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High Noon/Christmas Journey finale…

Daily Prompt…

At noon today, take a pause in what you’re doing or thinking about. Make a note of it, and write a post about it later.

Today, at high noon, I was giving Momma her medicine.   The Electrician and I had come over to the Farmer’s house about an hour ago.   We were spending the day with my Mom and Dad, because it is Christmas.

When I read the Daily Prompt this morning, I kind of took it into my head.  But today is a little special in my book.

I thought about what I normally do everyday at high noon, and the funny thing about it, is I do the same thing every day at high noon.  I give Momma her meds.  Because, My Momma is a stage 5 Parkinson’s person.  She gets medicine 7 times a day.  She gets feedings 5 times a day through her g-tube.  When I started thinking about it, I’ve done pretty much the same thing at high noon now, for about 9 months.

Today was a little special though, today is Christmas.  A year ago this day, I never thought we would make it.  We have and Momma is still smiling and giggling.

When I got Momma up after giving her a bath, I asked her, “What is your Christmas wish Mom?”  to which she replied in all seriousness, “To not $hit on the floor”.   The Farmer and I exploded into giggles, and assured her, we would not let that happen.

We exchanged gifts, and Momma , tore hers open with a zest.  She received a new sparkly sweater and was truly happy.   Unfortunately about 10 minutes after opening gifts, Momma went straight up Parks, on us.

Some days now, the medicine works, some days it does not.  But to be able to see Momma in that time span, be happy and giggly, and winking at the Electrician whom she has not seen in a while, well, it was my Christmas present.

The Electrician stepped into my world today, and I truly thank him for this.  He was a trooper, because the Farmer, Electrician and I had a really good dinner of Prime rib, sweet potatoe casserole and asparagus.   This  was before we got Momma up, because it’s rude to eat in front of her, and to be truthful, we have not eaten nor drank in front of her since she came home.  While I was getting Momma up, the Electrician was in the kitchen, doing dishes and cleaning.

We all settled down after exchanging gifts, we had all gotten into the “Cowboy movie marathon” on the t.v.  I don’t know what it is about John Wayne, but I can remember when I was a kid, the Farmer and I would watch his movies for hours.

Momma was agitated though, so I felt it was time for her and the Farmer to have some quiet time, so the Electrician and I packed up and came home.  While we were supposed to stop at the Nursing Student and Fisher dude’s house, I was too full, and just wanted to come home, and basically, I’ll be truthful here, put on my jammies, and take a nap.

I will admit though, that my Christmas present from the Nursing student was installed  in my car today, and I looked at it on the way home, and reflected.

Sometimes, when things seem bad, there is a way to make them better.  With Momma, I am thankful and truly Blessed everyday, I get to see her and spend time with her.  Today, the Electrician saw what I deal with daily.  Today was a good day.

While my Christmas Journey is over, I’ve learned a bunch, I have also made new traditions, made a ton of memories, and have cherished every minute.  With that being said, that doesn’t mean that the lessons, and journey are over.  Because life is a lesson, and the journey continues.  Maybe the past few days have shown me, how truly Blessed I feel, and am.

But just to keep it real, I think I may need to go on a diet, simply because I have eaten so much in the last few days, jeans are a little tight, and whew, I’m glad I survived the food coma.


Happy BIRTHDAY!!! To My Electrician..


While yesterday was the Birthday party for my two Birthday peeps, today is actually the Electrician’s birthday.

We stayed up kind of late last night, so we slept in this morning.  While we were cuddled up snoring, Ms. Baby decided she would come in and sing “Happy Birthday” to her Daddy.   Normally, she usually comes in and jumps on my side of bed and peers into my face meowing, then proceeds to kick me with her back legs. I guess she knew it was the Electrician’s birthday, because although she jumped up on the bed on my side, she gently stepped over me and peered into his face and   “meowed“, then promptly kicked him with her back paw.    Me ?  I slept for another 10 minutes, then jumped out of bed.

The Electrician was just waking up, so I went and got us both a cup of coffee, and then I sang Happy Birthday to him.  Now, for those of you who follow my blog, you know,  I don’t EVER cook this man breakfast.    This morning, I cooked French toast and 2 eggs “over-easy” just the way he likes them.  I even served his breakfast to him on a decorated tray, so he could eat, while he replied to everyone that wished him a Happy Birthday, on the computer.

