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Random phrases over the past few months…

“I got this”


“over there”

“hugs please”



“turn HERE”

“do you know where you are going?”

“I love this”




“cuse me pwease”

“Thank you”

“I love that too”

“so happy to see you”

“How have you been?”


“Oh my gosh”



“not there”

“I can’t believe it”

‘I so, love this”

“are you kidding me?”


“this is my favorite”

“of all time”


“thank you”

‘your welcome”



“I Love you”



“what are you doing?”

“where are the batteries?”

“ruh roh, that’s gonna leave a mark”

“I wanted to root for your team but well…”

“Best movie EVER…”

“psst.. they are sleeping..”

“ice tube pwease”

“I love you Papa..”


“I love you Grandma”


“High 5 dude you went poo in the potty”

‘No, diapers, I a big boy, want pwull uwps”

“Look COWS”

“raining AGAIN”

“Where’s my B?”

“Bweakfast, oatmeal pwease”

“Look at the rainbow”

“Are you kidding me?”

Oh My Goodness, you didn’t, did you?”

“ruh roh”

“Pirates, sharks and let’s have a picicanic”

“Did you see those wild turkeys?”

WOW, really?”

“WOW, I can’t believe you did it”

“Really, you want me to what?”

“I wove Papa Dan”

“Jo?  I Love you 2”

“Wanna play in the water, pwease?”

“DID you see THAT”

“Where the heck did all this water come from?”

“Happy Birfday to YOUUUUUU”

“Did you see that?”

“Thank you for my neck rub”

‘Thank you for everything you do”.

“Are you fricking kiddin me?”

“You want what?”

“That was fantastic”

“Thank you for everything that you do for me and all of us”.

I’ve been writing these down on scraps of paper, and have added them all into this post. The Electrician is happy to get rid of all those scraps of paper, he hates, clutter.  Some of these came from the Grandbabies, and the “2” is from Cam, he used to respond whenever you told him you loved him by replying “2”.  He has now graduated to actually saying “I wuv you 2”.

These are some of the things I have listened to and contributed with.    Looking back, it brings a smile to my face.


Christmas Journey..Day 2…

Today, was the second day of my Christmas Journey.  I posted last night, that our family was into making some new traditions.   Today, dawned bright and sunny.  The Electrician and I got up and prepared to go somewhere  we don’t usually go.    Don’t get me wrong, the Electrician and I have religious beliefs, we just choose to exercise them in a different manner.

Today, we went to Church.  the Grand baby boys were in there first ever Christmas program.  Let me back up a few here though, because there were a couple of giggle moments, before we ever arrived.

This morning, we got a call from the College student asking where the Church was. After giving her directions, she needed more info, to enter them into her GPS.  Then I got a call asking me if I was wearing jeans to the Service.  I guess I am “old School”, because in my day, you NEVER wore jeans to Church.  Going to Church meant you got your “Sunday Best” out and got dressed and then went to Church.  I remember (okay, so it might have been a LONG time ago,) getting a special outfit to wear for Christmas Service and an Easter outfit too.

But I digress.  The Electrician and I hit the road and went to Church.  There were quite a few people there that we know, and it was nice to see them.    The Service today was different from anything that the Electrician and I remember. Instead of pews, there were tables set up and it was more of, a “dinner party atmosphere” for lack of better words.

I thought it was AWESOME!!!  Our whole family had a table, and it was kind of personal during the Service.  The Electrician and I have been to this Church a few times, and each time we’ve gone, we’ve enjoyed it.  Today was no exception.

The Service started out with the Children’s program.  Both Grand boys were in it and it seemed to be going pretty good.

bray christmas


Brayden boy was up front (so were we), and he stared at the Nursing Student and his Daddy and all of us, as he performed his songs.  He knew he was doing okay, because we all gave him the thumbs up sign, which he gave back to us, several times throughout the songs.




cam christmas

Cam-Man was doing good for the first few minutes, he was doing what he was supposed to, and singing with the best of them until……

camchristmas 1


He saw all of us sitting at the table right next to the stage.  He saw his Momma and cried the rest of the way through the song.  When the song was over, he ran to his Momma, screaming at the top of his lungs, “MOMMA”.  You have to remember he’s had a rough couple of days.

