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My Day…(Guest Post)

Hey y’all  this is me….

baby3 003

I’m mom’s 4 legged baby, and that’s funny because my name is Ms. baby.  Mom is letting me post because I have had a day.

In my world, I eat, sleep, poop, and run after stuff.  I get mom up every morning by kicking her legs while she sleeps, (it’s only fair, she kicks me when she sleeps, because I sleep at the end of the bed.)

Apparently Mom and Dad made an appointment for me a few weeks ago and today was the day.  They did not however, tell me about it.   Before I start in about that, I really need to let my displeasure known about how Dad took MY table away from me for some garage sale they are having at my 2 legged sister’s house.  What the heck?  That table is my life line to “my t.v.” which I guess is AKA the downstairs window.  Now mind you, Dad did rig up some contraption and my box is still in front of the window, but it wobbles, and well after my visit today, I may be a little overweight, and, although I have 9 lives, I’m not using them trying to jump onto that thing.

That brings me back to today, I started my morning off normal, although mom did not leave when she was supposed to, but I didn’t care.  She fed me and gave me treats this morning, and I was lounging in my usual spot.  MY room.  Hey if they can have a room , so can I.  I have a bed with my special blanket on it and pillows too.

I thought it was a little odd, when Mom came in and started loving on me, and then she scooped me up into her arms.  I’m used to her scooping me up, but she was whispering things to me and I got nervous.  When we got to the bottom of the stairs, I noticed, she had her hand over my eyes, What the heck?

I don’t like my Mom right now.  She set my happy fat butt into a Cat carrier and then SHE LOCKED THE DOOR.  She picked me up and put me into that thing she loves ALMOST as much as me, and shut the door.  By now, I am pissed and howling, like there is no tomorrow.  Mom told me to hush and it wasn’t going to be bad, but HEY, where the heck is she taking me?  The last time I was in this thing, I got shots and all kinds of other horrors.  The Doctor looked up my butt, and EXCUSE me, but well…some things are private.

Mom played the radio, and jeez, do I really have to listen to her stuff?  Put on some Stray Cats for goodness sake.  I did notice what direction I was going in, so if she has planned to drop me off, I can find my way home.

That’s it, Mom’s a dead Mom when I get home.  She brought me to that place called the Vets.  I knew it as soon as she carried me in.  The smell, I shut my mouth.  They took me into a room and shut both doors and then Mom told me to come out.  She’s my Mom, so I did, and when she wrapped her arms around me, I hid in her armpit.  If I could have climbed into her shirt, I would have.  I don’t like the Vet.

Pfft…I’m not sure why I worried, this was a walk in the park.  I got weighed (yea, I may be a fat cat, but I’m a happy one).  The Vet told Mom that I have big bones and while my legs may be short, I am still something to be reckoned with.  I have not gained any weight, nor lost any weight, and I am a healthy fat cat.  I got my shots, AND nobody looked at my butt.  (Whew).

Momma took me home, and I had to show my displeasure over the whole experience, so I growled and snarled at her.

I’m over it, I had to show her how much I loved her tonite, and I did, AFTER she put my treats out.


It’s a good thing that I only do this once a year.  But something tells me next year is gonna be a bunch worse, because I am now “classified” as a senior kitty, whatever that means.  But after listening to Mom and Dad talk, I may get something from a place called AARP about a senior discount card,   I hope it works for kitty treats, because I can never get enough of those…..

Saturday, my style….

When I woke up this morning, I was still “flaming” after last night.  I decided I would take charge and take care of all of those things I have neglected lately.  Sometimes, I just have too much on the calendar, to take care of those little day-to-day things.

So, my feet hit the floor running, and I started a load of laundry, slugged back a couple of cups of coffee and got busy.  Camsgranny, cleaned the entire house and did 4 loads of laundry (sheets and bedding stuff included), flipped mattresses around, and FINALLY put winter clothes away and went through summer clothes.

