A giggle a Day….

Have you ever just had one of those days, when the world is bringing you down, and you just want to giggle?  I had one  of those today.    I’m not quite sure how it happened, but it did.

I will confess, I feel on “overload” at the moment, and I’m dealin the best way, I know how.  It isn’t easy at times, and there are certainly times, I could throw the towel into the ring and say ‘I give”.

But ya know what?  That’s not my ‘style”.  I got “swagger”, yea, like I really know what that means to the people of today, but to me?  It means, I  can deal with anything and everything, because I can.  (psst, I’ve got God backing me, I’m not gonna lose).

I’ll be honest with y’all, lately times with Momma have been rough.  Throw the fact in that my kid, is doing terrible, well… sometimes I just don’t know what to say.

I can say this….  I’ve learned how to find a moment with myself, be it with headphones on and listening to every shape of music there is, and singing loudly (mostly off-key).  To also bugging some people from my childhood, who are still here.   Thank goodness for them.  I’ve leaned heavily on y’all lately.  I thank each of you, and I hope you know who you are.  If ya don’t well, then……  y’all know what I  would say.  Oh you really expected for me to say…oops….figure it out.

I have so much help and support for everything.  From my Electrician, to family, to extended family, to friends, to God, to my readers, who give me so much encouragement through the things they write.

I’ve giggled more than once today, I’ve been scared beyond all recognition today, I’ve found calm and peace.  I’ve been on a roller coaster ride today that I did not pay for (didn’t really want the ride),  But it’s okay..

Tomorrow is another day, and I’m on this ride.  So, mise well throw my arms up in the air and wave them….which reminds me of something Cam and I do……2…4…6…8… EVERYONE do the crazy shake….I’m doing it….



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  1. I understand 100% and I send you 99 hugs (keeping one for me -ha!) Loveya, Ms Giggles! Juliexxx

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