The Aide grabbed him and took him in the back, where the kids normally have Sunday School.    Uncle Nate, didn’t handle that well, and he went and scooped up Cam-Man and brought him to sit with the rest of us, while the kids finished the program.  Cam-Man looked at his papa and said “Papa, Church with me?” We both looked at him and nodded our heads and said ‘sshh”.  He was a happy camper who went back to the kid’s Church room when the program was over.

The Service was a good one, and it felt right.  When it was over, the Electrician and I came home to change clothes and go back to the Nursing Student’s house for another “family get together to eat more food”.

I do have something serious to say here though, I found out Caregiver Beth’s Father passed away late last night.  My heart is with you Beth, and I called her and we had what I hope was a good conversation.    The fact that you donated his body for the lives of other’s is amazing. While I know it hurts, I hope you believe, that donating his organs is helping other people have a life they might not have, YOU are a hero in my eyes.  Your Father is giving life to many other’s because of organ donation.  Your gift, has given many others a Christmas, they might not have had otherwise, and while I know it hurts you, I am so proud of you, I can’t explain.  Just know, we are here for you too.

I have learned a bunch on this Christmas Journey I am on.    I just hope, that everyone, no matter where you are, no matter what your circumstances, can find a little joy, peace and love in your heart.


A Cast – No Problem…

For those of you that read my blog, y’all know that my lil’ Cam-man has a broken leg.  If not read the post “Freak me out Monday”.  While it was a traumatic experience for his parents, brother, and us, Cam-Man seems to be adjusting quite nicely.  


With the help of his brother Brayden boy.  It appears that nothing will slow this kid down.

He has stood up on his cast, and also figured out how to slide on the floor on his butt to get to where he is going.

He is still getting into adventures, and I really don’t think anything will slow this kid down.  I haven’t seen much of him this past week, as every time I went to the Nursing student’s house, the kids were napping.  (sigh).  I was however successful in watching them sleep and being able to actually see them, instead of the normal blur as they run by.

The Nursing student and Fisher dude with the kids went to a party this past weekend, and they were nice enough to send pictures.


 While this may not actually be what happened, this is my story that I’ve written knowing the both of the Grankids.

Hey y’all, I’m here!!!!    It’s time to start the party, “Hey Dad put me down I got this!”


Uhm, ruh roh, I guess my head is still a little big, I think I’m stuck…

Are you telling me Cam is stuck again, Really?  Hey, can you get me a drink pwease?





How can you resist my cute little face?  Although I may get myself into some funny situations, I’m growing up to be a heart-breaker..:)


But this one is my Grandma’s favorite.  Or maybe this one, who knows.  I called my Papa and told him I missed him and then I told Grandma “I Love you TOO!!!”  I get to spend some time with Papa and Grandma this week.  I can’t wait!






Weekly photo challenge “Close”

A Grandmother and Grandson, playing peek-a-boo.  To me, this is close.

Celebration today!

While today is not “officially” Cam-man’s birthday, we celebrated it today.  Scheduling celebrations are hard with a large family, and working Mom’s and other stuff.

My day started off with the normal, going over to the Farmer’s and doing the usual, that I do on Friday’s.  Just call me Betty Crocker.  I made a batch of blue berry muffins, and a batch of corn muffins, made breakfast, and also threw a chuck roast with pearl onions and carrots, with mushroom gravy into the crock-pot for the Farmer.

I did some laundry and a little cleaning,  got Momma up and dressed and therapized.  She did really well today, she was even cracking a couple of jokes today.  When everything was done there, I  had scoot down the road.  We were going to Kickapoo State Park, for Cam-Man’s 2nd birthday party this evening.

We have all figured out that Cam-Man is the happiest when he is outside, and rolling in the dirt and having a good time.  So, his Momma (the Nursing Student) decided to have a “picnic” supper at the park.

Before we could play, open presents, and eat cake, we had to eat….

“Auntie Boo had to come and collect us, she told us to go this way, but I wasn’t sure which direction she wanted us to go.”  or..(I like this one better)  He went thataway….hehehe

“Momma, Auntie Boo said I stink and you need to change my pants…”  So, he came strolling back to our picnic area, and believe me when I say, I moved quickly from down wind of him.  Poor kid, he didn’t know.  The fun started when we went to the playground.  Now for all of you that follow my posts, you know Cam-Man and Poppa are at home in a playground.  Cam-Man rode on his Poppa’s shoulders with Brayden and the rest of us following.  We got there and first thing Cam-Man wanted to do was climb.  (He wasn’t nicknamed chunkey MONKEY” for nothing.  Although, the chunky part might not still hold true the Monkey part does.