Apparently, something happened over the winter and that “full-bodied shampoo” I use, floated on down my body when I was rinsing, and well….somethings from last year just don’t fit anymore.  It’s the shampoo, trust me!

The Electrician is all in a flutter about holding a garage sale.  Our town holds an annual Garage sale town wide, and the date is rapidly approaching.  Now to be truthful, I don’t “do’ garage sales, and this is all his puppy.  I have been following him around the house when he grabs something and says ‘Yes, we can sell this”, and  I follow tucking it  into a cupboard.  I have given in to some things, but well… I could secretly be a hoarder and don’t know it.

With my house cleaned and shiny, and groceries (that the Electrician bought) put away, we headed out to the Nurse’s house for a BBQ.  We had a great time, with most of the family there, and then the Electrician did not feel well so we both came home.  After a 2 hour nap, we are back up and at it.

We did let Ms. Baby out, and let her hang out on the porch, but when we heard all kinds of birds chirping and going off, we went outside.  Apparently, Ms. Baby was stalking a baby bird and had it pinned between her paws (she has no front claws), every bird within a 2 mile radius was dive bombing her butt, and we got her to come inside, and hopefully the baby bird has made his escape. While I feel bad for the baby bird, I understand Ms. Baby’s instincts.  She was a little forlorn and gave us extra loving, because her Daddy yelled at her.

My schedule is about to change, as the Nurse is now out for summer break, and Cam Man and I won’t be spending everyday together.  That kind of makes me sad.  I had to laugh today though, because when we were pulling up at the Nurse’s house, Cam saw his “Papa’s truck” before we had even turned the corner and had already started running.  His Auntie Boo grabbed him, and he was all smiles when we got there.  Of course the first few minutes were spent with Cam loving on his Papa, and then it was ‘Will you play with me Jo?”.    We played and Papa pulled his truck up so Cam could hang out on the tailgate of Papa’s truck.    Cam looked at me and asked “Papa Dan, he ok?”  My heart kind of melted.  I told him  “Papa Dan is ok”, then he asked about Momma, it was so cute how he said it to me.  “Jo?”, “Yes?”  “Your Momma, she ok too?”.  “Yes, Cam, she is ok too”.

His and mine schedule is changing, and I think we miss each other a bunch more than we ever thought we would.  When I stopped by his house yesterday, he was knee-deep in mud and water and having a blast helping his parents get their yard into shape, but when I was ready to go, he went up to the Rav4 and was ready to go.  It broke my heart, I couldn’t take him with me.    Today, was another of the same story.  When Papa and I had to leave, I had a little talk with him, and told him we were going home, and he had to stay and play with all the kids at his house, and to be a “big boy” and give us hugs and kisses and go play.

It worked, until we were in the truck and ready to go and then all hell broke loose, he came running and screaming up to the truck and clung to me, and said, “NO, I go with you and Papa”.  Uncle Nate came and got him, and when we drove away Grandma Sue had him and he was waving with tears in his eyes.



What a Saturday…….I’ve also been helping a friend of mine with her journey with Parkinson’s, and trying to find ways for her to succeed in what she is doing. It’s a work in process, and still ongoing, but I will help, in any way I can.

While my mind is going 1000 miles an hour, and you can probably tell by this post, Welcome to my Saturday, Camgranny’s style….

Through his eyes…..

I’ve spent a bunch of time lately with my little dude.  His name is Cam-man.

DSCN4470This little dude is about to turn 3.  He is full of questions, LOVES all things boyish, John Deere tractors, bugs, OUTSIDE, nature, and just plain everything.


He shows so much compassion at the age of “almost 3′, that truly triggers my heart.

He loves the Farmer, and the Farmer thinks it’s because of the “Big toys” he has.  Cam-Man has fallen in love DEEPLY with tractors.    Not sure why, but so it goes.