We’ve had phone calls all day from various kids, and people calling to wish him Birthday greetings.  We had a hilarious call from my “outlaws” and his sister, and we were serenaded by all three.  I had to laugh though, because when it came time to say “Happy Birthday to”  they all 3 inserted “Happy Birthday to Oink”, “Happy Birthday to You“.  Apparently when the Electrician was just a wee little dude, and his sister. who is 3 years younger, tried to say his name it always came out as “Oink”.

We’ve had a very relaxing day, and for those of you that know me, we have 2 computers in the house.  The main computer (which I normally use) at the desk and then we have the laptop (which he usually uses).   Today, I have given up my computer time and let him use the desktop.

I made him a dinner he had semi-requested, the only thing, is usually on Sundays, I get everything together and he grills it.  Today, I cooked everything in my kitchen, and just called him when it was time.

This is my beloved, sitting down to his Birthday meal.

This would be his place setting.  Yes, that is a Ribeye Steak cooked to perfection, with some mushrooms cooked in butter, with some Worcestershire sauce thrown in and a couple of cloves of garlic, a baked potato, and also some roasted broccoli and cauliflower , and a bowl of salad (that he loves to smother with sunflower seeds, parmesan cheese, Colby/jack cheese and ranch dressing) .

After dinner, I told him to get lost and I would clean up the kitchen, but my Electrician reminded me of the agreement we made when we got married, oh so many years ago.  You see, I HATE to wash dishes.  I love to cook, but the clean-up, uhm, not so much.  So, he washed and I dried and put away.  My kitchen was cleaned up in no time, and we both came downstairs.  Seeing as how we were both still tired and in a food coma, we both laid down for a nap.

Supper for us?  we are both still kinda full from the feast we had earlier, so our supper will consist sharing a big hunk of cherry cheesecake.

I hope my Electrician has enjoyed his Birthday.

To Him, I say this.  Thank you each and everyday for loving me and giving me the life I never thought I would have.  I love you to the Moon and back and then some. Thank you for also teaching me all of the life lessons that you have.  When we met, I was broken, you gave me faith, and healed me.  You taught me not all men hit women, and that I will always be safe around you.  You taught me it is ok to disagree, and to also work through any problems we may have.  You taught me what it was to miss someone so much, but to know they were on the road working to save their family. You make me laugh, you make me smile, you make me so mad at times, I could strangle you, but then you give me that look, and I start giggling and it’s all good.

Thank you to my Electrician, for giving me and showing me what family was all about.   Also, for the power of laughter, and knowing that no matter what we go through, we have each other, because YOU are my rock.

Happy Birthday “Oink”!  and here’s to many more!






When you say Nothing at all….

It’s amazing how you can speak right to my heart
Without saying a word you can light up the dark
Try as I may I could never explain
What I hear when you don’t say a thing

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There’s a truth in your eyes sayin’ you’ll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best when you say nothing at all

All day long I can hear people talking out loud
But when you hold me near, you drown out the crowd
Old Mr. Webster could never define
What’s being said between your heart and mine

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There’s a truth in your eyes sayin’ you’ll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best when you say nothing at all

The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There’s a truth in your eyes sayin’ you’ll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you’ll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best when you say nothing at all

It’s truly amazing to me how much this song means to me.  It is sung by a couple of different people, and if I could post video’s I would, because Allison Krauss sings this like an angel.  But the words mean oh so much to me…

Best Gift EVER!!!!

Ok, forgive me because this gift happened a few…(cough) years ago.  You see, the Electrician married me on my Birthday, simply so he could kill two birds with one stone…HAHAHA, nope, simply so he could remember 2 events in one.  I made him sign an agreement that I would get 2 presents on my day, not only my Birthday, but my anniversary too…

A few years ago, we had the time of our lives.  He SCORED tickets to “The Temptations“, on our anniversary date, the dinner before the event was my Birthday present.

That was probably the last concert he and I have attended, but my gosh what a concert it was.  It was so funny, because after dinner we went to the concert hall, and even though I was stuffed with dinner, he bought me a coke and popcorn.

There we were sitting in our seats, and well….we were surrounded with people a little older than us.  But let me tell you when the Temptations came on stage,  Camsgranny had her butt up and dancing.   I even dragged the lady sitting next to us up and had her dancing too.  The Electrician laughed his butt off that night simply because I enjoyed myself so much.  I even dragged his butt up off the chair and made him dance with me and the women sitting next to us.

I so enjoy music and everything it makes me feel.  I have songs that can bring me to tears just by memories, I have songs that make me laugh, giggle, and smile.