Brayden-Boy loved the slides, although he likes to climb back up them after he rides down them.  He knew his brother was the spot-light for today, and he was such a good Big-Brother.    We don’t get to see Brayden-boy as much as Cam-Man because he only comes to stay with the Nursing student on the weekends.  My goodness how he has grown.    But, he always has a big hug for Poppa and Grandma.

Brayden-boy was all smiles watching his little brother go down the slide, and plop on the ground, because we didn’t know he would fly down that sucker like he did. 

After the park time was done, we all went back to the picnic area, of course, Cam-Man was on Poppa’s shoulders, and talking the whole time.  When both boys were told it was time for cake though  they lit up like a Christmas tree.

We all sang Cam-Man Happy Birthday, Brayden-Boy sang too, and when it came time to blow out the candles the whole gang, The Nursing Student, the Fisher Dude, Brayden Boy and Cam-Man joined in.


I think, we all had a great time, and poor Cam-Man had his face smashed into the cake (which is a tradition in the Fisher-dude’s family)

Cam-Man wasn’t really happy about this turn of events, he didn’t like having cake smooshed all over his face and started crying, until his Momma (the Nursing student) gave him smootches and shared the smooshed cake all over her face.  He was okay after that.  We all finished our cake and things were winding down, when Geema had to have her moment, so forgive me folks because this is a photo of progression.

This pic was when Brayden boy had turned 2 but Cam-Man wasn’t 1 yet.  I wish I could remember the exact date, but I cannot.  But I do know Cam-Man wasnt 1 yet.


Look at how little they both are.  Can we stop time?  Nope I guess we can’t because this is today.

Today was a great day for this Geema.  Right down to the kids yelling after they had been put in the car in their car seats, LOVE YOU POPPA AND GRANDMA!!!

Weekly photo challenge “Today”

A Case of the missing shoes.

Yesterday, was a bad day for Camsgranny.  She woke up on time, however, had a case of the “Oh my goodness, I’m hot and sweaty and I don’t feel well”.  Nevertheless, I went and picked up Cam-Man, called the Farmer and told him I had a temp and would not be able to help with Momma.

I brought a very tired Cam-Man home to my house, and the Electrician took over for Camsgranny.  Cam-Man and the Electrician had a wonderful day together.  They went and ran errands together, and the Electrician called me from the Grocery store a few times asking if we needed such-n-such as it was on sale.

I slept on the couch took anti-biotics and sweated my happy butt off.  Cam-man and the Electrician arrived back home.  Cam-Man was happily sucking on a sucker he had gotten from one of the places that he and his Poppa had visited.  I changed his pants, and he started doing “therapy” that he does with Momma, so he knew his routine was a little “off” today.

I put away groceries and we all had lunch, then Cam-Man went down for a nap, and so did I and the Electrician.  Sinus stuff really messes with your whole body, who knew?  We all woke up and the Electrician had to go run another errand, and was in the process of changing from his flip-flops to his boots, when Cam-Man decided to “help” his Poppa.

They hugged and kissed and said “bye”, the Nursing Student was already on her way to get Cam-Man, so the Electrician knew when he got home Cam would not be here.  The Electrician left, and Cam and I had a few minutes of snuggle time.  The Nursing Student came and grabbed up Cam-Man, and they both left.  I then vacumed the upstairs and downstairs, and then fell onto the couch. 

The Electrician got home and then went to take a shower.  When he got out, he asked me where his flip-flops were.  I asked him “where did you leave them?”  He said “right next to the couch”.  Folks, the Electrician and I searched for his shoes for about a half an hour.  We could not find them and it looked like they had dissappeared off the face of the earth.

Until, I remembered, Cam-Man had been here when the Electrician had changed his shoes.  So, I did the only thing I had not done previously in my search, I looked in Cam-Man’s crib.  Yep, they were there.  He has a habit of taking things he feels are important and throwing them in his crib.  I think he does this because his older brother throws things HE likes and doesn’t want Cam-Man to have into the crib. 

I giggled and came back downstairs and told the Electrician, that apparently his shoes were important to Cam-Man because they ended up in his “important spot”. 


Time to Stand UP and STOP the MADNESS….