I can’t tell you, over the past couple of days, Cam-man has been at the Farmer’s and all’s he truly wanted was to be outside.  So, with the  weather cooperating, we’ve been outside.  Cam has learned how to plant a plant, tomatoes, and green peppers, and played with the dirt, and ran from one end of the Farmer’s property to the other.  He did have to stop halfway and say, “WOW“.  He got truly excited when we passed by the fields that all of the Farmers are out planting right now.  He counted the amount of tractors we have seen, and was trying to count the fingers.   On the way home today, he gave up and fell asleep at 15.

When people ask me, how I deal with everything I deal with, I simply say look at this picture,


Because truly a picture is worth 1000 words.



Whenever I see Cam and Momma together, it makes my heart burst.  This little dude has had a hard time recognizing who I am, much less the people I bring him to.  I have since been renamed, to “Jo” simply because that is what his Momma calls me and he feels comfortable with this.  He knows my Dad is his “Papa Dan” and my Mom is ‘Grandma Jo’s Momma”.

When I truly sit down and think about it, he is teaching me things.  It must be confusing for a kid, to have THAT many Grandparents’s, but Cam’s dealing with it in his own way. He tell’s me every morning, ‘We going to Papa Dan’s?”  “Yes, Cam we are, and we have to take care of Grandma Annie ok?”  “She’s your Mom right?”  “Yes, Cam that’s my Momma ok?”  “Yup”.

Cam is the light of  Momma, from him telling her to “poo on the potty and NOT in her pants” cracks me up.  Dude listen to your own advice ok?  Cam-Man stands at the front of Momma’s bed everyday when I give her a bath, and her and Cam carry on like nothing, talking back and forth, it makes me giggle.

But what I have truly realized, between the banter they carry on, they are both helping each other in a way.  Whenever it is time for Momma to take those steps into the other room, Cam sits on her walker, and gives her encouragement the whole way. he tells her “put your foot down” to “breathe, we are almost there”.

Who knew an almost 3-year-old had that kind of power, especially when his main love is “Buzz light year, and John Deere tractors?”

I’ve said this from the beginning and I will say it forever, the “new” and the “old” have so much in commen, now if they could both just poo on the potty I would be so much happier…..

Didja ever – Part 2….

Didja ever just wish your bones did not creak as much as they do?

Didja ever wonder how, when you were a kid, time took so long to go through, and then when you got older, wonder, where did the time go?

Didja ever wonder why a wild turkey makes the sound it makes?

Didja ever wonder where that last roll of toilet paper went, that you thought you had?

Didja ever wonder what a cat really thinks when they look at you and the food bowl is full, but they want a minute of your day?

Didja ever wonder why that lightning bolt hit just in the middle of your yard, to scare the crappola out of you?

Didja ever wonder, why with so much beauty in the world, there is so much ugliness?

Didja ever wonder why, you cannot get the last spoonful of peanut butter OUT of the jar?

Didja ever wonder why sometimes you cannot sleep, when you are so tired,  but sleep will not come?

Didja ever wonder at a rainbow?

Didja ever wonder at the smells, flowers give? Or fresh-cut grass?

Didja ever wonder how someone can be mean to another person?

Didja ever wonder,  what it would be like if you could not be yourself anymore?

Didja ever wonder if you were being selfish?

Didja ever wonder if maybe, just maybe, there were other people who had some of the silly questions you did?

Didja ever wonder if maybe, your purpose was to bring joy to another person?

Didja ever stop to think, you could be helping someone?

Didja ever wish, that things could be normal?

Didja ever question what normal was?

Didja just wish for better all around?

My mind tonite is filled with so many questions, and so many feelings, that I feel.   I don’t quite know how to express them, and someone told me, “You are a writer, what the heck?”

Guess what, there are some emotions that go through us, we do not know how to describe, we just feel them, whether they give us pain or joy, we FEEL them.   Sometimes there are no words.