But to be honest, this is one of my most cherished memories.  From the snow on the ground, to freezing my butt off that night, while my beloved heated up the car and scraped ice off of it, to making sure my Birthday and anniversary was the best.

I will never forget that one.  Including dancing in the isles, and just over all having a fantastic time.

Guest Post by the Electrician…..Wind Turbines.

Folks, I do have a post, but I thought I would share my blog with the Electrician.  First, because I am very proud of what he is doing right now.  Secondly,  he has conquered his fear of heights, and claustrophobia at the same time.    His post is in pictures and they tell what he does.

These are the new wind farms that are being place on 49 North, off of I-74.
The view looking up before entering the “tower”…enjoy the climb straight up!

This is the control panel, mainly the feed that controls and powers the turbine, come on in.

We are now on level three, looking down the hoist hole after climbing over two hundred and something feet, I never have counted the ladder steps…why?

This is the view and each deck is the same til you get up to the saddle and the cell. In side the box is the cable tray that we install, the white bags are the butt splices (lugs) we crimp to the cables. the room is about 10 feet in diameter.

This is the cable tray after being installed and the cables that need to be spliced together on each section of the tower. This is not a layed back take your time job, while putting this rack together, materials, crimpers, electrical cord for power are being lifted thru the hoist rope that has been dropped by workers above me. No not by the hoist. We all have to get on the rope and pull up all these “bags” by hand, we are not allowed to use the hoist.

These are the splices after being crimped, you have to be very careful that you crimp the lugs to the correct cables, screw it up and you then get the grinder, remove the lug and start again…haven’t done it yet and pray I don’t! You can see the heat shrink tubes below the lugs that we have to shrink over the splices, don’t forget to put these on either, I always double-check each cable…mistakes is more time inside this hot tower!

This is the finished product, after you heat shrink the insulation (2 of them, one small and a larger shrink tube) and then bundle and tie wrap them to the rack.

This is a look up to the fourth level and one of our crew workers moving 2 of the two ground cables over to make room for the nine cables that will be dropped down from the saddle to the first level. These cables are also being dropped while we are working on the cables as well, you have to feed these cables to the next level and be sure they do not wrap around any other cables, so you have to multitask as they tell us, so much going on at once. One of the larger cables I take on my level and do a figure “8” in about 8-10 layers. The weight of the cable is too heavy to drop down by itself, I then flip the figure “8” cable over, once they have feed my enough to then feed it down the rest of the way. This cable is not easy to flip over, they gave me help the first view days then told me i was on my own!

The rope and the power cord going up to the fourth level is where I have to go after finishing the 3rd level and start all over again…I am always ready to get down by this time, they never let me though…up we go again!

This is the finished product and a long day, all wired and ready for the propellers…only 125 left to go!

Over 300 Feet in the air looking at the next two we are working inside…next week.

Inside the “cell” this is the turbine that turns the propellers, a little cramped as far as walking space. You can also see ladder leading out on top of the cell.

The view of one of the three propellers extending out, these propellers are 150 feet long!

This is the FAA light that is on top of the cell, the cost of each light….$5000.00, you do not want to drop one! Oh and now times that times 134 turbines…$670,000.00!

You can see the roads they cut in the fields to get to each turbine.

A view across the Wind Farm, As far as the eye can see.

The feeds coming from the bottom of the tower to the top of the cell. The 3 sets of cables to the left are for the stators of the turbine and the next set is for the rotors. The two cables after that are ground cables, the last bundle of cables is low voltage cables for lights, receptacles and communication.

Suffering from some burns with the  heat shrink ,  I’m getting better, but that stuff does get hot….

Enjoying the view from the top!

This my friends is the Electrician’s workday.  Climbing up 300 feet and working with electrical.  Me?  I will keep my feet on the ground and be perfectly happy.

Apparently these “wind farms” are going up all over the United States and the company that the Electrician works for, has strict rules and timelines.  The first couple of weeks, the Electrician was not happy.  But it appears, that since he has conquered his fears (claustrophobia, and fear of heights), he is actually enjoying it.  It’s tough work, and he works 10-12 hours a day, but he is really enjoying it, so I will keep making his lunches and worrying when he is up in the tower.

But I think it makes a difference him being happy, than him being unhappy.  But ANY way you look at it, Camsgranny is proud of her Electrician.

We’re having a heatwave….