To all my Friends, all of you all over, our community was rocked by this, a case of bullying,

A 10 year old killed herself because she saw no way out of a situation.   To me that is just down right sad, at 10 years old I was playing with my friends and didn’t have a care in the world….so I ask you… Stand Up…

I am borrowing the words of my friend Trish: What a sad, sad day it is to have to mourn one of our youths. We, as adults, need to lead by example so that children do not learn how to be cruel. Parents, friends, neighbors and educators must all work together to combat bullying. Schools cannot do it alone, parents need all the support they can get…we must empower our youth with respect for themselves and others as well as instill the importance of kindness! STAND UP against bullying!

Ashlynn R. Conner, 10, of Ridge Farm, passed away at 8:51 p.m. Friday, Nov. 11, 2011, at Provena USMC Logan Campus.
These are words from another friend Chris that I borrowed:
After seeing all the post today about the loss of Ashlynn Conner and about bullying I hope our children read these and realize how serious this can be. To all the children, teens and young adults out there, when you go to school tomorrow, before you say something to someone, think about what you say. If its something you wouldn’t want said to you – Don’s say it! Don’t try to be cool in front of your friends. Say something positive, who knows, you might make a new friend.
What’s happened to our youth of today?  What happened to one of the Golden Rules?  “Treat others as you would want to be treated?”

The Power of Care Bears.

(Part 2 of the follow-up of the Cam’s first parade post.)

Friday nights are usually “date” nights in my household.  Except for this past Friday night.  We had Cam-The-Man, so date night kind of got cancelled.

I didn’t even have anything scheduled for dinner, due to the Parade and being gone all afternoon.  So, I improvised.  Some quick pork chops, baked tator, and veggies.  However, Cam-the-man fresh up from his nap, wasn’t having anything we were.  (It’s not that he’s picky, but he doesn’t have all of his teeth so pork chops would be hard to chew).  The Electrician made the suggestion of mixing up some ripe banana’s that I had with some peanut butter and slapping it on some bread, served with some broccoli, and mandarin oranges. (HE LOVES THOSE THINGS). 

After dinner was a nice bath that even included a rubber ducky, that was aquired by Granny.  Then it was p.j.’s and playtime.  The Electrician got to playing with him as he had just purchased a mini football (never to early to get him started huh?) for Cam.  They tossed that thing for awhile and Cam started to get tired. So they took a break for a quick drink.

We figured he would enjoy some “Care Bear” time because he loves them and I like them ALOT better than Spongebob square whatever.  Unfortunatly, they were not on t.v. so we did the next best thing.  Found them on the computer.

Yup, Cam-The-Man loves The Care Bears.

So we watched until his eyes slowly started closing and off to night night Cam-the-Man went.

Hot Date on a Wednesday?

Ok, I feel a little guilty.  You see when I first started this blog I was going to put something into every day.  Welp, here it is a couple of days have gone by and I have not typed anything.  As the Electrician says, “I got nuthin”.

So, I thought I would tell ya’ll about spending the evening with Cam-the-Man. (That lil kid is crazy)   

Tonite, I watched him for a couple of hours while the oldest daughter AKA Nursing Student (aka Cam’s Mom), went to class. 

When I got there the Nursing student had him in his high chair and was giving him dinner.  So, I took over and “helped” him eat his “sammich” with some cheetos and mandarin oranges.  I have to say that kid LOVES mandarin oranges.  Probably because they are small like him.   Dinner was over and of course Granny had to give him a couple of vanilla wafers, he loves those too.

Then… the fun began.  We dragged ALL of his toys out and proceeded to play hard for the next hour or so.  I chased him and we ran around all over the place.  We played with cars, and emptied the toy box and filled it back up, and then we found the basketball. (ok I can palm this basketball so it really isn’t that big)  Lil’ dude has a basketball hoop in his room. 

Here I have to stop and explain something, first off I am 4′ 11″ tall, the basketball hoop is about 4’8″ tall so I AM ABLE TO DUNK THE BALL!!!!!!!  Well Cam LOVED the fact that Granny could pick him up and HE COULD DUNK THE BALL.  We played basketball dunking for about an hour. 

We finally stopped and cleaned our mess up and decided it was time for a mug of milk and a little sit down time (he didn’t need it, I did). So Granny dragged out his “kid recliner” and put it in the living room with his Dad’s recliner.  We both sat down and supped up some milk (well…I had Sierra Mist).  This is how the Nursing Student found us.

So that was my “hot date” for tonite.  I then came home to the Electrician, and that’s a plus too.  You see, the Electrician had been working on the road for about 14 months and now he’s home because there is work at home now.  But that’s another story for another day.