I’ve been on a rocky path lately and I know it.  It’s ok, I’m dealin….Call me the Queen of hearts, because seriously, I feel it all.    From my family to my friends, I have seen it, shared it, (with some), and tried to be “graceful” while doing it.  Although to be honest, I am a bit clutzy.  (I know anyone who KNOWS me is yelling, NOT you!)

I’ve been humbled in this past week, I’ve been terrified, and I’ve also had some serious giggle moments. I’m walking this path,ok, I’ll admit it, I am crawling this path I’m on.  But I’m on it.  But ya know what I’ve FINALLY figured out?  I’m not on it on my own.

This is from my heart, I’ve been on this journey for a while, but I have a good support system, and it just got bigger, ya wanna know why? Because simply, I’m not in it alone.  I have all of my readers, and I have all of my family, friends and everyone else,   but ya know what?  I’ve truly got God  on my side, there is a lesson in this for me, and I’m searching for it, and I WILL find it.

Happy Anniversary to my Parents…..

While this post is a couple of days late, please forgive me.  It’s been a crazy couple of days. The past week, I had been talking to Momma and telling her what day it was, and how many more days to go before her “Big day”.

anneweddingHere they are 32 years ago, when they tied the knot.

ramp3And here we are today (well this pic was last year).  I brought Momma 3 carnations and 2 roses, and a balloon with “Happy Anniversary” on it for the Farmer.

It was too cute, when the Farmer brought in the balloon, Momma was just getting ready to get up, and Caregiver Beth was helping her.    I brought in the flowers and asked where a vase was.

Since we could not locate a vase, I improvised and used an empty wine bottle.  When I brought it in and showed Momma, she giggled and said she needed to talk to my parents.  Uhm?  I looked at her and the Farmer was already giggling, I said, “Uh, Momma you are my parent, whatcha wanna talk about?”.  She replied, I was cheeky, but was giggling the whole time.

A fellow blogger of mine, just recently posted a blog about “Nostalgia”, I guess I am feeling it too.  Over the past 32 years, I have had the BEST set of parents a girl could ever ask for. (Although in 51 years, I’ve had the Best Dad a girl could ever ask for).

The thing about Momma and the Farmer though?  They truly love each other and even though Momma has Parkinson’s, the Farmer does his best to make her feel loved.  The times they flirt like they are 18, and make ME blush,  well, I guess we all are Blessed.

Happy Anniversary Momma and the Farmer….  Love you both to the moon and back….


Whew….I made it….

This week has been a week.  While I am not really complaining, because there is a silver lining in everything, and I am truly Blessed, (at least I think so), sometimes things can get a little crazy.

The beginning of the week, I’ve already told you about, and the fact the Farmer let me drive his “other” prized baby, was a feat in itself.  The fact, I drove it, and had fun in it, was a bonus.  Momma had her birthday 2 days in a row, simply because she thought it was her birthday 2 days in a row.  PDD is really a butt kicker sometimes.  But rather than spoil it for her, we celebrated her birthday 2 days in a row.

I guess, if I could not eat cake and stuff, and open presents, I would want to savor the moment as long as I could.  Momma did celebrate her birthday, by being checked out by the Nurse, and also getting to eat some sherbet.  Well….2 tablespoons of sherbet were all that she got, but she did manage to swallow all of it.    I even asked her and made her open her mouth to make sure it was gone.  Momma loves any form of ice cream,  sherbet or anything along those lines.  Her face lit up when she saw the spoon with the “cherished” treat on it.

Momma is still suffering from a cold, and has good snotty days and then better days, as in no snot.    This has been an issue for me this week, and the Farmer has truly laughed hard at me.  (Rotten rat).  It seems, that while I can handle most things, as in the crappiest pants, the vomit, and the nastiest smell, when it comes to the snot factory, I will throw up in a heart beat.   If I don’t actually throw up, I will definatley gasp and struggle for control, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.  Cam-Man has gotten into the program although unknowingly.  He will pick his nose and hand it to me, and I will start gagging.  UGH enough about THAT….