This morning, I woke up to Ms. Baby’s face stuck in my face, yelling at me to wake up.  Although it was in her language, I got the point.  I figured she was trying to get me up, because I was late.  That thought quickly fled my mind when I looked at the alarm clock and saw it was 5:30 AM.  Being as I had to be at the Farmer’s at 7:30 am, I went with it.

After doing that Hip Hop abs thing, and grabbing a cup of coffee, I decided I would let Ms. Baby out and go water the plants, and the garden.  As soon as I opened the sliders, Ms. Baby darted for the garden and took her spot underneath the tomato plant.   I watered all the plants and looked at my poor drooping pepper plants.  They are not going to make it.  Be it from the heat, lack of rain, or the chemicals that the &^%$  lawn people put on my yard, I don’t know.  (THAT’S another post).

Anyway, when I grabbed the hose and pointed it to the garden, Ms. Baby ran like the wind into the house.  After drowning the plants, I hurried inside, I had bare feet, and the concrete was HOT.

I scooted down the road and made it to the Farmer’s with 3 minutes to spare.   Although I did take the long way, because I promised my fabulous hair dresser some fresh corn on the cob (AND folks I got the hook up on that one).  I dropped off the corn at her shop, and flew down the road.  Ok, maybe not “flew” because I had to drive through town.

(I have the feeling I am being long-winded tonite, but I really will get to the point in a minute ok?)

The Farmer left for his Doctor’s appointment, and I went in and gave Momma her first round of meds for the day.  Usually, she sleeps through it, this morning she was awake, and actually smiled at me and told me she was going to sleep for a little bit longer and then would I please come and get her up.  You betcha, no problem.

After the meds, Momma went back to sleep and I got busy washing the Farmer’s laundry and some of  Momma’s and then mopped the floors and started breakfast.    The Farmer arrived just as I was putting the eggs on (perfect timing).   After breakfast, I chatted with the Farmer, the Doctor gave him a good bill of health, although he had to have a shot.  But he doesn’t have to go see the Doctor for another 6 months and it’s all good in his health hood.

I had told the Farmer, since I have pretty much all week, let Momma sleep in, today I was getting her up early, because the girls would get her up early over the weekend.  I went in and raised the blinds in her room, and sunlight filled the room.  Momma always has a small table light on in her room, because she does not like the dark, but when the sunlight hit, she opened her eyes and for ONCE was not grumpy about having to get up.

I gave her a bath and started to get her dressed, and then Momma made me giggle.  She asked me what day it was, so I told her the date and day.  Then she looked at me, and said “Whew, we haven’t passed it yet.”  “Uhm, passed what Momma?”  “Well your Dad‘s birthday”.    Because the Farmer reads my blog I cannot go into detail about the conversation, but I really did laugh.

Momma made it out into the front room, and the Farmer and Momma were chatting while I was changing the sheets on her bed, and loading up the bed linen and bed pads to carry downstairs to the laundry.    I heard the Farmer telling Momma he was not having his “night out with the guys” this week, and that they would watch fireworks and something about the 1912 Overture, and then I went downstairs.

The Farmer left after I came back upstairs, he had to go to Wal-Mart to get his and Momma’s meds, and some food stuff that I had written a list for.  I was sitting in the front room with Momma and I thought she was snoozing, until she looked at me and said “So, you gave him what for didn’t you?”  “Uhm, what do you mean?”    “You told him I wanted him home on Wednesday night didn’t you?  That’s why he’s staying home to celebrate with me”, I replied a bit confused but went with it and said “Uhm, yea, ok”.  She beamed her pearly whites at me and went back to sleep.

The Farmer arrived back home with his purchases and I helped him unload the car.  The Farmer then sat down in his chair, smiled at Momma, and told me “Honey, I feel really bad for the Electrician about now”,  I asked “Why”  “Because it is really friggin hot out there and I can picture him in that wind tower, and it’s gotta be at least 120 degrees in there, I hope he’s ok”. (I must insert here, I had already sent 3 text messages to the Electrician and he hadn’t responded, and I was a little nervous.  I just didn’t want to admit it.)

I finished up at the Farmer’s and was headed on my way back to my house when my cell phone rang.  It was the Electrician….  “Hi babe”  I answered, he responded short and to the point “Hi Hon, I’m on my way home, they sent us all home”  “Are you ok?”  ” 2 guys fell out today, I was one of them”  (me) “ARE YOU OK?”  “I’m on the way home I’m ok”.

Can I just please take a second to tell you that I was driving the back roads home and my heart hit my stomach and I had to pull over by the river for a second, because I got scared.  Heat exhaustion, is nothing to play with.

