped and waved.  He was thrilled to be there and ride the swing, go down the slide and made Camsgranny climb the slide backwards to allow him to skip the puddle and slide down.  (Guess you had to be there to truly appreciate THAT statement).

We arrived home, and rode the Batmobile again, although, Cam’s Daddy surprised us and showed up early, but the Fisher Dude and I sat and watched Cam ride.  The Fisher dude was a proud Daddy, while watching Cam ride through yard.  We both cracked up after Cam stopped and “did an oil change and aired up his tires”.

The Electrician and the Fisher dude, put the “topper” back on the Electrician’s beloved S-10 truck, with Cam “helping” of course.    We sent Cam and his Daddy on their way with some pulled pork BBQ that I had made (I cooked that stuff for 2 days and it was the BOMB).  The Electrician and I settled down after 2 nights of Cam-Man in our house.

Today, with Momma was….a suprise, and a Blessing.  Wherever she has been, she is back.  The Farmer came in while I gave her a bath, and was talking to her.  The Farmer cracked a joke, and while I would like to share it, it was of a risqué nature, so I won’t, but it sure brought a  big old giggle to Momma.

Momma practically danced on her way out to the front room, and she was THERE.  That made such a difference after the past couple of days. Sometimes this journey is a roller coaster ride, you never know whether to hold onto the side of your pants or just go with the flow.

I do know, that my journey is filled, and I’m loving every minute of it.  I never know what’s going to happen, and my “daily routine” has been so switched up lately, I never know what to expect, but at the same token.  I’m starting to think it’s a good thing.

I’m seriously tired of being sad, and I enjoy the giggles so much more.  While life can throw you some curve balls, I do know that with positive attitude, and God’s grace, I am doing ok.  It doesn’t hurt, though, I’ve got some guardian Angels, and they are holding my hand.


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