Our issues started about Thursday, when I was allowed to drive the Farmer’s beloved truck, It started raining and I did not think it would ever end.    I finished my day and went to bed as usual, but at about 4 am, the Electrician came back to bed, and said, “hon the carpet is wet”.  “Uh, what?”  I got up to go to the restroom and squished my way there.  I freaked out and started flipping on lights and then realised,  OH CRAP….I live in a bi-level and part of our main living space is downstairs.  Our “sports” room, is where we hang out the most, our bedroom is downstairs, and the garage and bathroom are here.

Well….the garage was flooded, and so was the half of the sports room.  The Electrician got up and started trying to get the water out of here.  It really was not as bad as it could have been, but it was squishy bad.    After working on the house for about 1 1/2 hours the Electrician went to work, and I took over.  I pulled up the carpet in the sports room, and did what I could, and then left for the Farmer’s house.  It was Friday, and I made a deal with the Farmer, I would let him sleep in on Fridays, so I leave my house and arrive at his house at about 7:45 am, give Momma her first meds of the day, and the Farmer gets to sleep in.

Folks, I truly wish I could have the energy I had in my 20’s and 30’s, but being where I am now (nope I’m not gonna tell you how old I am, or how old I feel), I left my house said a prayer and just hoped it would dry out.

I usually clean the Farmer’s house on Friday’s, and let me just say, while I did do somethings, I kinda let other’s go.  I played with the Farmer and gave him lessons on his new laptop computer.  I do have to say, he and I both giggled a bunch.

When I finally arrived home, I was ever so happy that it appeared things had dried out, so I finished sucking up the rest of the water with the shop vac, and moving things to help the carpet dry.  When the Electrician arrived home, and looked at what I had done, he was happy, although, call me a silly girl, but I did not move anything, and um oops, there was still some water underneath things I did not move.

Fast forward to today, and my house is finally back to normal, there is nothing wet or squishy.  Thank goodness.  Carpets have dried and been cleaned to within an inch of their lives, rugs have been washed and back into place.

While I could say this week has been trying, not just for me, but for all of America with all the things going on in the nation.  My little spot in the world is okay.  And…we are keeping on with what is our normal.

Long day Thursday…

Today has been my what I like to call my Long day Thursday.   My usual routine is thrown totally our of whack.  I get up early and head over to the Nurse’s house and then fall asleep on the couch waiting for Cam-Man to wake up and then go back to my house, and start my day.

Today was a little different, first of all, I don’t have the beloved Rav 4.   I have the Farmer’s “truck”.  Now folks, I am used to driving my Rav 4, or the Electricians’s  Chevy S10, but I am sporting the Farmers  Chevy Silverado with a king cab.

chevyThis is not the Farmer’s truck, but it looks kinda like this.  Okay, for the record,  I am 4’11”, and had to use the “crawl” bar that is on the Farmer’s truck to just get into the cab..  Why am I driving this?  you ask, well, let me tell you.  After the Nurse’s car “blew up” so to speak…I asked the Farmer to borrow his “Truck” (which I may add has been neglected because he is sporting a new Toyota“) Was simply because the Nurse had to have her car go to the Auto Dr. and have it fixed.

I volunteered my Rav 4 to the Nurse, and begged the Farmer for the Truck, (which has been neglected in the garage, but I will get to that).  When the whole thing went down, I asked the Farmer if I could borrow his truck for a few days, and  HE LET ME HAVE IT…..ok, forgive me for being silly, because I am not usually allowed to drive his vehicles, and I am truly honored, that I got to take his beloved truck for a day or so.