I flew home (no joke, the Rav 4 can go when I need her too), I got there before him, and I was sweating.  When he pulled into the driveway, I flew out the front door, hugging him, and touching him to make sure he was ok.  He was pale, but alright.  We came inside and I made him tell me what had happened, folks he is embarrassed.  (Now Camsgranny’s back is in an uproar, and ready to just kick someone’s A$$)  The Electrician works very hard.  Sometimes too hard.  He thought he was ok because he was sweating buckets,  his pants and shirt were soaked, and his co-worker noticed there was no sweat on him, the Electrician started throwing up.  They brought him down out of the tower, and into the trailer (which has air conditioning).

As a side note about the same time this happened, I was listening to music and heard a song that the “3 musketeers” used  to listen to and I got goosebumps.  My Electrician’s Guardian angel was warning me, something was going on (that’s probably why I was uneasy most of the morning).

Needless to say, we have spent a quiet, relaxing evening and I’ve been pumping fluids into him.  I have lectured him and even threatened him, as in “If you don’t listen to me, then I will call YOUR Momma.”

Folks, I understand a job is a job, but when it harms you, maybe you need to re-think it.  Or if nothing else question the people who put you into that position.  The weather here is alarmingly HOT, 102 degrees.  Then if you factor in the heat index, that makes it about 110-112 degrees, inside of the towers, could be anywhere between 120-130 degrees.  Oh yea, and the other guy that “fell” out, he went into the same tower and was working the same job as the Electrician (the Electrician’s replacement), it took him about 30  minutes before he fell out.  Uhm, THAT’s when they sent everyone home.  I have a serious problem with this.  In my Opinion, (and I know everyone has one and they all stink), but I would check the weather and the heat advisories (which just about my whole State is in one), and I would check the temperatures in the towers and maybe call the day a little early, and push into the next day.  Because, I’m sorry, no job is worth it to get ill, injured or dead.  And seriously right now, we’re in the middle of a Heatwave.

While you can chalk this one up to a wife who was very scared for her husband, there have been deaths from this Heatwave, I just don’t want one of my family, or the one whom I love the most, to be one of them.

The Electrician is now snoring, usually I would bitch about this, but tonite, it sounds heavenly to me.


Late night again….

Well here it is 12:13 am, I cannot sleep.  I just arrived home from the Farmers house, oh about an hour ago.  The Farmer had his CCRA  (Champaign County Rifle Association) night (with the guys).  They get together and I am told he had a steak and baked potato dinner, and an awesome “guest speaker“.  (yawn).

It’s been a long day for me.  I got up woke up to the Electrician kissing me goodbye, on his way to work.  Um, yea I went back to sleep (sorry).  I did finally surface after Ms. Baby came in and gave me “the what for” (as in get yer butt outta bed and feed me, or let me out), and she even kicked me with her back paws to make sure I understood she was serious.

Yea, yea, whatever.  I got my butt outta bed and did the stuff around the house I was supposed to, and thought I’d better get things ready for the Electrician, because 1. He’s gonna be tired when he get’s home, and 2. He has class tonite, which means he’s really gonna be tired.    In case you missed my post about his new job.  The Electrician is working 10 hour shifts on the Wind-turbine farms.

Anyhoo, I made his lunch for tomorrow, and set his clothes out, and did those other domestic diva things I do, and then I left my house, for the Farmers.

I did the usual stuff there, and folks, let me tell you, I kinda freaked out on Sunday, because Momma was sick.   She had a cold, which I did not want to turn into pneumonia, and while we are not out of the woods yet, the prognosis is good.  The Farmer and I have taken extreme caution with her and given her meds for her temp, (which only spiked once). ( By freaking out, I asked everyone I knew on Facebook to put her in the Prayer chain. )  Well, let’s just say it’s working.

But I’m digressing once again, back to today.  I had a really cool post that I was going to post until….well….let’s just say Camsgranny muffed up.  I have to tell the Farmer tomorrow, but uhm….well…it goes back to me taking pictures with his camera (which by the way is totally awesome).  The pictures I took at his house with him and the Electrician working on the yard, well… I took the pictures with his camera, but I took the memory card out of the Farmers camera to download the pictures into my computer with MY camera (which really is the Electrician’s camera), and well…uhm…I forgot to put the memory card back into his camera before I took the pictures…..  OOPS….

So, for any of you technical people out there, can you tell me how to put the pictures onto the memory card and off the hard drive of the camera?  Or what I have to do to get the pictures from today?