While I may seem like I am being nasty, I really am not.  I am just telling the Farmer in my own way, I  LOVE YOUR TRUCK.    Was I scared, YES, folks it’s a BIG truck.    I managed to drive it, AND park it back into the garage it is housed in.  Uh… I have NEVER parked a car, truck or even a lawn mower in a garage, because well…I haven’t.

I’m a little loopy, because this is my “long” day.  But what I do want to say, is, Thank you to the Farmer for entrusting me with his truck, conversations throughout this morning were tense. It’s been raining in my area today, and some serious rain at that, and the Farmer although I know he trusts me, was worried some about his truck.  I can say the truck and me came out fine, (although I did have him park in the garage for the last time, because I might have or  might not have cut it a little to close the last time I parked it in the garage.)

I lead an incredibly Blessed life, folks, I’m not kidding.  There are no words to describe, my life in the past 24 hours…..there is a bunch more to this story, but…I’m, pooped.

To My Momma, who thought today was her Birthday, there are no words to describe the Love I have for you.

To the Farmer, there are not enough words to even begin to describe how I feel about you.  Arguing, and giggling, and just the warm hugs,  our love for Momma, shining through, and I was paying attention to what you told me, and I hope you were paying attention to what I told you.

I am the daughter of a Parkinson’s Momma, with the love of her and my Father….tomorrow is another day….

A visit from an old “friend”??

For those of you that follow my blog, you may remember a post called “Valuable lesson”.  In that post, I shared that animals must think I am a Dr. Doolittle character, because numerous animals find their way into the Rav 4.  In this particular story, I told y’all about driving ever so nonchalantly to the Farmer’s house and looking down at the floor board on the passenger side, and there was happily riding along with me a mouse.  I did get the mouse out of the Rav4, by pulling into the Farmer’s garage and running the vacuum cleaner all over the car.    I actually never gave that poor little mouse another thought after all that was back in August of last year.

This past week, while I was taking the trash out of the house, to the garbage bin in the garage, I saw my “little friend”.  I was getting ready to put the bags into the bin, when I noticed, I must have scared him/her, because it jumped out of the bin and went running to the back of the garage.  While normally, I enjoy seeing “old friends”, I’m afraid I didn’t treat this one with my normal manners.  I dropped the trash and went running at top speed into the house screaming the whole way.  I decided, I wasn’t going to take the trash out for a couple of days.

When Momma saw me, she saw that I was a bit rattled, and I tried to explain to her about the mouse.  Momma’s reaction was, “How can you be scared of Jerry?  That nasty Tom is always trying to eat him”.  Ok, I think the Farmer and Momma watch way to much, of old “Tom & Jerry cartoons”. I did tell the Farmer, about it, and all’s he could do was laugh.

The next evening, I got a call from the Farmer, who I could tell was highly amused about something.  He was calling to ask me, on my way over to his house the following morning, would I please stop and get some “mouse killer”, apparently, Caregiver Beth had a run in with the mouse and she is even more scared of them then I am.  I promised to make the stop the next morning.

However when I logged onto Facebook, I saw this message:

now that im done be scared out of my mind, im  at work and I have a great job til i went to take out the garbage today, anyone who knows me, know im scared to death of mice so i hit the garage door opener walked out there and as i go in the garage a mouse falls right by my feet screamed and was trying to get out of the garage as the mouse is trying to get up the wall i swear i almost peed my pant and had a heart attack i was ready to jump on my bosses new car but i figured he would kill me so i ran as fast as i could in the house anyways so now everyone know MICE SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF ME SORRY JOANNE U GOT THE GARBAGE TIL UR FRIEND IS GONE !!!!! My night at work.

Just an update to the story, My little friend is gone.  Phew…….



Mailboxes, Colds, and phone calls….

Today, I arrived at the Farmer’s and he is sick.  I am not going to bust him out, that he has a cold, and that installing a new mailbox yesterday, probably did not help the situation any.  Ok…let me back track here for a minute.

I arrived at the Farmer’s yesterday, and was truly amazed at how good of care, Caregiver Beth and her husband, had taken care of the Farmer and Momma.  I drove into a freshly dug out driveway, and entered the house, and it smelt clean.  (This is because she stepped up and came over and took care of them, while my happy butt was in a ditch).  Thank you Caregiver Beth!!!!

The Farmer was on a track yesterday, to reinstall his mailbox, which somehow, got plowed over by the snow plows from our snow storm.  Yes, folks, his mailbox and the neighbors mailbox was in the ditch.   For some unknown reason the Farmer HAS to get his mail everyday, and sometimes it’s like Christmas to him.  With that being said, when I pulled into the driveway, he was in the garage, working on the board that houses the 2 mailboxes.  Now, yesterday was kind of cold, but the Farmer had decided he would put up a new mailbox no matter what.

After cooking him breakfast, the Farmer took off in my car and went to get a new mailbox and do a couple of errands.  (Thanks Dad for putting gas in my car).  When he arrived back at the house, he asked for my help in putting the new mailbox up.  Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I LOVE power tools and the opportunity to use one was like a kid with an all day sucker.  What I did not realize, was that he simply wanted to me hold stuff, and NOT use the power tools.  Burst my bubble big time.  Needless to say, the new mailbox was up and running.  It also has a neat feature, that the Farmer purchased, when the mail is inserted into the box, and the door is shut on the mailbox, an alarm goes off in the house.  Kinda cool huh?  Not to mention that he also has a new driveway bell.  The Farmer is getting kind of high-tech on me.

Ok, now I digress.  Today, when I arrived, the Farmer was down and out.  So, I took care of him and Momma.  Momma had a follow-up appointment from her Surgery on Friday.  Being that we still had snow on the ground, and the fact the Farmer was not feeling good.  I called the Doctor’s office.  Momma is doing great after her surgery, no fever, no ill effects, and to be truthful, it is a major production to get her in the car and take her to the Doctor’s who will see her for 5 minutes and tell us stuff and send us on our way, and another production to get her back into the house and back to normal, simply because it takes her outside of her comfort zone.

So, I called the Doctor’s office and advised that Momma was fine and if the Doctor was okay with it, could we forgo the appointment?  Well apparently, one of the tests they did on Momma when she had her surgery came back positive, and the Doctor had ordered some meds for Momma and it was ok to not bring her in.  They would call the scripts in and then we could start giving her the medicine. I gave them our pharmacy and then I got a call from the pharmacy.    They had a question for me, wasn’t Momma allergic to penicillin?  Uhm, yes.  Another phone call back to the Doctor’s and advised one of the meds would not work.  So now, after all day phone calls, Momma has 3 meds ready to be picked up and one more to be ready after 3 pm tomorrow.

I guess the phone calls are better than to have to drag Momma out of the house, but now I have a call into the Doctor to ask what the heck does Momma have that she needs 4 medications to make her better?  I guess I should have paid more attention to some of the things he said after surgery, but to be honest, I was just so thankful it was all over that I may have “zoned out”.

Please, believe me when I say I am not complaining, because I’m really not, I’m more confused than anything.

So, when I go tomorrow to pick up Momma’s meds, and some cold medicine for the Farmer, I will be asking the pharmacist, what the heck…..

But on a happier note, I am almost over “my cold” and I will take care of the Farmer and Momma tomorrow, and see what else is in store for me.    Because ya know what I realized tonite?  I am very Blessed, just to have both of the Farmer and Momma, many kids my age, do not have their parents.    Mine are both still here and I truly love caring for them.

Sometimes, I may get “too involved” and the rest of my family may feel left behind, but ya know what?  I Love all of ya….and y’all know I’m here for all of you.  Thank you to y’all, for letting me be, me and do what I feel the need to do.

I am a very Blessed little puppy…, I’m hoping should I never need the help, y’all will take care of me….

Ooops.. I got in trouble….