I’m not giving away what the pictures are but some help here, please?

Anyway….today was a long day filled with the Farmer and Momma and Cam-Man, but right now I am seriously to tired to go into it other than the dilemma of how to get my pictures back.

I think I am seriously not ready for technology…..cuz I always find some way to muck it up….

Whew, what a day!

I warned y’all at the beginning of the week, the Electrician and I had to co-ordinate our calendars for this week.  It seems that this week has flown by, but my oh my the things that have been accomplished and it isn’t even Friday yet.  The BEST part is, I survived that Insanity workout.  NEVER AGAIN.  Ok enough said about THAT.

We’ve been busy this week, shaping up the Farmer’s house so to speak.

  I have to go back to Sunday, when the Electrician went over and cut some bushes, and now, we can see out of the front window.  To loading up the truck with a second load of boxes(we burned at my house).  To the Electrician re-wiring the pump-room, and then there was today.

Before I go into what happened today, I have to admit something.  I guess in my 17 years of being with the Electrician, he and the Farmer have not always seen eye-to-eye.  While as the one in the middle, I’ve been torn.  Something has changed over the years.  I think (in my own opinion, and we all know what those are worth) both have earned each other’s respect.

You see, the Farmer loves me, he’s my Daddy.  The Electrician loves me, I’m his wife.  But I think, they both love each other, but are to darn stubborn to admit it.  Ok, enough of the sappy $hit.

I got to the Farmer’s today and let him know the Electrician was coming over to finish cutting bushes.  I made breakfast, and had just started cooking bacon when I went in to check on Momma.  The Farmer had run to the Post office, and the Electrician showed up (knocking on the door, uh duh HELLO, come on in).  I left Momma in a precarious position, and ran to the door, and saw him. (Smack forehead here), I told him to watch the bacon and I went to finish changing Momma’s pants.

I came back out and he finished cooking the bacon and the Farmer walked in.  Everyone said hello, and I asked the Electrician if he wanted some breakfast, but he had already had a bowl of sugar and said “nah”.   Although, that did not stop him from eating most of the bacon on my plate.  Oh well, here I go again digressing.

Breakfast was over and the men got busy. 

 The Farmer went and fired up the tractor, and the Electrician got busy with cutting stuff away from the house next door, (uhm, it’s lovingly referred to as my house…uhm…ok, not really, it’s the house the Farmer bought so he would not have neighbors and it’s lovingly referred to as my gym, uhm…cough, it’s the house next door, the Farmer owns ok?) 

Anyhoo, I took some before shots of the house. 

 And actually I knew the Family that owned it.  There is some tragedy around the family of the previous owners.    But anyhow.  The guy’s got to work, and then realized, DAMN, it’s a little hot out here.  I brought over some water, (I let Momma sleep in today).  I went inside the house and remembered all of the exercise equipment in it, and I proceeded to work out, while the guys were outside sweating off parts of their bodies. 

I really enjoyed this thing called the Nordic track thingy, that I will take pictures of it.  I did 50 of those suckers with ease, it’s when I kept going that my arms felt like jelly and my legs turned to mush, oh yea, my stomach….well, let’s just say I get it.  O U C H.

Back to the matter at hand.  The Electrician worked his magic and the house was transformed.  The guys worked hard today.  The proof is in the pictures.  They also worked together and found respect in each other.  (I’ll explain in a bit).

When we were (OK they) were wrapping things up we were walking back to the main house and we heard a car horn.  Lo and behold the Nursing student and Cam-Man pulled into the driveway.  We were all happy to see the both of them.  But….ok give Geema some credit here.  The Nursing student told Cam-Man Poppa was here too, and he got out of the car, said hi to Poppa, and then gave me a hug that felt like no tomorrow.  That kid clung to me and made my day.  (Psst…WE are still BFF’s.)  We hug out for a bit and then I told everyone to come inside out of the heat.  By now, the Farmer who wasn’t going to give up before his son-in-law, told him, “that’s good, let’s call it a day ok?”.

We all went inside and I went in to get Momma up.  I gave Momma her bath and got her dressed (there was a lot of noise going on in the other room).  I told Momma she had some visitors, and she was excited.  Apparently while I was taking care of Momma, Cam-Man was acting like he owned the joint, but no-one understood what he was asking.    When Momma emerged from her room, with the Farmer and my assistance, she was in her glory.  Mind you she hasn’t seen the Nursing Student for a week or two, and she was so very happy to see her.  They held hands and talked. Cam-Man was getting into trouble because I guess his Momma didn’t understand what he wanted.  (I realized later that he wanted some lemonade out of the fridge with his BIG BOY cup) but it was too late.