Where I live in Central Illinois, we got a heck of a snow storm yesterday and last night, it is probably the most snow we have had all of this winter season.  It would have been nice if it happened in December, but not especially in March.  Last night, the Electrician and I watched it, had our power flicker about 3 times, and at one point, the Electrician went out and shovelled off our deck.  Simply for the fact, it was a very heavy and wet snow, and I did not want the deck to collapse.  While areas around us, got up to 18.5 inches of snow, we thought we were lucky with the 11′ we got.









DSCN4376This morning dawned and the Electrician went out and shovelled the sidewalk, and also cleared off both of our cars, but it was still snowing.  He went to work and gave me strict instructions, I was not to go anywhere.  He called several times on his normal 25 minute ride to work, which took him almost an hour, and told me it was bad.


The Farmer called me several times this morning, and while I guess His area did not get what I had, and he informed the roads were clear, I told him, at this point, I could not get out of my driveway.  The Electrician had dug out my driveway so to speak, but my neighbor came along and used his snow blower to make my driveway more accessible.  I had yet to see a snowplow.



Around noon, I got brave.  That was my first mistake.  I decided I could drive it, heck the Farmer said the roads were clear, and apparently in the next town over, the roads were clear, so what the heck?

Well, let me inform you and everyone else, my brave a$$ was very stupid.  Making it out of my driveway, piece of cake, driving through town, easy, getting out onto one of the most treacherous roads in the county, STUPID.

Driving 20 mph, I must have hit a patch of snow/ice and my Rav4 and I did a 360′ across a lane and straight into a ditch.  God was watching out after me though.  First off, there was no oncoming traffic, second off I screamed the whole time like a sissy, and third off I did not hurt the Rav4.

After catching my breath and prying my hands off the steering wheel, I took a second to get my bearings and realized I was in trouble.  It was STILL frigging snowing, and I was scared.  There was no way I could get the Rav4 out, when I opened the door to  get out and assess the damage, I stepped out into waist-high snow.  I realize I am short, but DAMN….  I called the Farmer and let vent with a stream of cuss words, (Sorry Dad).

Luckily for me, I grabbed my cell phone and called one of my BFF’s and asked her where her hubby was, she gave me his number and I called him.   He said oops, Jo, I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.  Meanwhile, a County Sheriff, (whom I also know) pulled up and was going to try to push me out, until his butt was up to it in Snow.  “Jo, uhm, I’m not sure how you did this”.  “Well duh…neither do I…”   “The only thing I am allowed to do, since I am on duty is call a towing Co. for you”…forget about that, I got a friend who is coming to help me.  He went on his merry way, and I was sitting there and the only thing I could think about, is my husband is going to kill me.

A red truck pulled over and a guy got out, and I almost got scared, until I realized it was one of the Electrician’s and my friends.  “Jo..uhm…you want me to pull you out?”  (By now I AM FACE PALMING MYSELF…duh)  “Yes, please, and what ever you do, PLEASE do not tell the Electrician that you did this ok?”  Our friend pulled the Rav4 out with no problem, and come to find out, they had passed me right after my very unhappy butt got stuck and turned around just to help me.

My friend drove my car back into town, and then let me drive my VERY unhappy butt home.  I was trying to figure out how to tell the Electrician that I had tried to venture out on my own.

I learned a very hard lesson today, folks.  By my own hard headiness (is that even a word?)  I risked my life when I should have just listened to the Electrician .  If there had been oncoming traffic when I hit that icy/snowy patch, I could be in the hospital right now. I was VERY lucky, that I live in a small town, where people “rescue”other idiot drivers, who should just stay home.

I did tell the Electrician about it, when he arrived home, he was not very happy with me at all.  Heck at this point, I am just thankful that the ending was happy.

So, I guess the moral of my story is, when it snows that much, keep your happy butt at home.  Because in all honesty, MY roads were not clear, and obviously, I cannot drive on that stuff.