The Nursing Student and Cam-Man got ready to go and the Electrician and I walked her and him out, buckled him up in his car seat, hugs and kisses all round, and then I kissed Cam-Man and told him Geema would see him tomorrow.  That kid kissed me(with a cracker in his mouth and stated WUB You) and off they went. 

The Electrician took me out to lunch when we left the Farmer’s.  OH MY GOODNESS.  Ok at this point screw the diet and I’ll work out more tomorrow.  I ate enough sushi to keep the rest of the world alive.

I went back to the Farmer’s tonite, so he could go to his DRPC meeting, and I had a wonderful evening with Momma and Joyce.  Joyce and I figured out how to wash Momma’s hair without it being that much of a “strain” on Momma.    Momma, had a really good day,  she has had therapy and been a wonder.  It was almost like she didn’t have Parkinson’s. 

But around 7:30 tonite, Parkinson’s reared its ugly head.  It was ok though, you know why.  Today, I saw some serious miracles in my family.  Parkinson’s while it seriously sucks, it CAN bring a family past all of the ugliness, and to a place, where they all get together, because of the one.

Because when it’s all said and done folks, my Family has rallied around to show support and to show love and to be……a family…….

Who needs an alarm clock?

Today did not start out quite like I thought it would. I was sleeping all snuggled up under the covers, and then a little face peered into mine, and with a very determined authority stated “MEOW”.  Now mind you, Ms. Baby is MY alarm clock, EVERY morning.  Luckily for me the Electrician shooed her out of the room and got up with her, at oh uhm 6:30am, on a SUNDAY!  I went back to sleep, and was happily making zzzz’s, when I woke up with some loud birds squawking, and then the Electrician yelling at Ms. Baby.

Apparently, a baby bird had fallen out of the nest, and all the birds were watching to see if the new baby bird would get up and fly or whatever.  Unfortunately Ms. Baby saw him fall out of the nest as well, and had designs of her own.  What I woke up to, was all of the birds in a 5 mile radius dive bombing my cat and the Electrician trying to get her back inside.  As an update, both parties were ok, and I was up.

Well, luckily for me the Electrician had made a new pot of coffee, and I hit that sucker hard.  We had plans today.  We had to go to the Farmer’s.  The Electrician was going to do some yard work, and I was going to “train” a new Caregiver for Momma.

We got to the Farmer’s and I got busy with Louanne, and the Electrician and the Farmer did whatever it is, when two guys get together.  After, I showed Louanne everything, and told her what to do, I loaded up another load of boxes into the Electrician’s truck and the Electrician started weed-eating the yard.

The next thing I knew we were searching for a hedge trimmer.  The Farmer came out and found one that the electrician could use, and he got busy on the hedges in the front yard.  Now mind you, the Farmer is 78 years old, and although he gets around pretty good and mows the yard, some things, he just hasn’t got to.

Louanne, the Farmer and I got Momma up, I showed Louanne how to do it,  so  that is not so hard on Momma.  We got out to the front room, and I told Momma to look at that sexy man outside the window trimming the bushes.  Momma’s face lit up.  The Electrician came in and gave Momma a hug and a kiss, and she lit up like a Christmas tree.  She promptly told him though “Where have you been hiding and how come you haven’t come to see me?” hehehe….

We finished everything up at the Farmer’s and then after hugs and kisses all round, we drove home.  The Electrician remarked how much work there was to be done, and I casually said well…if your up to it, come on!  (He’s planning on coming back on Tuesday with me.) 

We got home and burned all of the boxes we had brought back with us.  Then we got busy on dinner.  Yes, it was bbq baby back ribs, corn on the cob, and baked texas beans (with jalapenos).  (burp).  Sorry.

The rest of the day has been spent relaxing and plotting our calendar for the next week.  We have a lot going on right now and are trying to co-ordinate our activities, together and apart.

I was truly blessed today, simply for the fact that the Electrician, who has given his total support, but up till now has not really wanted to be involved, has made the effort to be involved.  He is also finding it is kind of rewarding in itself.   To the Electrician, I thank you, and you saw Momma’s reaction. 

I understand on a certain level though, a lot of times, it makes us uncomfortable to be around someone with an illness.  But most times, if you just jump in with both feet, it can be a very rewarding experience.  To all parties involved.


Harley Memories…

Ok, kids, I finally went to bed last night at oh…uhm…3:02 am.  I am paying for that today.  I woke up about 9:10am, and the Electrician smiled at me as I stumbled out of the bedroom with my eyes barely open.  I almost ran into the bedroom door, because it usually isn’t shut.  Apparently Ms. Baby had a goal this morning, and that was to get me up, the  Electrician shut the door so she would not disturb me.  I think she is seriously not happy until both of us are up, so she can go back to bed.

The weather today has been AMAZING.  After I surfaced (with a few cups of coffee under my belt). I got busy, I stripped the bed of the flannel sheets, to be replaced by some new flannel sheets that the Farmer so graciously gave me (after I found them in Momma‘s closet).  I did a couple of  loads of laundry and then the Electrician hung my old flannel sheets on the deck to dry.  We worked together on dinner.  He got he grill ready, and I made a spice rub for the Boston Butt pork roast we had.    After being on the grill for about 3 hours, Uhmm..with the potato salad and corn n broccoli, (burp), I was full.

But, while I was sitting upstairs taking a break, I looked at this picture, and it brought so many memories back to me, that I wanted to share them.

Yes, the Electrician and I used to own a Harley Davidson Sportster1200cc,   We had so much fun on that thing. 

  This photo is about 9 years ago.  Some friends of ours rode and talked us into buying one.  So, we did.  The Electrician and his friend drove to Ohio to get it (we got it for a really good price).  They brought it home on the back of the pick-up.  The Electrician had no clue how to drive it, and had already scheduled to take classes.    They arrived to our house and the Electrician parked in my back yard until the next morning.  We went out to look it over (on the back of the pick-up).  “I’m going to start it”, he told me.  “Uhm, honey…do you know what you’re doing?”  I asked…  I was standing on the top of the deck looking down and I shouted to him “Make sure it’s NOT in gear ok?”  “I got this” he told me.  Well, he didn’t have “this” but it all turned out ok. 

Our neighbor the “other farmer” came over to scope out the new  Harley  and got on it and started it up, and not knowing that the Electrician had left it in gear. Started it up and almost ended up going through my garage door.  Fortunatly fo me, he stopped it BEFORE going through the garage door.  He shut it down and promptly got off the Harley and SCREAMED at the Electrician “DO NOT EVER EVER LEAVE IT IN GEAR MAN”  We were all laughing so hard it was unbelieveable.  But the Electrician learned a good lesson that day.

You see, I rode a dirt bike when I was younger, hey, I spent time in Palmdale, California, with my cousin’s.  They thought it was a blast to ride in the desert and go through dirt tracks.  It was all good for me, until I flipped that sucker and didn’t have enough weight on me to get it started again, and I had to walk that sucker 2 miles back home.  I also rode with my other cousin who was a cop in Albuquerque, and he had a Honda.  We had to wear helmets, and I didn’t know there was a intercom system in the helmets, and I heard “This is God”, I finally figured it out, but it kinda freakedme out.

But I digress….  The Electrician went to Motorcycle class for 2 Saturday’s in a row, and passed his test.  Me, I told him to get some riding time in before I rode with him.  You see, I know that to ride a motorcycle, much less a Harley Davidson, by yourself, and then to add a passenger, you have to be comfortable and GOOD. 

When the Electrician finally got comfortable and asked me to ride, Baby, I was gone.  We spent many an evening just riding.  We went on a few “poker runs”, and even rode for charity.  I began to think it was “my escape”.  I used to call the electrician and tell him I needed an attitude adjustment ride. 

The wind in your face and the thrill of the ride.  Yup, I  loved it.  Until, we went on the Interstate.  When suddenly a BIG ASS Semi passes your butt and you realise how small you are  compared to them.   When you get stuck in a rain storm, and man does that stuff  HURT.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved it.  But then suddenly, there were a lot of accident’s because people don’t watch out for motorcycles and we aged.  All of a sudden we didn’t have time to ride anymore. 

We had to mow the yard, take care of kids, work and other things.  The Harley sat in the garage more than we rode it.    So, after a long heart-to-heart, the Electrician and I decided to sell it.  Funny thing was, we got the same amount we bought it for.  So, in essence we had it for 3-4 years, rode it around and made some fabulous memories, and  didn’t lose anything.

There is so much more to it than I’ve stated, but some memories have to stay private IF you know what I mean..:):)